Daily Challenge Monday Sep. 27, 2010

Everyday Well-Being

Write down the most important thing you need to do today, then set an automatic reminder to help you accomplish it.

How to do it

Before you get too busy today, take a few minutes to clear your mind and write down the most important thing you need to accomplish today. Write it on a piece of paper or on your computer. Then set your watch, phone or computer to give you an automatic reminder every hour or two. With each reminder, refocus on completing the important task until it's done.

Why it matters

With so many demands on our time and new information constantly bombarding us, it's easy to become distracted from what we really need to get done. We all need to be flexible enough to respond when a situation changes. But we also need to be able to put distractions aside, or prioritize them. Thinking about and then writing down the most important thing you need to accomplish each day and then refocusing on that goal throughout the day may help you be more productive.

Fun fact

Radiologic color images of the brains of people in the act of concentrating show that the color areas increase when people are asked to concentrate harder.


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