Daily Challenge Wednesday Oct. 20, 2010

Everyday Well-Being

Make at least 3 trips to another room instead of carrying everything on the same trip.

How to do it

As you go through your daily routine, it's likely that you've learned to combine several trips into one when you go to another room in your house or office building, or up and down the stairs. Now, make yourself do the opposite, and take more trips (instead of less) when carrying things today.

Why it matters

Walking is an opportunity to get aerobic exercise, which improves fitness. By walking farther and more often, you may be able to lose weight more easily, improve your cardiovascular health, and reduce your risk of diabetes.

Fun fact

The world's longest staircase (11,674 steps) is located at Mount Niesen in Switzerland. Called "The Swiss pyramid", Mount Niesen is about 7750 feet tall. The stairs are not normally open to the public, but are used for maintenance.


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