Daily Challenge Sunday Oct. 23, 2011

Everyday Well-Being

Grab 1 favorite snack food and count the ingredients.

How to do it

Grab one of your favorite snack foods and find the ingredients list. How many items were used to make that treat? Count them up!

Why it matters

The more ingredients you see in a food, the more likely that it's highly processed. When ingredients are processed, they are often heated, refined, and bleached in ways that strip away nutrients. Once that's done, artificial flavorings or preservatives may be added to the food - none of which enhance its nutritional value. Fewer ingredients usually means fresher, less processed food, so it's smart to take a peek at the list when you're making food choices.

Fun fact

In the 13th century, King Henry II of England proclaimed the first food regulatory law, called the Assize of Bread. The law prohibited bakers from mixing ground peas and beans into bread dough.


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