Daily Challenge Monday Mar. 14, 2011

Everyday Well-Being

Ask a friend to go for a walk this week.

How to do it

Ask a friend if he or she would like to go walking with you this week. Set aside at least 20 minutes for the walk, and pick a time -- like during lunch or after work -- that's convenient. Alternatively, you can go for a walk in a nearby park and call a friend on your cell phone. If you both have time, walk (and talk) for an additional 10 minutes.

Why it matters

Social support encourages exercise in most of us, from college students to older adults. It's harder to make excuses and avoid physical activity when you have a commitment with a friend. Walking together makes the time seem to go more quickly, the exertion easier, and you may find that you walk farther. You'll gain benefits both from moving your body as well as from spending time with someone you like.

Fun fact

The number of steps in a mile depends on the length of your stride, but one mile equals roughly 2,000 steps.


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