Daily Challenge Tuesday May. 24, 2011

Everyday Well-Being

Stretch your palms and fingers, return your hands to their normal position, and rotate your wrists.

How to do it

Stretch your palms and fingers by gently pulling the fingers on your left hand back toward you. Do the right hand next. Return your hands to their normal position, then rotate your wrists, five times each.

Why it matters

Typing and other repetitive tasks can cause soreness and cramping in wrists and fingers. Left unchecked, this can give way to carpal tunnel syndrome, which can be very painful and potentially tough to fix. By taking a short break and giving your hands and wrists a quick stretch, you'll help to keep them healthy.

Fun fact

Carpal tunnel syndrome's close cousin De Quervain's syndrome is known as the "washer woman's" affliction, because it's caused by excessive gripping in a sideways motion.


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