Daily Challenge Wednesday Jun. 22, 2011

Everyday Well-Being

Hum or sing a song to get happy and lower stress.

How to do it

Croon a tune while you soap up in the shower, or hum the theme to your favorite TV show as you're waiting in line at the store. Choose whatever music moves you! Feel free to improvise if you don't know the lyrics, and don't worry about hitting the notes or singing in the right key.

Why it matters

Believe it or not, singing isn't just fun - it's good for your mood, too! The extra oxygen you take in to reach the high notes makes you feel more alert and energized, and the endorphins (feel-good hormones) that singing releases can help put a smile on your face. Singing also reduces stress: It's hard to be upset about traffic when you're singing along to a great song.

Fun fact

A survey conducted by Water Pik, Inc. found that 25% of people sing in the shower.


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