Daily Challenge Friday Jun. 24, 2011

Everyday Well-Being

Connect to your community and learn one bit of trivia about your city or town.

How to do it

Type the name of where you live (city or town, state/province) and the word "history" into your Internet browser's search engine. Then take a step back in time and learn one bit of trivia about the place you live. When was it settled? Did it ever have another name? Who made it famous? (If you really want to re-live history, go to your library and ask a reference librarian for help with finding original documents!)

Why it matters

As people move from place to place, they shed attachments to communities. Knowing a bit about the history of your community will increase your bonds to it and help you feel more connected to your neighbors. It may even help you feel more civically engaged the next time you decide whether or not to take the time to vote on a referendum or attend a town meeting.

Fun fact

Entire countries sometimes decide to go by a new name. For example, Japan was once Nippon, Belize used to answer to the name of British Honduras, and Thailand used to be called Siam.


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