Daily Challenge Saturday Jul. 30, 2011

Everyday Well-Being

Take a walk and take a closer look at the trees.

How to do it

Go for a walk and really take time to focus on the trees along your route. Take note of the trunks and branches, and their different colors and textures. Notice the various shapes of the leaves, whether or not they have any flowers blooming, or if they have seed pods. Do they have any critters climbing their branches or buzzing in their foliage?

Why it matters

Spending time with trees means you're getting up and out, and walking is a great way to improve heart health, strengthen muscles, and lower your risk of certain diseases. And studying trees' many interesting features may motivate you to walk farther! Even though we see trees every day, we may take them for granted and not notice them. But they are an important part of our environment and can enrich your walk. They can also help to make you more mindful of your surroundings and help connect you to nature.

Fun fact

In 2004, Congress declared the oak the national tree of the United States.


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