Daily Challenge Wednesday Aug. 17, 2011

Everyday Well-Being

Pick up 1 piece of litter today.

How to do it

Pick up the plastic bag that's lying on your lawn, the flyer that's skittering across the parking lot, or the soda can that's sitting at the playground. Deposit it in the nearest trash can or recycle bin.

Why it matters

No matter what sort of surroundings you prefer, most people can agree that litter is messy and compromises our sense of community. Over 51 billion pieces of litter are tossed on U.S. roads each year - and not only do they make the landscape ugly, they can harm the environment, too. Litter travels to waterways, where it pollutes our water supply and can harm wildlife.

Fun fact

Don't mess with Texas! In the Lone Star State, a person can be fined $500 for littering.


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