Daily Challenge Wednesday Sep. 28, 2011

Everyday Well-Being

Cut a rug today: Turn on some music and dance to at least 1 song.

How to do it

Fit a quick dance into your day - no rhythm or special dance skills required! Put on some music and boogie around the room, either on your own or with a partner. Make up some moves if you like, and dance to at least one song. If you're really feeling the groove, keep going!

Why it matters

Light to moderate physical activity like dancing gets your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and burns calories. It's also fun to move those arms and legs in ways that you typically wouldn't during a regular day. Plus, listening to music that you like provides a mood and energy boost.

Fun fact

The world record for group dancing to Michael Jackson's hit, "Thriller," was set on August 29, 2009, which would have been the performer's 51st birthday, by 13,597 fans in Mexico City.


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