Daily Challenge Friday Feb. 03, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Tense and relax each group of muscles, from your toes up to your head.

How to do it

Lie or sit down in a comfortable spot. Spend 5 seconds holding and then relaxing different muscle groups, one at a time, starting with your feet. Clench and release your toes, then work your way up as you tighten the muscles in your legs, stomach, back, and arms. Finish with the muscles of your face and neck. Breathe slowly and deeply, and concentrate on the feelings that come from fully relaxing the muscle groups.

Why it matters

Tensing and relaxing your muscles helps you understand what complete relaxation feels like. This can make you more aware of when you might need to relax muscles when they tighten in response to stress. As you relax your body, your mind also relaxes.

Fun fact

The masseter, the jaw muscle used to chew food, is the strongest muscle in the body.


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