Daily Challenge Sunday Mar. 18, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Learn about a local issue.

How to do it

Look at a local newspaper or check out the online coverage for your city or town. Skip over the police blotter and featured articles until you find an issue-based story. Is someone trying to change a local zoning law? Build a bike lane? Put up an apartment building? Take a moment to look for one other source of information about the issue, such as a website of a person or organization named in the story, or your town or city government's website.

Why it matters

Learning about the community where you live helps build deeper connections with the people around you. Together, well-informed citizens can find solutions to problems and create a stronger community. You may even be moved to become involved in a local issue! You can help change the world by starting with where you live.

Fun fact

When London won the bid for the summer 2012 Olympic Games, a group called London Citizens negotiated and won opportunities for employment, housing, training, health, and education for residents of east London.


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