Daily Challenge Saturday Apr. 14, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Clean out your medicine cabinet.

How to do it

Go through your medicine cabinet and get rid of any old or expired items. Include over-the-counter products as well as prescriptions. Don't throw medications down the sink or toilet, because they can be harmful to the environment. Ask your pharmacist about the best way to dispose of them.

Why it matters

Medications can become less effective with time and exposure to air, moisture, and light. Liquid medications are the most vulnerable - especially products for children, because they contain fewer preservatives. In addition, less clutter in your medicine cabinet means that you'll be less likely to grab the wrong product.

Fun fact

The word "aspirin" combines the "a" in acetyl chloride (a chemical compound used in aspirin production), the "spir" in spiraea ulmaria (the plant from which salicylic acid is derived), and "in," a suffix commonly used in names of medications.


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