Daily Challenge Monday Apr. 16, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Say something positive to someone you talk to today.

How to do it

Be on the lookout today for an appropriate situation to say something sincerely kind or positive. Some ideas: "I love you," "You're right!" "I really appreciate that," or even "I'm sorry."

Why it matters

Everyone wants to hear that they are appreciated and understood! However, sometimes it's easy to let situations pass by without saying something positive. Sharing how we feel helps build strong, supportive relationships. Not only that, speaking sincerely and from the heart can help reduce stress and anxiety - for you and for the recipient of your kind words.

Fun fact

A sculpture based on a stamp? There's one in a Philadelphia public park! American artist Robert Indiana created a love-themed stamp for the U.S. Postal Service that later spawned a three-dimensional installation of the same design.


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