Daily Challenge Tuesday Apr. 17, 2012

Healthy Behaviors
Healthy Behaviors


Healthy Behaviors is about lifestyle habits, namely healthy eating and physical activity, which have proven connections to lifelong health and disease prevention.

Everyday Well-Being

Walk while you make a phone call, have a personal conversation, or hold a meeting.

How to do it

Whether you have a personal phone call to make today, a face-to-face discussion you're planning, or an informal meeting at work, make it a "go" by walking while you do it. You can walk around the block, go up and down the stairs of your house, or do laps around the floor of your office - just as long as you're moving.

Why it matters

Standing up gives your back a much-needed rest from sitting, walking strengthens your leg and core muscles, and movement of any sort burns energy. But there's an added benefit to talking while on the go: Studies show that physical activity flushes stress hormones out of the brain, which allows for higher cognitive functions like creativity and problem-solving. So, your brain gets a boost while you burn energy.

Fun fact

Ludwig van Beethoven would write music from dawn to 3:00 PM, during which time he'd go outside at least two or three times to "work while walking."


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