Daily Challenge Monday Apr. 02, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Vary your stride as you walk somewhere today, switching from short, peppy steps to long, slow ones.

How to do it

During one of your journeys by foot today, vary the length of your strides. Begin with short and peppy steps (if you're feeling creative and want to get into character, pretend you're a chihuahua that just had a double espresso shot). After 15 steps, switch over to longer, slower strides (maybe pretend you're a stomping giant who forgot to have his double espresso shot!). Switch back, and continue changing your stride every 15 steps until your walk is done.

Why it matters

Changing the length of your stride strengthens muscle groups in your legs, ankles, and core that don't get used when you walk normally. And because you're engaging a greater number of muscles than are necessary for regular walking, you'll get your heart rate up and burn more energy. Plus, who knows when you might have another chance to pretend you're a tiny dog and a massive giant?

Fun fact

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, was wearing a size 9.5 boot when he took his giant step.


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