Daily Challenge Saturday Apr. 21, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Write down 2 key characteristics of your ideal job or volunteer work.

How to do it

What if you had a job that was as much fun as your time off? Although that might be a little too idealistic, think about and write down the two most important characteristics of your ideal job. For example, you could focus on the type of work, your favorite type of workplace, the people you'd like to work with, how you'd like your work to impact society, or your preferred schedule. If you don't currently work, think about characteristics of a volunteer opportunity or other community work.

Why it matters

For most of us, work defines a large and important part of our lives, whether paid or unpaid. Writing down what you'd like to be doing can be a first step toward actually achieving it. Even if you need to modify your goal or turn it into an enriching hobby, you'll be more motivated to shape your life the way you'd really like.

Fun fact

Some unusual jobs that really exist: Beach Tanning Butler at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Florida, Peacock Manager at the Royal Plantation Ocho Rios in Jamaica, and Director of Elephants at the Anantara Golden Triangle Center in Thailand.


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