Daily Challenge Wednesday Apr. 25, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Reach for reusable containers, fabric napkins, and real silverware at mealtime today.

How to do it

Make your mid-day meal Earth-friendly by using real silverware, reusable containers, and fabric napkins. Save any plastic sandwich bags or pieces of aluminum foil that are clean - they work just as well the second time around! For take-out meals, recycle as much of the paper and plastic as you can. Challenge yourself to do the same when making dinner or packing lunch tonight!

Why it matters

Lunch waste adds up fast! For example, the average school-aged child generates 67 pounds (30 kilograms) of waste per school year by bringing disposable lunches to school. Adults contribute their fair share of waste, too, between the foam containers, plastic utensils, and paper plates and cups that comprise the typical take-out meal. Plastic waste in our environment can hurt our health by contaminating groundwater, air, and soil. By lightening our collective lunch load, we can help protect our health.

Fun fact

A 1954 "Superman vs. The Robot" lunchbox sold at auction for $11,865 in 2010.


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