Daily Challenge Thursday Apr. 26, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Relax your facial muscles by keeping your face still and the muscles loose.

How to do it

Once today, stop what you are doing and consciously relax all the muscles in your face. Count to five and breathe deeply as you concentrate on keeping your face still and the muscles loose. (Set a timer on your computer, clock, or kitchen stove if you need a reminder.)

Why it matters

The daily stresses of the day cause many people to clench and grind their jaw without even realizing it. This can put pressure on the muscles and tissues of the lower portion of your face, and may lead to muscle aches or chronic pain. And although a furrowed brow may make you look brainy, it can cause tension headaches.

Fun fact

One anthropological study showed that people find symmetrical faces more attractive - not only when they evaluated the faces of fellow humans, but for macaques (a type of small monkey), as well!


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