Daily Challenge Friday Apr. 27, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Name a positive health change you made in the past, and reflect on how you overcame any challenges.

How to do it

Name one positive health change you have made in your life, and reflect on any challenges you had to overcome to do it. Perhaps it's a new health habit you learned by doing Daily Challenge, or something you picked up from someone else. It could be as small as deciding to floss each day, or as big as quitting smoking for good!

Why it matters

We all need positive reinforcement, and what better source than from ourselves? By focusing on one change you've made to better your health and remembering the hurdles you overcame, you remind yourself that you can take on other things, too! Being successful at one thing can set the stage for others.

Fun fact

Pop star P!nk began smoking at age 9 and gave it up more than two decades later, at age 30.


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