Daily Challenge Saturday Apr. 28, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Drink a glass of water that you flavor naturally with lemon, lime, orange, mint, or cucumber.

How to do it

Fill up a big glass with water, ice (if you like), and something from nature that tempts your taste buds! You can use refreshing slices of citrus fruits (lime, lemon, orange), cool slivers of cucumber, or even tongue-tingling tastes like ginger or mint. (Use real mint leaves or a bit of real ginger, not flakes or ground spices.)

Why it matters

Water is nature's original health drink! It fills you up, keeps you hydrated, and helps prevent fatigue. But plain water can sometimes get a bit ... plain. Instead of using processed drink mixes or buying expensive flavored waters, you can add zing to your H20 by just opening up your refrigerator. By making your water more exciting, you may even reach for more.

Fun fact

A New York-based company named MeatWater sells waters flavored like beef salad, cheeseburger, barbecued chicken wings, Italian sausage, and Hungarian goulash.


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