Daily Challenge Thursday Apr. 05, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Eat a food high in lycopene, such as tomato, red pepper, watermelon, grapefruit, or asparagus.

How to do it

Eat a food rich in lycopene, such as tomatoes (including tomato sauce or paste!), red peppers, watermelon, guavas, grapefruit, asparagus, red cabbage, or dried basil or oregano. All are great choices, although tomatoes are the lycopene leaders, with up to 100 times the amount of lycopene of other sources. The lycopene in tomato sauce or paste may be even more readily absorbed by the body than raw tomatoes.

Why it matters

Lycopene is an antioxidant, so it has a protective effect on our body's cells. Studies suggest that it is effective in warding off heart disease and fortifying bone health. Lycopene also shows promise as a way to prevent prostate cancer.

Fun fact

North Americans thought that tomatoes were poisonous until 1820, when Col. Robert Gibbon Johnson bravely ate one on the courthouse steps in Salem, NJ.


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