Daily Challenge Monday Apr. 09, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Choose to wear a color tomorrow that can shape your mood, like upbeat yellow or calming blue.

How to do it

Think about your wardrobe and the sort of day you want to have tomorrow. If your day will call for you to be energetic, vibrant, and sunny, pledge to pull out a piece of clothing that's in the red, orange, or yellow family. However, if you're going into a situation that calls for calm, plan to grab a green or blue piece of garb. If you're not comfortable with something so bold - or you'll be in an environment where a colorful piece of clothing would get you unwanted attention - go for a colorful accessory instead.

Why it matters

Color has a huge impact on your mood and energy level! Research shows that warm colors like red and yellow say "energy" and "power" and can put in a spring in your step. Cooler colors like blue and green, however, are soothing and more relaxing.

Fun fact

One Canadian study found that when evenly matched Olympic athletes competed, those wearing red were perceived as faster than athletes wearing blue, green, or yellow.


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