Daily Challenge Thursday May. 03, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Visit your bank's website and read 1 article that increases your financial knowledge.

How to do it

Visit the website of your bank or credit union and look for the section on improving your financial knowledge. Pick one resource that interests you, and read it. Virtually all banks and credit unions offer this information, in the form of articles or interactive features about healthy credit, saving for retirement, investment vehicles, and more.

Why it matters

Knowledge is power! Taking advantage of information about saving and investing, using credit wisely, and creating plans to maximize your money will empower you to make better big-picture financial decisions. This can translate to more of your hard-earned money in your wallet, so you can feel less financial stress, cover your basic needs, and maybe have a little something extra left over for things you want.

Fun fact

The word bank comes from the Old Italian "banca," referring to the benches or exchange counters used during by Renaissance Florentine bankers.


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