Daily Challenge Saturday May. 05, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Share 1 way that you get whole grains into your day, such as eating oatmeal or whole wheat bread.

How to do it

Share one way that you get whole grains into your day. Maybe you start your morning with oatmeal or make a lunchtime sandwich with some hearty whole wheat bread. Perhaps you're a fan of whole grain crackers for a mid-day snack or a serving of wild rice at dinner. Whatever your whole grain fancy, share it in person or via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Why it matters

Whole grain foods offer many health benefits. Their high fiber content means that they are slowly absorbed by the digestive system, leaving you feeling fuller longer. Studies have shown that they may aid with heart health, lessen the risk of stroke, and lower blood pressure. Sharing a whole grain idea may motivate someone else to try a healthy new food - and you might come away with a whole new appreciation for a new whole grain!

Fun fact

Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) is a type of whole grain - but it's botanically related to Swiss chard and beets!


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