Daily Challenge Tuesday May. 08, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Use a new herb or spice, or use an old favorite in a new dish.

How to do it

Take a look at your spice rack and see what's in there. Chances are that you've got some tasty flavors just waiting to be tried! Pull out one or more, depending on your level of daring, and add some to a dish you're going to prepare.

Why it matters

Herbs and spices are an age-old way to bring depth to a dish and add flavors that make it sing. But many people get stuck in a rut and use the same things over and over. Why not give something new a shake, and see how it affects the flavor? You may create a super, new dish. More bonuses of herbs and spices: They don't have any salt, so using them can be a way to get flavor without excess sodium. And they add so much punch that you may not need to use as much oil, butter, or other fats.

Fun fact

Pepper used to be such a precious commodity that it would only be doled out in very small amounts. The custom of grinding precious pepper on restaurant patrons' food is a relic of that era, even though the spice is widely available today.


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