Daily Challenge Saturday Jun. 16, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Play air-drums to an up-tempo song that you love.

How to do it

Clear a space, put on a song you love that has a fast beat, sit down in a chair, and play your air drums! Make sure your drum kit is large enough that you'll have to reach out in front and to the sides to really rock the song. Don't worry if you're not on beat every time, just have fun as you hit those imaginary drumsticks on your invisible drums and cymbals. And if you're still feeling the beat after one song, keep going.

Why it matters

Drummers sometimes look sweaty during a concert for a reason: it's hard work! Drumming can quickly get your heart rate up and bring extra oxygen into your body. And moving your arms out in front and to the side can provide a gentle stretch to your muscles. Finally, hitting those cymbals gives your wrists a nice, quick stretch, too.

Fun fact

The Beatles' drummer Ringo Starr has a way with words, and some of his lyrical turns of phrase became titles of Beatles songs, including "Tomorrow Never Knows," and "A Hard Day's Night."


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