Daily Challenge Sunday Jun. 17, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Do 1 thing today to help you get ready for tomorrow, like picking your clothes or planning a meal.

How to do it

Treat yourself by doing something nice for "tomorrow you" - today! Choose one thing that will help make your tomorrow easier, and do it before you go to bed tonight. You can pick your clothes, plan tomorrow's dinner, have kids pack their bags - whatever will take some of the stress out of the day.

Why it matters

Studies have shown that early victories in your morning lift your mood for the rest of the day, while stress and anxiety can not only ruin your mood but your immune system, as well. By taking a few moments to ready something for tomorrow, you'll have one less task and one less thing to have to decide on and make time for.

Fun fact

"Annie" - the musical whose song "Tomorrow" is considered one of Broadway's most beloved numbers - has been reproduced professionally in over 20 countries, including Sweden, the Phillippines, Zimbabwe, and Peru.


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