Daily Challenge Friday Jun. 29, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Ask someone to name a song that's meaningful in his or her life, and why.

How to do it

Today, connect with someone you know by asking him or her to name a song that's meaningful and then explain to you why it's important. Whether it's a rockin' anthem that reminds the person of a fun time with friends or a ballad that provided the backdrop for a wedding dance, encourage the person to share, and listen to the whole story.

Why it matters

Studies show that being connected to people makes us happier! The positive effects of remembering something as powerful as a song and sharing in a happy memory last beyond the moment you connected with them. Furthermore, happiness is contagious. If your friends' friends are happy, you'll actually benefit from this and be happier, too. Everyone wins.

Fun fact

The most popular song ever written is "Happy Birthday." About 16 million people have their birthday on any given day, and many of them hear that song.


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