Daily Challenge Sunday Jul. 01, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Try another perspective: Read a different newspaper or visit a news website that's new to you.

How to do it

Buy a daily newspaper you don't typically read, watch a TV newscast you don't normally view, or click on a news website you don't usually visit. Expose yourself to stories you would usually miss or skip - especially the opinion page. Catch some news that's more tabloid than you usually like ... or more cerebral.

Why it matters

We used to have limited options for getting news, which helped to provide a common bond between people. Now the Internet allows people to personalize their news and information and filter out what they don't want to learn about. That can block out new ideas or limit their ability to embrace change. By checking out something that's out of your comfort zone, it may help you see things from another person's perspective or open up your mind to new things you may want to learn more about.

Fun fact

The oldest newspaper still in print is the "Opregte Haarlemsche Courant," which began in 1656 in Haarlem, Holland.


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