Daily Challenge Thursday Jul. 19, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Fridge? Counter? Learn the ideal place to store your fruit to keep it fresh and tasty.

How to do it

Visit http://www.fruitsandveggies.... Click on the names of fruits you typically have at home to learn the best way to store each one.

Why it matters

Fruit tastes so much better when it's stored the proper way! Plus, by extending its shelf life, you'll be less likely to have to toss out soggy strawberries or mushy mangoes. This means more flavorful, nutritious fruit in your life and less in the garbage can.

Fun fact

Sapote (pronounced sah-POH-tay) is a tropical fruit that sometimes resembles a kiwi. It has a sweet, mild flavor with hints of coconut, vanilla, and lemon. This fun flavor combination makes it a popular ingredient in many ice creams.


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