Daily Challenge Thursday Jul. 05, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Make a "Where I put it" list, and pledge to write down where you stash things.

How to do it

Start with a piece of paper, or create a document on your computer. Title it "Where I put it" and plan to add to the page when you hide a gift for an upcoming occasion, store out-of-season gear, stash an important document, or put away any other items that you won't be using in the near future.

Why it matters

How many times have you tucked something away in a safe spot, only to be unable to remember where it is when you needed it? Spending time looking for things and feeling like we lack control over our environment is stressful and can affect our emotional well-being. By taking a few seconds to create a list and committing to update it, you'll save energy and aggravation when it's time to pull out that birthday present or important piece of paper.

Fun fact

A Swedish woman made headlines in 2011 when she found her wedding ring on a small carrot growing in her garden. She'd lost the ring 16 years earlier and thinks it had fallen into vegetable peelings that were used for compost or fed to her sheep.


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