Daily Challenge Tuesday Aug. 14, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Set an alarm to remind you to march in place for 1 minute at 2 different times today.

How to do it

Set an alarm (on your watch, computer, or phone) for two separate times today. Each time it rings, get up and march in place for one minute. Let the alarm help you avoid distractions that may keep you from marching.

Why it matters

Most of us need a gentle nudge (a.k.a., an alarm clock) to get us out of bed each morning. The same principle can apply to getting our bodies moving during the day. By using an alarm or timer, you provide yourself with a hard-to-ignore reminder of the commitment you made to get up and move. Once you're moving, you'll reap the benefits, such as a few quick moments of aerobic activity and a decrease in tension.

Fun fact

In April 2011, a 20-member marching band completed the fastest marathon by a marching band. They marched the Virgin London Marathon in seven hours and 55 minutes.


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