Daily Challenge Sunday Aug. 05, 2012

Everyday Well-Being

Spend a moment thinking about a negative life event that led to a positive outcome or change.

How to do it

Take a moment to sit and think about an event in your life that seemed negative at the time, only to have a positive outcome later on. For example, perhaps you were laid off but then discovered a different and more rewarding career as a result. Or maybe you were in a relationship that ended, and it helped you learn what you would value in the next one. Whatever your life event, explore the good that came from the bad.

Why it matters

Feeling grateful enhances well-being, and by looking at a negative event within a positive framework, you increase your sense of gratitude. This exercise can also prompt you to look for the good in the midst of a bad situation in the future. In other words, if there was an upside once before, there may be one again.

Fun fact

As a teenager, Robert Redford's sloppiness and sleeping on the job cost him his position as an unskilled laborer for Standard Oil. Being fired motivated him to attend college and eventually pursue acting.


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