Daily Challenge Wednesday Oct. 29, 2014

Everyday Well-Being

Move 1 item that you rarely use to a high shelf, box, or storage spot.

How to do it

Look around your workspace or a room in your home and pick out an item that you don't regularly use. Maybe it's a kitchen tool that you only use on special occasions, a stack of folders that you refer to once a month, or a vase that's usually empty. Store the item somewhere out of the way, like a high or low shelf, storage box, basement, or closet.

Why it matters

It seems natural to fill empty spaces on our desks, counters, and shelves. The downside? Filling all the empty space in a room can make it feel cluttered. By moving something that you don't use often, you'll clear out some clutter. The things you use frequently will be easier to find when you need them. Restoring some of that empty space can bring down your stress level and make you feel more productive and creative.

Fun fact

In Oahu, Hawaii, compartments carved out of solid rock were used to store ammunition during World War II. In the 2000s, these "caves" were converted to self-storage units.


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