Daily Challenge Saturday Mar. 08, 2014

Emotional Health
Emotional Health


Emotional Health focuses on daily experiences related to happiness, enjoyment, sadness, and stress in evaluating overall well-being.

Everyday Well-Being

Share 1 way you could update or bring back a tradition you used to enjoy.

How to do it

Think about a tradition that has faded into your past. It can be an everyday tradition such as always having a nice dinner with a friend or family member on a Sunday evening, a tradition that's related to vacations or trips, or one that's connected to a holiday or birthday celebration. Now think about how you could bring that tradition back or modify it so it fits into your life now. For example, if you have fond memories of camping but can't get away for trips, could you go with your friends on a long nature walk? If you always made a favorite food with a special family member, can you re-create the experience with another person in your life now?

Why it matters

Traditions provide a sense of security and continuity in our lives, but as we grow older and become busier, many of them fall by the wayside. By thinking of a way to re-create or re-invent a tradition that's meaningful to you, you can tap into a source of comfort and pleasure – and may be able to connect with others in a new way, as well.

Fun fact

Celebrating New Year's in Scotland? Get ready for Hogmanay, in which the arrival of the year’s first visitor is considered to be a predictor of fortune in the year ahead. Male, dark-haired visitors are lucky and women or blonde men are considered unlucky.


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