Today's Daily Challenge Monday Apr. 21, 2014

Healthy Behaviors
Healthy Behaviors


Healthy Behaviors is about lifestyle habits, namely healthy eating and physical activity, which have proven connections to lifelong health and disease prevention.

Everyday Well-Being

Instead of hand cream, apply sunscreen to the backs of your hands to protect them from the sun.

How to do it

Today, trade in your usual hand cream for a tube of sunscreen and apply it to the backs of your hands and in between your fingers. If you don't normally wear hand cream, give sunscreen a shot as a way to protect and care for your hands.

Why it matters

Sun exposure causes the majority of skin cancer. Though many of us remember to shield our faces from the sun, other areas, like hands, are neglected. The backs of our hands are exposed to the sun year-round. Keep your hands out of harm's way by staying on top of sunscreen application.

Fun fact

In India and the Arab world, women have long used henna to "tattoo" hands and feet on special occasions. It's said that women whose hands were decorated for weddings or childbirth had a few weeks off from housework to bond with their new husband or baby.


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