Today's Daily Challenge Wednesday Apr. 23, 2014

Basic Access
Basic Access


Basic Access is about awareness of access to some key elements such as healthy food, health care, and a safe and satisfying place to live.

Everyday Well-Being

Find out where to recycle outdated or unused electronics in your community.

How to do it

Do a search for the name of your city/town and state or province with the words "electronics recycling" or "e-waste recycling." Click on the top results for information about how and where to dispose of electronics in your area.

Why it matters

Old cell phones, printers, and computers that end up in landfills can pollute our communities with toxic materials, making oceans and streams less safe for drinking, swimming, and supporting wildlife. To keep electronics out of the trash, many cities and towns have recycling centers for e-waste. Others schedule drop-off days throughout the year. Bonus: recycling e-waste can help you clear clutter from your desk or closets.

Fun fact

The world's oldest working digital computer, known as "The Witch," was recently uncovered and restored. It was first used in the 1950s for British atomic research. The computer weighs as much as a car and can still run with most of its original parts.


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