Today's Daily Challenge Friday Apr. 25, 2014

Healthy Behaviors
Healthy Behaviors


Healthy Behaviors is about lifestyle habits, namely healthy eating and physical activity, which have proven connections to lifelong health and disease prevention.

Everyday Well-Being

Share 1 new way to enjoy whole grains at breakfast.

How to do it

How do you get whole grains into your breakfast? Maybe you've tried a multigrain hot or cold cereal, steel-cut oats prepared the night before, buckwheat pancakes, or toast made from bread packed with rye or millet. Whatever whole grains you've been enjoying at breakfast, share them here.

Why it matters

New options for whole grains have been appearing in grocery aisles, and many of them can be easily added to your morning meal. Unlike grains that have been processed and refined to make starchy products like white bread, whole grains are left all or mostly intact. Refined grains are digested quickly, leading to a rise and crash in blood sugar, while our bodies take much longer to digest whole grains. A breakfast that includes whole grains will help keep your energy levels up until lunch.

Fun fact

Wheat shows up in more than just your bread and bagels. Cat litter, biodegradable spoons and forks, dog treats, soap, shampoo, and biodegradable plastic wrap all contain some form of the grain.


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