Today's Daily Challenge Thursday Feb. 26, 2015


Physical well-being is about exercising regularly, making healthy food choices, and getting enough sleep.

Everyday Well-Being

Set an alarm to remind you to drink water 2 times today.

How to do it

Set an alarm (on your watch, computer, or phone) for two separate times today. Each time it rings, drink a glass of water, or refill a water bottle and sip from it. If you plan to be out and about today, bring a reusable bottle with you so that you'll have water to drink when the alarm sounds.

Why it matters

It's easy to get preoccupied and forget to drink water at regular intervals. An alarm or timer is a hard-to-ignore reminder to drink up. Your body will thank you! Staying well-hydrated throughout the day can boost your energy and concentration levels.

Fun fact

The Antarctic ice sheet holds 61 percent of the world's fresh water.


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