Today's Daily Challenge Friday Feb. 27, 2015


Physical well-being is about exercising regularly, making healthy food choices, and getting enough sleep.

Everyday Well-Being

Protect your neck: Take note of your posture as you read or look at your mobile phone today.

How to do it

When you find yourself reading a book, mobile phone, or tablet today, take note of the position of your head, neck, and shoulders. Are you bent over to see the screen? Is your head pointing down to read something in your lap? To adjust your posture, move your book or device to eye level and raise your chin so it's parallel to the floor.

Why it matters

Posture can be a real pain in the neck! Tilting your head down to look at a phone or book puts a lot of extra pressure on your neck. Over time, that pressure can lead to pain, headaches, and changes to the natural curve of your spine. Bringing awareness to your posture can help you make adjustments to the way you read or hold your phone.

Fun fact

Need to fix your hair before getting the perfect angle for your next self portrait? Enter the "selfie hairbrush." This goofy invention has a brush on one side and holds a smartphone on the other.


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