Today's Daily Challenge Saturday Feb. 28, 2015


Social well-being comes from being surrounded by people who help you be healthy, enjoy life, and achieve your goals.

Everyday Well-Being

Do something kind for your spouse, partner, or friend, like sending a message or sharing a treat.

How to do it

Today, take a few moments to do something unexpectedly kind for your spouse, partner, or friend. Share a bit of a favorite treat or watch his or her favorite television show. If you're far away from your loved one, send a quick message with a compliment or a "thank you" for something you appreciate.

Why it matters

One small act of compassion can strengthen your bond with your friend, spouse, or partner. Not only will the person on the receiving end feel loved, but showing kindness will also make you feel happier.

Fun fact

Olaf, Elsa's friendly snowman companion in Disney's 2013 movie "Frozen," said, "Some people are worth melting for."


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