Today's Daily Challenge Monday Mar. 02, 2015


Physical well-being is about exercising regularly, making healthy food choices, and getting enough sleep.

Everyday Well-Being

Name 3 of your favorite salad vegetables that aren't leafy greens.

How to do it

Name three vegetables you use in salads that aren't leafy greens. For example, you may have a favorite salad where lettuce doesn't play a starring role, such as coleslaw with shredded carrots or red cabbage. Or, you might prefer tossing other veggies into a green salad, such as thinly sliced radishes or cucumber. Whatever vegetables make your salads shine, share them here.

Why it matters

A big salad is a simple way to eat more heart-healthy vegetables, but it's not always the most inspiring. Looking past the greens at the salad bar or the bags of pre-washed lettuce at the grocery store can take you out of a salad rut. By sharing some of your favorite salad vegetables, you'll learn about some new combinations to try alongside a future meal.

Fun fact

Gado-gado is a traditional Indonesian salad eaten as a main dish. It might include string beans, cabbage, and corn, among other vegetables, all covered in a spicy peanut dressing.


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