Daily Challenge Saturday May. 10, 2014

Everyday Well-Being

Walk around your home and notice 5 useful items that you feel grateful to own.

How to do it

Take a walk through your home. As you go, look out for five possessions that you feel thankful for. You might notice the things you use frequently, or items that have been reliable over the years.

Why it matters

Researchers have found that accumulating stuff is like walking on a treadmill: we keep purchasing to feel the excitement of having something new. Sound tiring? Giving credit to the things you already own can give you a break from wanting more, more, and more. Take the opportunity to put your wish list aside and review what you have and appreciate.

Fun fact

Many animals accumulate "stuff" in the form of food, a behavior known as "caching." The tayra, a weasel found in Central America, harvests whole, unripe plantains and hides them until they are ripe enough to eat.


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