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American (originally from Chicago) living in France and married 41 years to French pen pal Paul (we began writing in high school); Mom to four; a grandson and a grand daughter. We live in a small country town about 45 miles south of Paris. Hobbies include writing (short stories, blogs), reading, traveling, taking long walks and working in my kitchen. My blog link - http://amazone779.wordpress...
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    Joanne P. has come back from her break.
    • Rosa A.
      Rosa A. replied April 27, 2015 at 6:09 UTC:

      Welcome back ☆¸¸.•*✬*•.¸¸☆ ツ ♥Have a pleasant and encouraging Week ♥ ☆¸¸.•*✬*•.¸¸☆ ツ Joanne, I hope break was very refreshing and renewing for you :o)

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    Joanne P. is taking time away from Daily Challenge and will be back on April 27, 2015.

    Hello everyone, I'm taking a break from Sunday 12th to Sunday 26th, returning to DC on Monday 27th. I will be away visiting my family in the States (Chicago suburbs) from the 16th to the 23rd and need time to prepare before we leave and rest after we return. Wishing all a happy weekend and new week!

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    Good morning!

    This will be may last post before beginning my break in DC tomorrow. I will be back posting on Monday 27th. I will be leaving to visit my family and Mom in the States (Chicago suburbs) on Thursday 16th and need a few days to prepare and get the house in order. We return home on Thursday morning 23rd, then need the following days to unpack and get over jet lag. It's a nine hour night return flight from Chicago to Paris, so much more tiring than a day flight, especially with a seven hour time difference between Chicago and Paris in the middle.

    Thank you, Joe, for a fantastic pact; we did well.

    Today's challenge - Cut back on paper clutter and unsubscribe from 1 catalog.

    How to do it - Pick out one catalog from your recycling bin or a stack of mail. Look on the back cover of the catalog for the retailer's phone number. Call the number and ask to be removed from their mailing list. Or, visit the website of a retailer that sends you a catalog and look for information about how to unsubscribe.

    We don't get any catalogs in the mail; almost all of our orders are from online catalogs. Nothing is done by mail and very little by telephone. In fact the only catalogs we get in our mailbox are promotional types from local supermarkets and from specialized apparel stores located nearby shopping centers; these are sent to everyone in the town. If we're not clients of the stores, we simply recycle the catalogs to the paper bin and that is all. As it is very little retailers send catalogs, preferring online orders. This saves on paper and mailing charges, which have skyrocketed during the last five years.

    So now we've gotten in the habit of checking the "extras" (newsletters, catalogs, etc.) in our electronic mailbox the first week of every quarter month. So far I've less than January, but the first week of this month I did delete a few unnecessary things that have become useless. It's interesting how the mailbox looks cleaner and less cluttered. This is becoming important for me as I've less and less time to spend on the computer due to family commitments; with the change in season we are enjoying more time outdoors than in. The sense of well being is very present because of our choices and activities.

    I'll be back on Monday 27th; wishing all a happy weekend and up-and-coming week. April 11, 2015 at 9:03 UTC

    "Cut back on paper clutter and unsubscribe from 1 catalog"

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    Joanne P. completed a pact with Joe D. and won 365 bonus points April 11, 2015 at 8:32 UTC
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    Good morning!

    It's going to be a busy day for us. The weather continues to be very pleasant, and is predicted to be the same throughout the weekend. In a short while we're going shopping to buy some salmon and other items for tonight's dinner. Our son will be stopping by and stay overnight. Tomorrow is his and twin sister's birthday (they will be 27) so we're planning a mini party tonight. No doubt he'll be celebrating with friends tomorrow night. His twin sister, who lives in Barcelona, will surely celebrate with friends, too. Some time next month with all its open holidays we'll have a larger celebration when everyone can get together.

    Already day Four, Joe; time's flying by fast! Wishing you and Melita a happy and peaceful beginning of the weekend.

    Today's challenge - Take three deep breaths before starting to eat one meal today.

    How to do it - Before one meal today, sit straight up in your chair and take three long, slow breaths. Do this before you've reached for any silverware or your napkin.

    Taking three deep breaths before eating is not new but something I haven't done in a while, so will take the opportunity of being mindful of deep breathing before eating just after sitting at the table at dinner time.

    Wishing all a happy Friday and a safe weekend. April 10, 2015 at 7:00 UTC

    "Take 3 deep breaths before starting to eat 1 meal today"

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    Good morning!

    It's a bright and sunny morning; temperatures are predicted to rise to 22 C (around 71 F). It will be the same during the next few days so it looks like it's time to start putting away winter coats and woolens and taking out lightweight pullovers, sweaters and jackets. I will be doing this during the coming weekend.

    We've reached the midpoint of our pact, Joe; I'm hoping today will be a happy one for you and Melita.

    Today's challenge - draw ten imaginary circles with your right leg, then switch and draw with your left leg.

    How to do it - Stand up straight and hold on to the back of a chair for balance. Slightly bend your right knee and lift your left leg out straight and to the side, at no more than a 45-degree angle to your body. Point your toes, imagine your big toe is a pen, and draw 10 small circles by moving your whole leg. Reverse circle directions and draw 10 more small circles. Change legs and perform the same routine.

    This exercise is not new; I occasionally do it in the evening, especially if I've spent a large proportion of the day walking or standing. I did these movements one evening last weekend after spending several hours walking and standing and my legs and feet felt tired and overheated. I must say the overall effect after the doing the movements was quite good and beneficial, so it goes without saying that I will continue to do this exercise whenever I need the benefit of working up leg circulation. Our grandson is with us today and with the weather being so good we'll no doubt be spending a great deal of time outdoors so after we bring him home in the late afternoon I'll take the opportunity to do the leg circling this today in the early evening.

    Wishing all a happy Thursday and a peaceful end of the week. April 9, 2015 at 7:39 UTC

    "Draw 10 imaginary circles with your right leg, then switch and draw 10 with your left leg"

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    Good afternoon!

    Posting a little later due to lymph drainage therapy this morning then a short walk. The weather is perfect: bright and sunny with temperatures rising up to 19 C, around 66 F. In a short while we'll be meeting with our daughter and grandchildren for an afternoon at the pony club so our grandson can enjoy a little riding. Horseback riding has become a very expensive sport so a few of the local clubs are having to rent their ponies in outside activities to keep the business going. In France children learn to ride on ponies; as they grow they learn on larger horses until their teenage years when they are considered able to control a full sized horse. The outside rental club is located a few miles from our town, next to it is a shopping center so we may stop there for a little afternoon snack afterwards before heading home. He will be spending the day tomorrow with us as his schools' teachers are on a strike, primarily because they feel there is little control over how teachers are hired. Last month in different parts of the country a couple of male teachers of elementary and middle schools were found out to have had questionable backgrounds. When asked about it they admitted to hiding certain unmentionable acts. This of course created a violent reaction within the teachers' unions that they decided to go on strike against their individual cities and states. Cities and towns administer to pre- and elementary schools while the state administers to middle and high schools.

    Thanks go to my pact partner, Joe, and to Andra, for your encouragements this morning; they are greatly appreciated.

    Day Two is now completed, Joe; I hope today will be a happy and peaceful one for you and Melita.

    Today's challenge - Find some peace and quiet: take a five minute break from noise today.

    How to do it - Take a five-minute break from noise today. If possible, go into a room that's very quiet, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or unused workroom. Close your eyes and savor the peace and quiet.

    This is a very interesting challenge as I'm going to be spending an afternoon with a very active grandson; finding a few moments of peace and quiet will be impossible . I'm going to take a brief peaceful break as soon as I complete my challenge and close my computer. The most positive thing about being around our grandson is the fact that he keeps us young. We never have time to think about our age; he has become a sort of fountain of youth in so many ways. There will always be opportunities of finding moments of peace and quiet in between or after we bring him back home.

    Wishing all a happy Wednesday and peaceful midweek. April 8, 2015 at 10:55 UTC

    "Find some peace and quiet: Take a 5-minute break from noise today"

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    Good morning!

    On to Day one, Joe, for another round of our pact. Thank you for your encouragement; it's appreciated. As agreed, I will begin a break at the end of our pact (Saturday 11th). The break will start on Sunday 12th. I will need time to prepare for traveling to the States to see my family for a short vacation, returning Thursday 23rd. After a short rest period I'll be back on DC Monday 26th. I hope today will be a happy one for you and Melita.

    Thanks and appreciation also go to Joanna and Rushey for their encouragements this morning.

    Today's challenge - Name the item in your kitchen that saves you the most time.

    How to do it - What gadget or tool in your kitchen saves you the most time? Perhaps it's your single-serve coffee maker that helps you get out the door in minutes. It could be your dishwasher that makes cleaning up a breeze. Or maybe it's your super-sharp chef's knife that helps you prepare vegetables in a snap. Whatever you use to save time when you're eating at home, share it here.

    For me the the kitchen utensil I particularly love is the pressure cooker. It saves time and energy and can be used to cook en entire meal at one time. I also appreciate it because it is well worth the price of a good quality cooker. They are excellent gifts for mothers with young families as well as older folks; easily allowing the preparation of healthy home made meals. Good quality pressure cookers are are made to last a long time, excelling in the preparation of baby foods, compotes and other combinations, offering a healthier and naturally prepared meal and at the same time save money on commercial baby foods that in many ways become sources of food allergies. Pressure cookers also allow preparation for a proportion of food over a period of time. Our pressure cooker is relatively new, having had to buy it last year when the older one, lasting some fifteen years, finally gave up the ghost. We use it several times a week to prepare and cook a variety of meals, soups, etc., as well as desserts.

    Wishing all a happy Tuesday and a peaceful week. April 7, 2015 at 9:24 UTC

    "Name the item in your kitchen that saves you the most time"

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