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American (originally from Chicago) living in France and married 41 years to French pen pal Paul (we began writing in high school); Mom to four; a grandson and a grand daughter. We live in a small country town about 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) south of Paris. Hobbies include writing (short stories, blogs), reading, traveling, taking long walks and working in my kitchen. My blog link - http://amazone779.wordpress...
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    Good morning!

    Today will be bright and sunny, with temperatures rising this afternoon to the low 80's (26-28 C). We'll have our grandson with us this weekend, so it will be nonstop activities most of the day, taking advantage of the good weather outdoors. He'll be spending most of next week at the recreation center which had plenty of outdoor activities he'll be sure to enjoy. For now I'm catching up on computer work and doing some light cleaning before picking him up.

    Today's challenge - Take a ten minute break today and do something relaxing: read, take a walk or call a friend.

    How to do it - Life is busy and often stressful! Whether we're at work, school, or home, sometimes our to-do list can feel endless. Carve out 10 minutes today that's just for you and fill that time with something relaxing. Try going for a walk, calling a friend, reading, or just sitting quietly and closing your eyes.

    I will be doing this very thing in a short while after finishing up my morning work and before picking up our grandson; after he's here there won't be any minutes to spare. Grand kids have a way of keeping us on the go, so it's all in good fun.

    Wishing all a happy Saturday and an inspiring weekend.

    "Take a 10-minute break today and do something relaxing: read, take a walk, or call a friend"

    August 1, 2015 at 7:16 UTC
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    Good morning!

    It's going to be a pleasant end of the week, partly sunny with temperatures in the mid 70's in the morning and 80's (22 to 25 C) by late afternoon. Beginning tomorrow temperatures will rise to the upper 80's (27-29 C) culminating with a high of 93 F (35 C) on Monday and fluctuating the rest of the week between the upper 80's and low 90's (26 to 32 C). Because of the rising heat, we're due for thunderstorms in the middle of next week; this will bring a pleasant coolness the following days. At least we're prepared; we do have some ideas on cultural outings planned for next week as our grandson will be spending every day at the recreation center, so we'll arrange them around the good weather days.

    Today's challenge - Save water at the kitchen sink: wet dishes, turn off the tap, soap them up, then rinse.

    How to do it - When it's time for cleanup after one meal, turn off the water while you do the dishes. Wet them completely, turn off the tap, and soap them up. Then turn the tap back on and give everything a good rinse. (Devoted dishwasher user? There are usually at least a few pieces that need to be washed by hand, and every little bit helps!)

    Since we are only two here at home this is exactly how we wash our dishes. When we've family/friends over for dinner or overnight, we do pretty much the same thing. We've never had a dishwasher, even when our large family was here, and never had any problems since everyone contributed to helping out with the dishes, and so it continues to this day. We're thinking of rearranging our kitchen within a couple of years and may add a dishwasher under a smaller sink.

    Wishing all a happy Friday and a peaceful weekend.

    "Save water at the kitchen sink: Wet dishes, turn off the tap, soap them up, and then rinse"

    July 31, 2015 at 8:12 UTC
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    Carol L. completed a pact with Joanne P. and won 234 bonus points July 30, 2015 at 10:50 UTC
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    • Joanne P.
      Joanne P. replied July 31, 2015 at 7:18 UTC:

      Thank you, everyone!

      Hi Frank - I'm not too worried about the points; apparently according to DC they're random so one time we might get nice high points, another what appears to be low points. I'm here in DC for the "camaraderie" (friendship) more than the points. Yes, ...see more

    • Frank M.
      Frank M. replied July 31, 2015 at 13:14 UTC:

      You are doing a good job Grandma Joanne! Keep it up! I'm taking my 5 yo grand daughter to my 50th HS reunion this weekend. I like taking them one at a time to go do stuff. It'll be fun. For her and for us! Enjoy your day my friend.

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    Good morning!

    Posting later this morning due to a physical therapy session then taking a short walk before heading for home. It's a beautiful cool and sunny morning. Temperatures will rise to the mid 20's C (low 70's F) this afternoon. This afternoon I'm off to the library to return books and check other authors.

    Thank you, Andra, Lorraine and Lynda, for your encouragements this morning. They are so very much appreciated.

    It seems DC is adding an extra day to our pact, Carol. I hope your day is a happy and peaceful one.

    Today's challenge - Name one way you protect your skin from the sun besides sunscreen.

    How to do it - How do you keep your skin safe from the sun when you're outdoors? Name one thing you do - besides slather on sunscreen - to protect yourself. Perhaps you never leave home without a wide-brimmed hat, wear protective clothing, close your car's sunroof, or hang out under a shady tree.

    I've always enjoyed the sun and tan very easily (I have olive Mediterranean type skin) so have rarely suffered from sunburns. However ever since menopause my skin has become much more sensitive to atmospheric conditions, including contact with the sun, so I limit the time spent in the sun to a minimum and always use sunscreen. A few years ago occasional vein problems in the legs and more recently lymphatic problems in my left arm now oblige me to pay attention to the length of time I spend outdoors on sunny days. While I still tan easily, I have gotten in the habit of limiting my outdoor exposure to the sun by standing/sitting in the shade and/or wearing lightweight sleeves. As it goes since retirement some years ago my husband and I have taken on cultural adventures, visiting new places and hidden corners of cities and states, many of which are close to home,

    The windows are all open so now I'm off to do some housework. Wishing all a happy Thursday and end of the week.

    "Name 1 way you protect your skin from the sun besides sunscreen"

    July 30, 2015 at 8:59 UTC
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    Good morning!

    This will be a quickie as I'll be preparing to leave for my lymph therapy session in a very short while. Today will be better than the previous days, sunnier and warmer, a sign of pleasant weather for the rest of the week.

    Our last day, Carol; I enjoyed sharing with you and wish you a happy and inspiring week.

    Today's challenge - Bend to each side and rest a hand on your shin, forming a triangle with your arm, leg and torso.

    How to do it - Stand with your heels against a wall and your feet wider than hip width apart. Rotate your right foot so your toes are pointing to the right. Bend your torso to the right from your hips until you can rest your right hand on your right shin. Your arm, leg, and torso will form each side of a triangle. (For extra balance, lean your torso against the wall.) Stretch your left arm to the ceiling. Take 10 deep breaths in this position, then repeat on the other side.

    This is a standing yoga pose that I do very often; it is already included in my regular standing routine that varies with different exercises each time. I like to do this exercise in open space and incorporate synchronized breathing. My favorite place at this time of the year is outdoors on my patio. I'll be doing these movements when I get back from the therapy session and again later during the afternoon hours.

    I'm off to prepare; wishing all a happy Wednesday and a good midweek.

    "Bend to each side and rest a hand on your shin, forming a triangle with your arm, leg, and torso"

    July 29, 2015 at 6:06 UTC
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    Good morning!

    It's a cool grey morning, with overcast skies predicted for most of the day and temperatures similar to yesterday. We'll be catching up on all our with our paper and computer work today so that we can slide through the beginning of the new month without any problems. A walk is planned for later this morning when it warms up a bit.

    Thank you, Andra; for this morning's encouragement; it's greatly appreciated!

    It's already Day Four, Carol; time's flying by fast. I hope your Tuesday is a happy and inspiring one.

    Today's challenge - Visit a website to find a quote that inspires you.

    How to do it - How to do it - Visit and find an inspirational quote. Browse quotes by clicking on a person's name or a theme, such as courage, hope, or love. You can even take it a step further and print out the quote (or write it on a piece of paper) and put it in a place where you'll see it often. Share what inspires you about the quote you selected!

    A quote that has deeply inspired me over the years is this one -

    "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." Albert Camus (1913-1960) French writer and philosopher

    For Camus rebellion provides us with the faith to delve meaning out of meaninglessness, energy to connect with those from whom we have become separated and the power to surmount powerlessness, and finally the strength to face death rather than deny it. According to Camus, “We are suffering a reign of terror because human values have been replaced by contempt for others and the worship of efficiency, the desire for freedom by the desire for domination. It is no longer being just and generous that makes us right; it is being successful...The rebel refuses to approve the condition which he finds himself. He is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of a common good which he considers more important than his destiny.” History has a tendency to repeat itself as long as its enigmas have not bee resolved. Nothing has changed today, only the ways and means. Are we brave enough to go above and beyond our comfort zones to fight for injustice and tyranny, whatever their forms and origins, when confronted with them?

    Wishing all a happy Tuesday and an uplifting midweek.

    "Visit a website to find a quote that inspires you"

    July 28, 2015 at 8:59 UTC
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    Good morning!

    It's a cool grey morning right now; the sun is predicted to come out later in the afternoon with temperatures in the low 20's C (low 70's F) . It rained most of the day yesterday, a boon as we're mostly a farming state. This year broke records of minimum precipitation and very high temperatures, rare but does happen. Sunday's rain will bring lower temperatures for the coming week and along with it pleasant weather. Family news: our five month old grand daughter's first tooth came out this weekend; she is feeling much better after a series of sleepless nights last week.

    Onto Day Three, Carol; I hope your Monday is a happy and peaceful one.

    Today's challenge - Add one veggie from the bassica family, such as broccoli, kale or cabbage, to your grocery list.

    How to do it - When you write this week's grocery list, leave a line for a vegetable from the brassica family. Tasty choices include Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower.

    It's interesting how DC takes a peek at my shopping list. I have broccoli and kale on my list; we'll be off in a short while to get our needs for the next few days until the outdoor market on Wednesday. When we get back we'll take some time for our daily walk.

    Wishing all a happy Monday and a peaceful week.

    "Add 1 veggie from the brassica family, such as broccoli, kale, or cabbage, to your grocery list"

    July 27, 2015 at 7:14 UTC
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    Good morning!

    It's a very cool Sunday we'll be having today, with temperatures in the low to mid 60's (15 to 17 C) with all the signs of rain. If it does rain then this will create a cooling effect for the rest of the week. Rain will be good as our area has been declared part of a major drought area.

    Day Two, Carol; I hope your Sunday will be an inspiring one.

    Today's challenge - Learn the signs and symptoms of stroke.

    How to do it - Visit the website of the World Health Organization at and review the most common signs and symptoms of stroke.

    We are familiar with the symptoms of stroke as several members of my family, both in mine and my husband's, have suffered from it, some not surviving the after effects. It's very important to teach these facts to children when they are able to understand the symptoms. I read recently the case of a young girl who witnessed her grandfather going the process of having a stroke; her quick and very positive reaction helped saved his life.

    Wishing all a happy Sunday and peaceful last week of July.

    "Learn the signs and symptoms of stroke"

    July 26, 2015 at 8:44 UTC
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    • Joanne P.
      Joanne P. replied July 27, 2015 at 6:43 UTC:

      Thank you, everyone!

      Hi Carol L. - Thank you for your inspiring post; the sermon your pastor gave offers a very good thought for meditation so I will be using this idea for my daily meditation. The way in which I give the "weather report " where I live is most likely ...see more

    • Carol L.
      Carol L. replied July 28, 2015 at 5:16 UTC:

      That sounds wonderful. I know you are looking forward to her visit. take care - Carol...

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