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American (originally from Chicago) living in France and married 41 years to French pen pal Paul (we began writing in high school); Mom to four; a grandson and a grand daughter. We live in a small country town about 45 miles south of Paris. Hobbies include writing (short stories, blogs), reading, traveling, taking long walks and working in my kitchen. My blog link - http://amazone779.wordpress...
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    Good morning!

    Today is going to be sunny and pleasant. It's amazing how time flies; my grandson was born five years ago today. As preschool kids are allowed to celebrate their birthdays in school, his Mommy is bringing goodies this morning so he can have a little party with his class during the afternoon hours. We'll be celebrating with the family this coming weekend.

    Lorraine, thank you for the encouragement this morning; take care and have a good midweek.

    Thank you for the invitation to pact, Catherine; we're on our way!

    Today's pact - Avoid snacking while preparing one meal: drink water, chew gum or crunch on plain veggies instead.

    How to do it - Avoid temptation to snack while preparing one of today's meals. Keep your mouth busy with a piece of gum or sugar-free hard candy, a glass of water, or a small plate of crunchy veggies without dip (carrots and celery are good choices).

    I used to munch on extras while preparing a meal when I was younger; later it became the start of a bad habit. A few years ago after starting a special goal to stop eating in between meals, including during food preparation and cooking, In order to better concentrate on the process preparing a particular food item (cake, etc.) or a specific meal it became necessary to avoid thinking about eating altogether. In the end it turned out that the preparation itself was enough to keep me "full" while total concentration allowed me to fully participate, body and mind, in the creative process of the preparation. The process of good food and/or meal preparation can be compared to performing a magical act; no distractions or temptations, the presence of positive intention and optimism and the full absorption of mind and body in the creative process from beginning to end. The final result, or to use the magical term, end manifestation, should eventually turn out to be successful.

    Wishing all a happy Tuesday and midweek. May 26, 2015 at 7:50 UTC

    "Avoid snacking while preparing 1 meal: drink water, chew gum, or crunch on plain veggies instead"

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    Good morning!

    Today dawned wet and dreary with the possibility of clearing up in the afternoon. The garden, flowers and recently trimmed bushes are loving it; as for us, we'll delay our walk to the afternoon hours. For the moment it is going to be a quiet day to relax and begin clearing our odds and ends (papers, etc.) before Thursday when our youngest daughter (lives in Barcelona) will be visiting two weeks; she is bringing along a friend from Argentina. Our walk will be a break and take us around the neighborhood; today's challenge is nothing new, simply a natural part of my walking process.

    Thank you, Nancy and Andra, for your encouragements this morning; they're very much appreciated.

    Today's challenge - Take a walk and focus on the sounds you hear around you.

    How to do it - Go for a short walk and try to let go of today's thoughts and plans. Instead, focus on the sounds you hear along your route. Take note of the rustling leaves, chirping birds, or the sounds of traffic. Notice the sounds of any nearby people or pets. If you listen closely, can you hear insects buzzing or an airplane overhead?

    This is nothing new for me. I never go out without my hearing aids (I'm hearing impaired from birth) so am always on the alert on walks. Although my favorite walks are the meditative types, that is, walks with thoughts turned inwards concentrating on the present moment, I walk in such a way so as to focus on the sounds and movements around me. It would be a sign of carelessness not to do or act otherwise. The act of listening to sounds, whether they be natural, such as bird song, wind blowing in the trees, falling rain, voices, or artificial, such as rolling cars, lawn movers or distant sirens, is something I find find so natural it can't, and should never, be taken for granted. They represent the process of living and real life, and also our personal involvement in these processes. Becoming aware of sounds and movements oblige us to understand that we ourselves are also part of the big picture, of the kaleidoscope of different elements that make up life and living.

    Wishing all celebrating a happy and safe holiday, and everyone a peaceful Monday and new week. May 25, 2015 at 9:23 UTC

    "Take a walk and focus on the sounds you hear around you"

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    Lorraine B. completed a pact with Joanne P. and won 361 bonus points May 24, 2015 at 11:34 UTC
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    Good morning!

    Posting a little later this morning as we've our grandson here. he has just finished his breakfast and is now outdoors with grandpa bike riding while I take a little break. Today dawned bright and sunny; temperatures will be warmer as the morning turns into afternoon. It's going to be a slow easy-going day as we're in the middle of a three day holiday weekend.

    Thank you, Andra, for the encouragement this morning; it's so very much appreciated.

    Can it already be the end of our pact, Lorraine? I enjoyed sharing the journey with you. I hope your day is a good one for you.

    Today's challenge - Learn about local volunteering opportunities.

    How to do it - Want to lend a hand? Do a search using the name of your city/town and state or province, along with the words "volunteer opportunities." Choose a link and read about how you can help! (If you live in the U.S., you can also visit to find out about volunteering opportunities in your immediate area, ranging from one-day stints to weekly ones or longer.)

    This is an interesting challenge. We do plan to check volunteer work in our area for the coming months and from September. At the present time this isn't too possible due to family commitments. The best time for to look for volunteer work is from September because during the summer months many city and town associations/group activities slow down due to the vacation absences so have little going on. Basic summer activities have already recruited volunteers, for the most part young people. Our plan is to get information at the offices located in the state capital, just a few miles from us. The state capital is a bee hive of multiple activities; we will have the best chances to find volunteer work.

    Wishing all a happy Sunday and new week, for those celebrating, a safe holiday. May 24, 2015 at 8:54 UTC

    "Learn about local volunteering opportunities"

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    Good afternoon!

    Posting a bit later today as I preferred to wait until after lunch when my son was ready to leave for home before tackling challenges and e-mails. We'll be having our grandson over this afternoon and over night. In a short while before picking him up we'll get some of his favorite food items. I'll see if I can make cupcakes later for tomorrow's brunch. Today is the first of the three day weekend with Pentecost Monday off. Americans will be celebrating Memorial Day; it's important to remember our troops, both living and those gone. In France American cemeteries located along the Normandy coastline special ceremonies will be held in honor soldiers who gave their lives on D-Day and afterwards. They will never be forgotten.

    Thank you, Joanna and Nancy, for your encouragements this morning; they are greatly appreciated!

    Onto Day Four, Lorraine; I hope today is bright and happy for you and that you're having a peaceful weekend.

    Today's challenge - Strengthen your core with a side plank: Lie on your side with knees bent and lift your hips.

    How to do it - Lie on your right side and bend your knees. Put your right elbow and forearm on the floor to raise your upper body. Your left hip and legs will still be in contact with the floor. Squeeze your abdominal muscles and raise your hips slightly off the floor. Try to form a straight line between your head, torso, hips, and knees. Hold the side plank for 10 seconds, then lie on your left side and repeat.

    This exercise is already a part of my variable regular weekly routine. Since it is mentioned here as a challenge I will add it to today's trio floor exercise this afternoon. I'll do it with my grandson; we always get a lot of laughs together doing exercises together.

    Wishing all a happy Saturday and weekend and for many who celebrate Monday as a holiday a safe holiday weekend. May 23, 2015 at 10:51 UTC

    "Strengthen your core with a side plank: Lie on your side with knees bent and lift your hips"

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  • 48
    Good morning!

    Today is going to be warm and sunny, the beginning of a pleasant holiday weekend. I will be leaving shortly for my lymph drainage therapy, then all clear for the rest of the day so will use it to clean the house and prepare my son's favorite haddock dinner as he is coming for dinner and staying overnight. Today is also my middle daughter's (Mummy of our grandchildren) birthday; she will be celebrating with her family this weekend and will celebrate with us the following weekend when everyone will be here on Sunday 31st, Mother's Day in France. My youngest daughter will be visiting abut ten days (she lives in Barcelona) and bring along a friend.

    Thank you, Lorraine, for the encouragement this morning; it's greatly appreciated. Time's going by fast; we're already at the midpoint. I hope the rest of the day will be good for you and that you'll have a peaceful weekend.

    Today's challenge - Plan to label food with a description, serving size and date before you put it in the freezer.

    How to do it - Avoid stocking your freezer with unidentified frozen objects and plan to label food before you store it. Freezing a batch of your favorite soup? Mark the container with the type of soup, date, and the number of servings. Do the same the next time you freeze extra chopped veggies, cooked beans or grains, or meat. You can write directly on the bag or container with permanent marker, or use masking tape or freezer labels.

    This is not new; I have been doing this for years, although find it isn't necessary to list serving size. I prefer to use different size see-through freezer bags that have a space for listing the date and also give s the weight (one liter, etc). The different foods are placed in their corresponding drawer. My freezer is at the bottom of the refrigerator and has three drawers. The top is small and narrow, reserved for ice and very small items; the middle is veggies and fruits while the last, large and compact is for bulky items. I've organized my freezer in this manner for years, and now with just the two of us the empty spaces fill up according to the season and special occasions. With the warmer months coming up we're stocking up on healthy cold snacks and I'll be making home made goodies. May 22, 2015 at 6:37 UTC

    "Plan to label food with a description, serving size, and date before you put it in the freezer"

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    Good morning!

    Today is the first of of series of warm sunny days coming up with the long weekend coming up (Pentecost with Monday as a holiday). It's going a pleasant change from the cool wet days of the past few days and last weekend.

    Thank you, Swapna, for your encouragement this morning; it's so nice of you to remember me this morning. I hope yo day is going well and that you'll have a happy end of the week.

    Onto Day Two, Lorraine; Although the day has started a long while ago for you, I hope it is going well and that you'll have a happy end of the week.

    Today's challenge - Name one "gift time" you can give to a person in your life this week.

    How to do it - Think of one way you can offer the gift of your time to someone you know this week. Perhaps you can block out a bit of time to help a colleague with a project, visit with an elderly neighbor, get up a few minutes early to spend extra time walking or playing with a pet, or offer to make a family member's coffee or lunch.

    This is not a challenge for us but a regular habit with us. In our family we all help each other without after thought; the same goes for our long time neighbors. We know we can count on each other without fail. Even though it's a natural thing with us, I will consider yesterday's babysitting job for today's challenge; it was a pleasure to have the grandkids with us most of the day. It meant that we needed to change some appointments in order to stay home, but this was no problem. There's no replacement for grandkids and so It was a pleasure that we enjoyed and know we'll be doing the same many times in the near future.

    Wishing all a good Thursday and happy end of the week. May 21, 2015 at 7:40 UTC

    "Name 1 "gift of time" you can give to a person in your life this week"

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