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American (originally from Chicago) living in France and married 42 years to French high school pen pal Paul; Mom to four; a grandson and a grand daughter and twin grand daughters to be born in late summer or early fall. We live in a small town 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) south of Paris. Hobbies include writing (short stories, poems, blogs), reading, traveling, outdoors and working in my kitchen. Blog link: http://amazone779.wordpress...
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    Good morning!

    Posting my challenge just before preparing to leaving with hubby and grandson to his football/soccer game that will last most of the day so we'll be out a good proportion of the day. It's freezing clod outdoors with temps hovering around minus 7 C (19 F); day time temps will be between minus 1 and minus 3 C.

    The photo shows my grandson in action during practice last year. The club's colors are dark green and black; the kids wear different color jerseys (here it's purple) during practice. When playing games with other teams they wear a dark green long sleeved jersey and matching socks and black shorts.

    Today's challenge - Close your eyes, listen closely and be mindful during one phone call today.

    How to do it - During one phone conversation today, make a conscious decision to be mindful of what is being said. Close your eyes so that you won't be distracted. This way, your ears will more keenly focus on listening. Don't take on other tasks; sit in one place and just concentrate on what the other person is saying.

    This is a non challenge for me since I don't take phone calls due to my hearing disability. Although I can hear with the hearing aids, the way most people talk (not loud enough, etc.) I prefer not to depend upon the phone part of my mobile but rather use the texting (SMS). As for regular phones, I rarely answer them for the same reason and just let the answer machine take the message. I'll consider this challenge as done since I do have the habit of remaining mindful during phone connections.

    Wishing all a good Sunday and peaceful new week.

    "Close your eyes, listen closely, and be mindful during 1 phone call today"

    January 22, 2017 at 7:22 UTC
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    Kimberli M. completed a pact with Joanne P. and won 338 bonus points January 22, 2017 at 0:32 UTC
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    Good morning!

    Posting after finishing up the weekend housework. In a short while we're off for the weekend's grocery shopping. Later this afternoon our son arrives to stay with us until he leaves for his permanent move to Montreal (Canada) on February 6th. We'll also be having our grandson here overnight as he has an indoor football/soccer game tomorrow, starting at mid morning, ending late afternoon. It's easier to take him there from our home as we're closer to the town where the gym in which the game is taking place is located. Today is the coldest day of the week at minus 7 C (19 F) early this morning. Right now at mid morning it's bright and sunny and very dry at minus 3 C. Weather predictions say polar weather will continue throughout the coming week, ending towards the end of the week with rising temperatures, high humidity and rain.

    Thank you, Lorraine, for the encouragement!

    Our last day, Kimberli; thank you for walking this journey with me. I hope your weekend will be a bright and happy one.

    Today's challenge - Plan to calmly say what's on your mind the next time you are upset, rather than bottle it up.

    How to do it - Whether it's to a co-worker, friend, or family member who says something who doesn't sit right, plan to say what's on your mind the next time you are upset. Use a neutral tone and tell them how their actions affected you, and explain why it's important for you to let them know how you are feeling.

    This is an interesting challenge; it's necessary to be able to express one's feelings and thoughts about troubling circumstances. Remaining bottled up not only can build up stress but also works on one's personal well being. I'm happy to say this is not a problem with me.

    Wishing all a happy Saturday and safe weekend.

    "Plan to calmly say what's on your mind the next time you are upset, rather than bottle it up"

    January 21, 2017 at 10:35 UTC
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    Good afternoon!

    Posting a second time; the first one suddenly disappeared. A bit late today due to a busy morning; first with physical therapy then babysitting the girls for a short time while our daughter went to her day care appointment. She would like her older daughter to spend a couple of hours a day a couple times a week with other little kids her age and so would be less bored at home. The center is located a block away from where they live, so there's no problem with transportation. As our daughter will be a one year entering parental leave this would organize time and activities at home. Now we're home and will spend the rest of the afternoon indoors as it's still quite cold (it was minus 6 C (21 F) this morning; right now a cold sun is shining in a pale blue sky at 1 C (33 F). Temperatures will start falling down to below zero centigrade during the dark night hours.

    Many thanks to Gill, Dileep and Kristina, for their much appreciated encouragements.

    I can't believe it's already Day Four, Kimberli; time's flying by oh so fast!

    Today's challenge - Use a touchstone, such a ring or watch, to bring your thoughts to the present moment.

    How to do it - Pick a small object that you're wearing today, such as a ring, necklace, or watch. When you find your thoughts drifting away from you today - particularly if you find them heading toward a place of worry or stress - touch the object. As you touch it, make a conscious effort to bring your thoughts back to the present moment.

    I have never had to depend upon anything to remind me to become aware of the present moment. As I type this post I'm aware that it's being typed, of fingers flying across the lap top keyboard, of letters appearing on the screen. One doesn't need to be an expert to learn how to focus on the present moment; it becomes a relatively easy habit when one stops living an automatic (robotic) life or driving his/her life on automatic pilot and simply become aware of his/her thoughts, actions, surroundings, at the present moment. Throughout the day I'll continue every so often to focus on the present moment without any reminders.

    Wishing all a happy Friday and safe weekend.

    "Use a touchstone, such as a ring or watch, to bring your thoughts to the present moment today"

    January 20, 2017 at 12:52 UTC
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    Good morning!

    It's bright and sunny but very cold (minus 3 C, 26 F) with a light breeze making it feel more like minus 8 C (17 F). We won't be needing to go outdoors this morning but this afternoon, when temps will stabilize to around 4 C (39 F), we'll be out grocery shopping for ourselves and our daughter as it's goo cold for our daughter and the babies and young grand daughter to go out. From there we've a doctor appointment later his afternoon to go over the coming year's check ups, blood work (done earlier this month) and so on.

    Thank you, Andra, for today's encouragement!

    We're riding into Day Three, Kimberli; hoping your day will be bright and happy.

    Today's challenge - Try yoga's child pose for a moment of calm and relaxation today.

    How to do it - Kneel on the floor, and sit back on your heels (you can place a yoga mat, blanket, or towel under you for a bit of cushion). Lean your upper body forward, resting your chest on your thighs and placing your forehead on the ground, or as near the ground as is comfortable. Your arms can rest on the floor at your sides or stretched out in front of your body. Hold this pose for 1 minute, focusing on taking deep, even breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth as you do.

    I occasionally do this pose in the evening to relieve body tension. This is one version (placement of the chest on the thighs); there are several other varieties of this pose, including one for arthritic situations. Due to shoulder and wrist arthritis I use a simple and the least painful version, moving very slowly and include synchronized breathing. After a moment the overall restful sensation of the pose begins to take effect. Since this pose is today's challenge I'll include it this evening with the simplified floor poses I do regularly.

    Wishing all a happy Thursday and end of the week.

    "Try yoga's child's pose for a moment of calm and relaxation today"

    January 19, 2017 at 9:53 UTC
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    • Mariela A.
      Mariela A. replied January 20, 2017 at 0:24 UTC:

      VEry cold for you my friend... Stay warm... Thank you very much for my E-LOVE yesterday and today... Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday but the internet here was so bad... on and off... Sweet dreams and have a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead... Big HUGS and LOVe

    • Swapna R.
      Swapna R. replied January 20, 2017 at 4:37 UTC:

      Take care, Joanne!

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    Good morning!

    It's partly sunny and so cold outdoors we're being told not to go out in the polar weather unless absolutely necessary. Many parents might take the day off to stay with their kids as it's half day and too short to tackle the cold. As it goes we plan to spend most of the day indoors except for picking up our grandson at school. Yesterday we received a call from his coach notifying us that today's football/soccer practice is cancelled due to the freezing cold. He's a real outdoors kid and would play in any weather; if he wants to return home with us due to polar weather he'll be stuck indoors one way or another.

    Onto Day Two, Kimberli; I hope your day is a bright and happy one.

    Today's challenge - Set two reminders on your phone or computer to stop and pay attention to your teeth and jaw today.

    How to do it - Set two reminders on your phone or computer today to stop what you're doing and pay attention to your teeth and jaw. Do you notice your jaw feels more sore after your second reminder than it did after your first? You may be clenching your jaw without even realizing it.

    This is a strange challenge. I understand that jaw/teeth clenching and teeth grating are stress related. However in my case when stressed I don't find myself doing them but have other not so good and/or negative stress reactions that need to be corrected and/or changed in a positive manner.

    Wishing all a happy Wednesday and safe midweek.

    "Set 2 reminders on your phone or computer to stop and pay attention to your teeth and jaw today"

    January 18, 2017 at 8:44 UTC
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    Good afternoon!

    Posting later this due to a physical therapy session this morning then taking care of errands, including grocery shopping. It's bright and sunny but quite cold (minus 5 C, 23 F) this morning, rising to 2 C (35 F) during the afternoon hours. Later this afternoon after our short daily walk we plan to stop and see our daughter and grand kids as it's too cold for the younger ones to go out.

    Thank you, Lorraine and Dileep, for your encouragements!

    Waving to Kimberli - thank you for the invitation to pact. We're on our way!

    Today's challenge - Do nothing for five minutes: no reading, talking, texting, watching TV or listening to the radio.

    How to do it - Set aside five minutes today and do absolutely nothing. It can happen whenever you like. No emailing, texting, talking, reading, or TV-watching allowed. Sit someplace quiet and focus on as little as possible for the full five-minute count. As you sit, focus on your breathing to keep your mind from wandering.

    I do this little exercise at least once a day, several if I have the time. It helps unravel tension and nerves, even when they aren't strained and most important obliges me to become aware of the present moment, going along with the flow of silent timelessness. I personally find the best place to do this is outdoors in natural scenery or in a sacred place. I'll be sure to do this later today when we take our daily walk, part of which will be passing through a small group of trees, a good opportunity to stop a short time and do absolutely nothing, just stand under the trees in the cold and absorb the surrounding vibrations.

    Wishing all a happy Tuesday and midweek.

    "Do nothing for 5 minutes - no reading, talking, texting, watching TV, or listening to music"

    January 17, 2017 at 12:58 UTC
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    Good morning!

    It's a very cold Monday morning; no snow during the night but plenty of icy puddles all around. Hubby went out early in the dark to throw special salt on the front and back yard sidewalks and the area in between as we're located on a corner. Temperatures are stable for now at minus 1 C (30 F) but will start descending tonight to minus 5 C (23 F) tomorrow morning through the next couple of mornings/evenings. Day time temperatures remain unchanged (minus 2 to 2 C, 28-35 F).

    Thank you, Lorraine, for this morning's much appreciated encouragement.

    Today's challenge - Pay attention to whether or not you are making eye contact during one conversation today.

    How to do it - When you are having a face-to-face conversation today, pay close attention to whether or not you are making eye contact. Are you averting your eyes and looking around, or are you looking into the person's eyes? If you are at work, are you looking at your computer as you're talking? Your phone?

    This is not a challenge but a regular habit. From early childhood due to a birth hearing disability I've learned to listen, read lips and concentrate on facial and body language. This requires total eye contact, in a discrete manner, of course. I have always believed that eye contact in conversation between the speaker and listener(s) is an indication not only that the speaker has his/her listener(s) attention but also should offer an encouragement (by the speaker) to encourage his/her listener(s) to contribute to the discussion. As I always do I'll be sure to pay attention to eye contact today.

    Wishing all a happy Monday and new week.

    "Pay attention to whether or not you are making eye contact during 1 conversation today"

    January 16, 2017 at 9:46 UTC
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