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American (originally from Chicago) living in France and married 42 years to French high school pen pal Paul; Mom to four; a grandson and a grand daughter and twin grand daughters to be born in late summer or early fall. We live in a small town 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) south of Paris. Hobbies include writing (short stories, poems, blogs), reading, traveling, outdoors and working in my kitchen. Blog link: http://amazone779.wordpress...
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    Good morning!

    Posting after taking care of the usual morning chores. It's going to be a pleasant day, partly sunny and warm, around 24 C (75 F). The weather people say the area is in for possible showers during the early afternoon hours. Yesterday's thunderstorms never happened; they simply flew overhead in my area. We just experienced light rain every couple of hours and overnight. This morning dawned cool and overcast. Right now a strong breeze is sweeping the clouds back and forth over the blue sky. Later this afternoon we'll be bringing our grandson to his football practice; today is the last day for the club to meet as the school year ends very soon. During the summer months kids (not all, but most, since it's not free) usually go to recreational centers; they're pretty well occupied with activities and outings during the weeks they're not on family vacations and/or in summer camps. The centers are especially good for children whose families don't have the means to go on vacation; the atmosphere is very much like summer camp except that the kids don't sleep over. Activities and outings are arranged in the same manner.

    Many thanks to Ginger, Kristina and Dileep, for their encouragements!

    Today's challenge - Stand and lift your right foot just a tiny bit and hold it there for a minute, then switch.

    How to do it - While standing, lift your right foot a half-inch (1.3 cm) off the ground and hold it there for one minute. Switch to your left foot and repeat. Go back and do your right foot once more, then your left, for a total of 4 minutes.

    This is not a challenge but a daily morning balancing exercise that also helps leg circulation and flex knee joints. Occasionally I'll continue by turning the exercise into modified (due to arthritis) yoga poses, such as the dancer, great for stretching and balancing. This morning after reading the DC challenge I was feeling good about balancing so decided to do a modified version of this pose. I'll do a another session later during the day.

    Wishing all a good Wednesday and midweek.

    "Stand and lift your right foot just a tiny bit and hold it there for a minute, then switch"

    June 28, 2017 at 8:57 UTC
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    Good afternoon!

    Posting after an early physical therapy appointment and taking care of important errands this morning. We're due for thunderstorms during the afternoon hours so this morning we wanted to get our biggest errands done while we were outdoors before the rains comes pouring down. Right now we're at the "quiet before the storm" stage; it's getting darker by the hour. We'll be taking it easy the rest of the afternoon and evening.

    Many thanks to Dileep and Kristina for their encouragements.

    Today's challenge - Sit, slouch and slowly straighten up.

    How to do it - Sit in a chair, scoot your buttocks back, and slouch your shoulders forward a bit. Slowly straighten your back a little bit at a time until you're sitting up straight. Hold this position for 10 seconds and notice what it feels like to sit up straight.

    This is not really an challenge but a regular habit that I remind myself wherever I happen to be, even while riding in a car. I'll be sure to remember it today and as usual, every day.

    Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday and midweek.

    "Sit, slouch, and slowly straighten up"

    June 27, 2017 at 12:37 UTC
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    Good morning!

    It's going to be a quiet day for us with the usual house chores in the morning then grocery shopping this afternoon. I also plan to clear out the unnecesary from this laptop and finish up written work (articles) started a couple of weeks ago. Weather wise it's going to be partly sunny and warm today, around 27 C (80 F) this afternoon. Thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow, but like the last time they were due, they might just fly overhead. We could really use the rain; in spite of moderately high humidity we've not had any rain for quite some time in the Paris region.

    Thank you, Dileep, for the encouragement!

    Today's challenge - Hold onto a banister, stand on a step and slowly let your heels down over the edge.

    How to do it - Stand on a step while facing towards the staircase, and hold on to the rail or banister. Back up slightly, and slowly lower your heels down over the edge of the step. Relax the muscles in your calves, and hold the stretch for 10 seconds. Tighten your calf muscles a bit, and return your heels to the same height as the step.

    This is an old old exercise I do all the time. Since I'll be going up and down the stairs (good exercise, too) this morning I'll remind myself to do these movements each time I go up the stairs during the day.

    Wishing all a happy Monday and peaceful last week of June.

    "Hold onto a banister, stand on a step, and slowly let your heels down over the edge"

    June 26, 2017 at 8:23 UTC
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    Good morning!

    Posting later as we're taking it slow and easy this morning. Our grandson stayed overnight as he usually does most weekends; his little sister is home this morning. Some days she likes staying over, other days not so much. Right now a neighbor with three grandsons, of which the eldest often comes weekends to play with my grandson, offered to take the boys to the local playground a few blocks away. Their Moms grew up together and still keep in touch. Today is going to be partly sunny and warm with temps hovering around 27 C (80 F), pleasant early summer weather.

    Thank you, Lorraine, for the encouragement!

    Today's challenge - Channel your inner gymnast and walk on an imaginary balance beam for twenty feet (six meters).

    How to do it - Clear a flat space of at least 20 feet (about 6 meters) of obstacles, co-workers, family members, or curious pets. Walk forward slowly, deliberately placing your feet one after the other in a straight line, as though you're on a balance beam. For extra fun, pretend you're on a tightrope and the floor is a swamp full of alligators.

    This is not really a challenge but a regular exercise I do wherever I happen to be; many times I can't resist balancing along a long crack or line on the sidewalk. For today I'll balance down the hallway from the front door to the living room and back again and continue throughout the week.

    Wishing all a good Sunday and peaceful new week.

    "Channel your inner gymnast and walk on an imaginary balance beam for 20 feet (6 meters)"

    June 25, 2017 at 10:55 UTC
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    Good morning!

    Posting after taking care of last minute chores and preparing the house for the older grand kids who will be spending the weekend with us. It's overcast right now (half past noon), cool and breezy at 22 C (71 F). This afternoon will be partly sunny with temps around 26-27 C (78-80 F), nice and pleasant. During the late afternoon hours when temps are warmer we may open the kiddie pool in the yard/garden so the kids can enjoy a little water fun.

    Today's challenge - Do a twenty second toe stretch.

    How to do it - Take off your shoes and socks, sit in a chair, and cross your right ankle over your left thigh. Put the heel of your left hand against the sole of your right foot. Put one finger between each toe, and stay in this position for 20 seconds. Let your toes fully relax, then switch legs and do the same thing for the toes on your left foot.

    This isn't really a challenge but a regular habit so will continue it as I usually do every evening.

    Wishing all a good Saturday and peaceful weekend.

    "Do a 20-second toe stretch"

    June 24, 2017 at 10:38 UTC
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    Good morning!

    It's so nice to experience cool mornings again; right now it's a fresh 16 C (about 61 F), a big difference from the overhanging heat of the past few days. It's overcast this morning but will clear up during the afternoon hours with temps hovering around 28 C (82 F); tomorrow the same and Sunday a pleasant 26 C (78 F). Next week will bring a slight rise with thunderstorms predicted for Tuesday 27th.These are correct (normal) temperatures for the region (Paris) for early summer. The heat wave is now situated on the eastern border, in Provence (lower Alps) and south along the Mediterranean Sea (Riviera). Today we'll be out and about, taking care of important errands this morning then finishing up any extra work this afternoon so we can be free the weekend.

    The reason why the school year ends late (officially Friday July 7th; many kids will stop going Friday June 30th) is because the school year is arranged in such a way that a two week break follows the end of every seven weeks of classes. Thus the school year begins on Monday September 4th. The first break begins Saturday 21st October ending Monday November 6th, called "Vacances de Toussaint" (All Saints Vacation, for the holiday All Saints, or Halloween); after seven weeks of classes come the year end (Christmas and New Year) break, going from Saturday December 23rd to January 8th 2018. Next break is in February, fixed according to the zone one lives in (three altogether) called Vacances d'Hiver (Winter vacation). In my zone the break goes from Saturday February 17th to Monday March 5th. Following the next seven weeks is the Spring break; in my zone it goes from Saturday April 14th to Monday 30th. The official end of the school year is fixed for Saturday July 7th 2018; naturally very few kids will be continuing all the way to this date. These dates are valuable for preschool, grade, middle and high schools, trade (professional) schools and junior colleges. Universities work in a slightly different system; students have less or shorter breaks with classes ending sometime during the month of May. Most kids usually to to recreation centers during the breaks, as they would during the long summer months. Others go to "activity camps" held around the country according to the season (winter sports in the mountains in winter; spring and summer activities during the warmer months in natural environments). Older kids have the opportunity of taking language learning trips to nearby countries, staying with families, etc. and so on.

    Thank you, Dileep, for the encouragement!

    Today's challenge - Stand up without using your arms or hands.

    How to do it - Sound like a quick can-do? Not so fast! For this challenge, you have to stand up from a chair without using your arms or hands. Back your chair out from under your table or desk and make sure you have enough room in front of you to stand up. Then slowly stand.

    This little exercise is not new but an automatic/ regular habit, especially since this month's theme is centered on the legs. To be sure I'll be doing it most of the day and continuing throughout the weekend.

    Wishing all a happy Friday and safe weekend.

    "Stand up without using your arms or hands"

    June 23, 2017 at 8:41 UTC
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    Good morning!

    Posting after taking care of morning chores and just before heading out the door to get some shopping done before lunch and the afternoon's extreme heat. Then we're indoors for the rest of the day. Temperatures this afternoon will be hovering around 36 C (about 96 F), still pretty hot but we're happy in knowing that from tomorrow the heat will be sloughing off; the weekend and following days will bring temperatures between 25 to 28 C (77 to 82 F). Yesterday our grandson spent the afternoon enjoying the f=refreshing coolness of the children's pool we bought for the kids last year. With our yard being mostly shady he stayed cool then spent the rest of the day indoors.

    Today's challenge - Slowly slide down the wall and sit in an invisible chair for a count of five.

    How to do it - Stand with your back against a wall and your feet shoulder-width apart, about 2 feet (.6 meters) away from the wall. Bend your knees and slide down until you're comfortably sitting on an invisible chair. Count to 5 and stand up. As you sit on the wall, pay attention to your knees. In the seated position, your knees should not be further forward than your toes. If they are, stand up and place your feet farther away from the wall to avoid any unnecessary stress on your knees.

    This is one of my regular knee exercises which I do in different versions. Occasionally I add it to my leg exercise routine; today's challenge will be added to today's workout when I get back from shopping, just after lunch. I will certainly add it to my weekly routine as the hot weather does get to the knees; simple exercises as these do help considerably. These movements are fun to do with little kids; everyone gets lots of laughs sliding up and down the wall.

    Wishing all a good Thursday and peaceful end of the week.

    "Slowly slide down the wall and sit in an invisible chair for a count of 5"

    June 22, 2017 at 8:44 UTC
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    • Margaret H.
      Margaret H. replied June 22, 2017 at 18:59 UTC:

      Take care of yourselves..maybe you could sit in the wee pool to cool down too.

    • Mariela A.
      Mariela A. replied June 23, 2017 at 8:00 UTC:

      Hi Joanne.. Very hot there.. Here has been rainy and hot too. Things here are not good; yesterday was killed another young guy WHO wanted a better Country.. 80 people have been killed in 83 days. Today at noon time for 2 hours, we're going to block the street whereever we are.. ...see more

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    Good morning!

    It's going to be another hot day for us, with temperatures rising as high as 37 C (98 F). It's a rare surprise to have full summer weather on the first day of summer so no one is complaining. All we need now is an occasional thunderstorm or two with lots of rain. We're told this most likely won't happen until the very end of the month. We were surprised not to hear from our grandson's football coach about cancelling the outdoor practice because of the extreme heat but let him know last night that he won't be going. Playing in hot weather doesn't doesn't go well with him; he'll be spending most of the afternoon indoors with us. I plan to make it a movie afternoon complete with pop corn and goodies. His little sisters have their doctor appointment this afternoon so we'll bring him home later.

    Thank you, Dileep, for the encouragement!

    Today's challenge - Pledge to try catching your zzzs on your back to,=night.

    How to do it - After you turn off the light tonight, lie down and try sleeping on your back. If your sleep position is too comfortable to disrupt (or too hard a habit to break), try positioning a folded towel between your knees if you are a side sleeper, or under your hips if you sleep on your stomach.

    I've made it a regular habit to sleep on my back, as I use the first few moments of repose to mediate, using yoga's corpse pose and synchronized breathing to become aware of the here and now, the present moment. This practice works especially well on extremely hot nights, which we're having right now.

    Wishing all in the Northern Hemisphere a very happy, safe and peaceful Summer and everyone a good midweek.

    "Pledge to try catching your zzzs on your back tonight"

    June 21, 2017 at 8:39 UTC
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    Good morning!

    Global climate change is in full force as it's hotter here in the north and central part of the country than in the south. As temperatures rise beach resorts all along the northern Channel and North Sea coast states are enjoying record visits, a rare sight indeed, enjoying real summer weather with more sun light and higher temperatures than average/normal. Here in the Paris region (about 211 kilometers or 121 miles, around three hours drive straight south from the Normandy coastline) it's going to be sunny and very hot with temperatures in the mid 30s C (96 F), rare but no one is complaining; kids and tourists are loving it: summer has arrived. This morning the government issued an alert "cannicule" (extreme heat wave) for 51 states (ours included); a great proportion are located in the west and central part of the country, while the northern coastal states have been issued warnings to watch out for extremes. As for us, we'll be out and about this morning, with a short walk and take care of important errands, then spend the rest of the afternoon and evening indoors in our nice cool living room.

    Thank you, Dileep, for the encouragement!

    Today's challenge - Walk ten steps, raising your knee and balancing on the opposite leg with each step.

    How to do it - Pick a focal point in the room and walk towards it in a straight line. As you take each step, raise one knee and balance on the opposite leg for one second. Then switch legs for your next step. Do this for 10 steps.

    It's really nice when DC posts a leg exercise that I do on a regular basis, especially this month, as the theme is leg/knee exercises. I've done a short series of these movements this morning after my yoga segment, and will do another set later this afternoon.

    Wishing all a good Tuesday and peaceful midweek.

    "Walk 10 steps, raising your knee and balancing on the opposite leg with each step"

    June 20, 2017 at 9:59 UTC
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