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American (originally from Chicago) living in France and married 42 years to French high school pen pal Paul; Mom to four; a grandson and a grand daughter and twin grand daughters to be born in late summer or early fall. We live in a small town 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) south of Paris. Hobbies include writing (short stories, poems, blogs), reading, traveling, outdoors and working in my kitchen. Blog link: http://amazone779.wordpress...
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    Good afternoon!

    We've just come back from babysitting out little twin grand daughters while their older brother and sister went shopping and stopped for lunch with their Mommy. They will be two months on the 31st and are growing well; I will try and post a photo or two during the coming weeks. Today is mostly cloudy with drizzly rain and becoming colder as we approach the end of the month. Gold and red leaves fall gradually from the trees and the open fields leave a scenery of desolation and sadness, broken only by the presence and sound of cawing crows. Today we'll be finishing up last minute work in the house before picking up our eldest at the airport tomorrow afternoon.

    Thank you, Lorraine, Kristina, Eileen and Dileep, for your encouragements!

    Today's challenge - Walk tall: picture an invisible string on top of your head that's pulling you straight up.

    How to do it - Stand and picture an invisible string tied to the top of your head. Close your eyes and imagine that the string is being pulled upward out of the top of your head until you can no longer be pulled up. You should slowly feel your body aligning in response to your internal puppet master.

    This little exercise is not new; it is a regular habit that I do on a regular basis not only to maintain balance but also to avoid back strain that comes with unconscious bending and/or stooping over. I'll be continuing it the rest of the day and every day as usual.

    Wishing all a happy Friday and safe weekend.

    "Walk tall: picture an invisible string on top of your head that's pulling you straight up"

    October 21, 2016 at 14:03 UTC
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    Good afternoon!

    So sorry for the late posting. We have had a busy morning with preparing the house for the weekend's visitors (eldest daughter and her friend) and getting some shopping done for last minute things for the new kitchen and some food items as well. This is even more important as tomorrow morning we'll not have much time since we're babysitting the little twins while their older brother and sister go shopping with their Mommy for warmer clothes now that the cold has officially set in.

    Wow - many thanks to Joanna, Gill, Kristina, Andra, Rita, Jasmine, Dileep, Lisa L, Frank, Cheryl, Mary C and Sue W; your encouragements are very much appreciated!

    Today's challenge - Hold your palm out with fingers pointing up; pull back on your fingers with the other hand. point down and repeat.

    How to do it - Sit or stand and extend one arm out so your wrist is directly in front of the same shoulder, palm facing straight out and fingers pointing up. Take your other hand and gently pull back on the fingers of your extended hand and hold for a few seconds. Point the fingers downward and pull back gently on the fingers and hold. Switch hands and repeat.

    I do these movements on a daily basis, even more so now that the humid season has arrived. They really do help relieve stiffness in my fingers, especially the arthritic right hand. I've done them a few times already today and will continue onto this evening.

    Wishing all a happy Thursday and end of the week.

    "Hold your palm out with fingers pointing up; pull back on your fingers, then point down and repeat"

    October 20, 2016 at 14:58 UTC
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    Good morning!

    Posting early before tackling morning chores. School classes as usual are half day today; this afternoon begins autumn school break, beginning officially begins this afternoon and ends Wednesday November 2nd, with classes starting up again on Thursday 3rd. Our grandson won't be going to football (soccer) practice this afternoon due to a doctor appointment. As for us, we'll be preparing the house for our eldest daughter's visit Saturday.

    Today's challenge - Stand and lift your right foot just a tiny bit and hold it there for a minute then switch.

    How to do it - While standing, lift your right foot a half-inch (1.3 cm) off the ground and hold it there for one minute. Switch to your left foot and repeat. Go back and do your right foot once more, then your left, for a total of 4 minutes.

    This very simple and easy exercise can be done any time and anywhere. For today's challenge I'll do it during the day indoors and out, when we'll take a break this afternoon with a short walk.

    Wishing all a happy Wednesday and midweek.

    "Stand and lift your right foot just a tiny bit and hold it there for a minute, then switch"

    October 19, 2016 at 7:44 UTC
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    Frank M. completed a pact with Joanne P. and won 308 bonus points October 18, 2016 at 14:41 UTC
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    Good afternoon!

    Posting later today due to a hair dresser appointment and getting laundry started, including cute pink baby clothes and blankets. It's cool grey and damp with a dim sun peaking through the low clouds.

    Many thanks to Kristina and Dileep for their encouragements.

    Waving to Frank - We've reached the end of our pact; it's been a fun five days. Take care and have a good Tuesday and week.

    About our kitchen: we're just about finished with remodeling and are now bit by bit putting everything back in place, adding a few new items as we go. In my neighborhood the houses have two, three and four bedrooms (looked on the upper level. Ours is a four bedroom house with a kitchen of about twelve square meters (about 129.2 square feet). This may be small by American standards but is considered at the time of construction (30 years ago) reasonable for family homes. In France the kitchen was (and still is) traditionally meant for preparing and cooking the meals, while actual eating is in the dining room, even breakfast. The kitchens in the three and two bedroom houses are smaller and have practically no space for extras such as tables and chairs. Our kitchen has room for a small square table with stools underneath for quick meals (breakfast) that also serves as a wide "counter" for food preparations.

    Today's challenge - Sit, slouch and slowly straighten up.

    How to do it - Sit in a chair, scoot your buttocks back, and slouch your shoulders forward a bit. Slowly straighten your back a little bit at a time until you're sitting up straight. Hold this position for 10 seconds and notice what it feels like to sit up straight.

    I will use this challenge to remind myself to sit, and walk, straight throughout the day and every day to discourage bad posture and back problems.

    Wishing all a happy Tuesday and midweek.

    "Sit, slouch, and slowly straighten up"

    October 18, 2016 at 11:00 UTC
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    Good afternoon!

    Posting later today due to our bringing our youngest daughter to the airport; she is going to Panama (Panama City) where she'll be met by her boyfriend (visiting from Venezuela; he is studying to be a civil engineer). She plans to find a job and hopefully work until he graduates (in eighteen months). Even though we left early this morning we were met with bad weather and heavy Monday morning traffic. Right now the weather is turning slightly from damp coolness to partly cloudy and high humidity; the sun is unsuccessfully trying to shine the haze of low lying clouds. The kitchen is almost finished; the upper and larger lower cabinet doors will be attached this week as well as adding new items as the drawers and cabinets start filling up.

    Thank you, Rita, for the greatly appreciated encouragement! It's so good to hear that your foot is healing well.

    Waving to Frank - already Day Four? Time's going by fast!

    Today's challenge - Hold onto a banister, stand on a step and slowly let your heels down over the edge (of the stair).

    How to do it - Stand on a step while facing towards the staircase, and hold on to the rail or banister. Back up slightly, and slowly lower your heels down over the edge of the step. Relax the muscles in your calves, and hold the stretch for 10 seconds. Tighten your calf muscles a bit, and return your heels to the same height as the step.

    This is an easy exercise I do very often at home. After all the kneeling from last week's kitchen work, these movements really helped relieve tension and flex leg muscles at the end of the day. I'll use the exercise as a warm up before this afternoon's routine and again in the early evening.

    Wishing all a happy Monday and new week.

    "Hold onto a banister, stand on a step, and slowly let your heels down over the edge"

    October 17, 2016 at 11:33 UTC
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    Good morning!

    Taking a break to post my DC challenge. It's going to be partly sunny and on the cool side today. We'll be finishing up the main portions of the kitchen, leaving the upper elements (over the stove) for later this week.

    Hello Frank - We're on Day Three/Hump Day on Sunday. On calendars here in France and in most European countries the first day of the week is Monday, with Sunday as the last. This goes along with the early Christian custom of referring to the Biblical notation that after creating the world, its elements and creatures God rested on the last day. Thus it was understood that this last day of the week was one of rest reserved for thanking God for his gifts and enjoying one's family and the fruits of one's labor.

    Today's challenge - Channel your inner gymnast and walk on an imaginary balance beam for twenty feet (six meters).

    How to do it - Clear a flat space of at least 20 feet (about 6 meters) of obstacles, co-workers, family members, or curious pets. Walk forward slowly, deliberately placing your feet one after the other in a straight line, as though you're on a balance beam. For extra fun, pretend you're on a tightrope and the floor is a swamp full of alligators.

    I try to do this exercise on a regular basis to work on balance and dexterity by doing simple exercises and movements during the day, indoors or out, and/or within daily routines. I'll add this this exercise to this afternoon's routine.

    Wishing all a happy Sunday and new week.

    "Channel your inner gymnast and walk on an imaginary balance beam for 20 feet (6 meters)"

    October 16, 2016 at 8:53 UTC
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    Good moring!

    It's a cool partly sunny morning right now, with temepratures rising to 18 C (64 F) this afternoon. We're starting the main floor cabinets and accompanying electrical appliances and plan to try and get as much completed as we can this weekend.

    Many thanks to Joanna, Helen and Joe for their greatly appreciated encouragements.

    Waving to Frank - Day Two brings us to the beginning of the weekend. I hope your Saturday is gong well.

    Today's challenge - Do a twenty second toe stretch.

    How to do it - Take off your shoes and socks, sit in a chair, and cross your right ankle over your left thigh. Put the heel of your left hand against the sole of your right foot. Put one finger between each toe, and stay in this position for 20 seconds. Let your toes fully relax, then switch legs and do the same thing for the toes on your left foot.

    This is a simple exercise that I've found best done at night before retiring for bed. It helps release tension and stiffness in the toes and eventualloy the feet that accumulated during the day. To be sure I'll be doing it tonight.

    Wishing all a happy Saturday and peaceful weekend.

    "Do a 20-second toe stretch"

    October 15, 2016 at 8:39 UTC
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