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I am 64 years old (2016) from Caracas Venezuela... I lived in Miami, FL. for 20 years and came back to my Country May 2011... I'm an Architec, I have 3 sisters, Violeta in Houston, Aida I'm living with, Marisol lives here and Francisco in Miami Fl. No children, but 4 nieces and 4 nephews (1 passed in July 2016).. 9 grand-aunt. My parents both passed.
I'm grateful for who I am. love nature, animals, funny sometimes, positive, and trying to be better each day.
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    DONE!!!... I loved to ride our bike.. By that time we were only 3 Violeta, Aida and me and our Dad bought one bike for the three of us.. I didn't understand why we have just one bike.. One day my Mom sat me down and explained why... My Dad could afford one bike.. Although I wanted to ride with my sisters I got used to ride by myself and enjoyed a lot.. One day I was speeding and hit a nieghbor who was in his bike to.. Nothing happened to me because I went straight to the bushes..LOL. He hit the ground and his bike was twisted.. It was funny for me but not for him... LOL.. The years past and I felt in love with him... I was 10 years old... Then I went to a boardind school and wrote letters to him but never got an answer.. Years past again but this time more than 15 years and found him again.. He told about our childhood and told me that his Mom kept the letters I wrote.. I never see them.. We starting dating but didn't last... This challenge made me talk to much.. LOL...
    I cooked today for my friend Ines who's sick again.. I made chicken soup... IN the afternoon we had a rehearsal and was excellent... This activity is a therapy for all of us..
    Thanks to my Angels for keeping me going.. Rita H., Sue P., Sandy W., Leslie C., Rushley B., Marcia D., Lynn R., and Janie D... You're my heroes...
    The picture is Barbara Palacios from Venezuela, she was MIss Universe long time ago.. Here was and event when she presented her 1first book..
    The US goverment imposed new sanctions to this narco regimen.. Well done!!..
    Have a wonderful and pleasant evening and sweet dreams... Sending smiles, big HUGS and much LOVE ♥

    "Spend a moment thinking about a sport or activity you enjoyed when you were younger"

    May 23, 2018 at 1:57 UTC
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    DONE!!.. I love to dance!!.. As a Latin I’m a very good dancer.. I dance even sitting in a chair... lol..
    I was very busy today making the tequeños; I made 300 and tried them. Yummy, yummy..
    I’m tired.. Here is the picture of my “tequeños”..
    Thanks to my Angels for making me feel special: Rita H., Sue P., Gary F., Christiana M., Lynn R., Janet Y., Sandy W., David B., Rushley B., Judy C., Kathie S., Marcia D., and Leslie C...
    Hope all of you had a marvelous beginning of the week..
    Have a pleasant evening .. Sending smiles hugs and love ❤️

    "Dance or march to 2 of your favorite upbeat songs"

    May 22, 2018 at 2:29 UTC via Mobile Web
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    Good morning my dear DC friends!!!..
    DONE!!!.. I usually do that.. easy peasy..
    Thanks to my Angel Sue P. for my E today..
    Yesterday I was busy making the tequeños, I made 112 and need to make around 140 more..
    I couldn’t watch the Royal Wedding; I watched some in YouTube last night.. racial barriers were broken..
    It’s sunny and gorgeous here..
    Today is the day of the great government show. It is an illegal process and the results will not be recognized by more than 81 countries including the United States. Therefore, I do not vote in an illegal process and the best protest will be to stay in our homes.
    Have a happy, wonderful and joyful Sunday.. Sending smiles hugs and love ❤️

    "Fit in extra steps today by parking far from the door"

    May 20, 2018 at 11:24 UTC via Mobile Web
    • Sue P.
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      Leslie C. and others posted 10 replies.
    • Norma S.
      Norma S. replied May 20, 2018 at 23:36 UTC:

      It was a very beautiful Wedding and very simple in many ways. Hope all are safe there....

      Thanks so very much for your encouragement and especially your friendship here on DC.

      “Maybe the two different worlds we lived in weren't so different. We saw the same ...see more

    • Hope J.
      Hope J. replied May 21, 2018 at 0:03 UTC:

      Praying for happier, pleasant times for you and your country men, Mariela. I agree with your protest.

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    Good morning my dear DC friends!!. DONE!!.. My exercise is moderated.. even though I go upstairs and downstairs million time a day.. lol..
    Today is beautiful here, nice temperature and sunny..
    I’ll make “tequeños” it’s white cheese wrapped with dough, then you fry them or bake.. See the picture.. The Mom of one of the member of the Coral is turning 100 years old and we’ll sing for her on the 9th of June.. I was asked to prepare some appetizers..
    Thank you so much to my sweet Angels who always left beautiful and encouragers messages Rita H., Sue P., Virginia M., and Lynn R...
    Have an spectacular and joyful Saturday... Sending smiles hugs and love ❤️

    "Do the Talk Test to learn if you are exercising at a moderate pace"

    May 19, 2018 at 13:36 UTC
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    Good morning my dear DC friends!!...

    Still to much tension in the prison . Please pray for their safety!!.. The picture is the place called “El Helicoide”where they are held..
    Have a wonderful and blessed Friday!!.. Sending smiles hugs and love ❤️

    "Join Walkadoo"

    May 18, 2018 at 7:54 UTC
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      Norma S. and others posted 8 replies.
    • Judy C.
      Judy C. replied May 18, 2018 at 23:12 UTC:

      It's so scary when inmates get angry. Not many years ago a prison in Delaware had an uproar and one of the female guards was shot and later died. My friend's daughter was also working that day and my friend was so afraid it was her daughter. Thank God it was, but the lady ...see more

    • Christiana M.
      Christiana M. replied May 19, 2018 at 1:49 UTC:

      Thanks so much for your sweet encouragement. Sending you Golden blessings. Happy Friday too.

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    Pepe, when looking at me, do it with the immense affection that you have always professed to me, and remember that whoever looks at you like that, loves you and will know how to understand you with all her soul. Tu Tita. December 15, 1946.

    "Share 1 reason why you want to be more active"

    May 17, 2018 at 11:20 UTC
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    Sorry DC I don’t have any photo... not good things here I. Venezuela.. Yesterday in the session of the National Assembly several Deputies were attacked and the Bolivarian National Guard did not let the media enter the Plena Room. Today the political prisoners and the common prisoners raised a protest for their conditions and lack of judgment for some of the inmates .. the result was a political prisoner hit savagely in the face .. until this hour 10:00 pm there has not been a solution .. please pray for our country and for us ..
    Thanks to my 9 Angels for your words and encouragement.. Rita H., Sue P., David B., Sandy W., Rushley B., Bob G., Virginia M., Sherree S., and Darshan T...
    The picture was taken by my nephew in Madrid on Monday.. Have a pleasant evening and a very good night sleep.. Sending smiles hugs and love ❤️

    "Check your progress by taking another photo of your plate"

    May 17, 2018 at 2:45 UTC via Mobile Web
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    Good morning my dear DC friends!!.. Yesterday was a very challenging day.. In the morning around 9:30am I went with my friend Ines to the grocery store to buy some veggies and other things.. when I was ready to pay I realized my debit card was in another purse, I told my friend and she said “I’ll pay”... Her card didn’t go through and she insisted she had money in her account.. Then we realized it was a bank holiday, so the money that was transferred to her account last Friday wasn’t clear yet.. now what we can do?.. I called my BIL and thanks God he still was at home and asked him if he could bring me my debit card.. The grocery store is 5’ to 6’ away.. Finally after more than 2 1/2 hours we got home. It was noon time and none of us had lunch ready... She cooked and made minestrone but we ended up having lunch almost at 3:00pm.. In the other hand, my flu is almost gone.. thanks to all of you for asking.. In the evening I was exhausted and forgot about yesterday’s challenge.. I did it at 1:30am.. I glad it’s Tuesday today...
    Thank you so much to my sweet Angels Joanne P., Rita H., and Sue P...
    DONE!!.. I’ll make a salad dressing with olive oil, lemon and garlic.. it’s very tasty and healthy..
    Have a wonderful, joyful, and blessed day.. Sending smiles hugs and love ❤️

    "Dress up nonstarchy vegetables with a low-fat topping at 1 meal today"

    May 15, 2018 at 12:28 UTC
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