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From sunny South Africa. My mission in life is to help others enjoy the life they're supposed to, in a healthy, pain-free body, with mental clarity & emotional wellbeing.

Divine guidance,family & friends are important to me. I love animals, nature & appreciate simple things.

Neuromuscular Integration Practitioner; Yoga teacher; Sport Massage; Hypnotherapy; Lindwall Releasing; Reflexologist; Healing Mandalas; Attracting Soulmate Workshop Facilitator; Writer - in progress! I LOVE LIFE.
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    Dale R. is taking time away from Daily Challenge and will be back on February 27, 2018.

    Hi all, Sorry I won't be back tomorrow, need another week away. The occipital neuralgia has been very painful & I've had to put so much on hold. I'm a lot better, but now need to catch up on chores which need attention. I'll definitely connect with you all next week. We've had some lovely rain. Sending hugs & many blessings your way ~*♥*~

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    ~♥ An Irish blessing from South Africa for all my friends today ♥~ The sunrays welcomed me to the day, but the clouds are gathering & we may get rain. I feel blessed as we had some gentle rain again last night & the flower beds are damp & plants look refreshed & happy ~ I pray for this to continue daily, to break the drought & especially in the Cape, where is it critical. I’ve been doing a ‘Rain meditation’ for relaxation at the end of our yoga classes this week. The garden is filled with baby lizards the past month & I so enjoy watching them lazing in the sun & then dashing for cover as one approaches.

    Last month I got my garage spring cleaned & did my filing, except for the work papers (which are plentiful). I need to do my kitchen cupboards next, but have a busy week next week with a few massages booked already, so I’m hoping I’ll still have a gap somewhere to do it.
    My brisk walk was done early & I have 2 yoga classes this eve, so I’ll do a few chores inbetween & take an extended lunch break, as my neck needs it. As soon as I spend too much time on the laptop, my neck screams at me that night & the next day, so I’ll be taking a break again & listen to what my body needs.

    I’ll nibble on carrots for fiber for today’s challenge. Tomorrow I travel across town to see Dad for lunch & teach yoga, Saturday morning I’m working & Sunday morning joining a friend for her birthday celebration breakfast at a rooftop Fleamarket eatery.

    Thank you to E angels ~~**♥♥ Kristina, Alison, Leah ♥♥**~~ who left thoughtful messages in my Inbox to brighten my day☺☺

    Sending sunny smiles☺☺ & wishing you a day & week filled with an abundance of blessings ~*♥*~

    "Eat 1 snack with fiber today, such as fruit, raw vegetables, or whole grain crackers"

    February 8, 2018 at 10:24 UTC
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    Balance is something we create. I was talking to my students in Yoga class today about this, not only in the physical but in all areas. Life’s busyness can run our lives if we don’t take control & bring balance into it. We don’t always need to be getting stuff done, it’s perfectly okay & necessary to sometimes shut down, put our feet up & do nothing. When all areas of our lives are in balance, we have peace & harmony. Let’s do our best to bring more balance in, where it’s needed.

    Easy balance exercise, did something more difficult in yoga☺

    My new client was happy this morning & I see her Saturday & again once next week. She stays at the coast, so will make a time to come up here for 4 – 5 weeks so that she can do 10 sessions of body re-alignment with me.

    I fetch my grandsons soon & watch Kai doing karate☺♥

    Thank you sweet E angels for your messages ~~**♥♥ Rushley, Irene R, Susan & Kristina ♥♥**~~

    Wishing you a well-balanced day. It’s the key to a harmonious life ~♥♥☺♥♥~

    "Stand, shift your weight to the right and lift your left leg for 30 seconds, then switch sides"

    February 7, 2018 at 11:43 UTC
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    Hi from a hot sunny SA. I'm thinking ..... I'm happy to hear from all my DC friends, what a blessings to be connected to you.
    Although I've been struggling with neck pain (damage from 5 whiplashes) & a sinus infection, causing a blockage in my ear's eustacian tube & very painful neuralgia in my head & face, I have some relief after seeing the Doc yesterday & finally getting correct meds.

    Last week Tuesday my daughter celebrated her birthday whilst holidaying in Vietnam & she shared many interesting pics. My son's birthday was yesterday & on Saturday I prepared Thai chicken curry with rice & veg, carrot salad & delish dessert for a celebration meal, after massaging a client in the morning & looking after the 2 boys ~ I also helped them each make a card for their Dad, after we played in the splash pool, so I had a lot of juggling to do to get all done in time. The table looked lovely, with my special bright blue cloth, flowers, pretty glasses, dinner plate & a candle that changes color.

    I have a client due for a 2 & half hour massage shortly, so I'll check posts later.

    Guidelines for eye exam read, but I do check mine when needed, so done☺

    Thank you E angel ~*♥ Irene R ♥*~ for your message of encouragement☺♥

    Wishing you a terrific Tuesday & may you think happy thoughts ☺☺♥♥

    "Read guidelines for when to have an eye exam"

    February 6, 2018 at 11:30 UTC
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    Dale R. has come back from her break.
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    Dale R. is celebrating an anniversary of Daily Challenge! January 22, 2018 at 8:46 UTC
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    Dale R. is taking time away from Daily Challenge and will be back on February 6, 2018.

    Hi precious friends. I got water in my ear playing in pool with grandsons last weekend & had earache for a week ~ I've been treating it with colloidal silver drops & it's almost clear. However, my neck (from 5 whiplashes over time), has been extremely painful & sitting at the laptop makes it worse. Finally I have an appointment with the physio this afternoon, so I'll give myself another week to heal properly. Meantime take care & be happy ~~♥☺♥~~

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    I’m a huge tree fan and was drawn to post this interesting info on trees for you today.

    Now for the rebel in me ~ I won’t be measuring my oil DC as requested, as I’m mindful of how ‘little’ I use. I only use extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil, and I do add water on the odd occasion that I fry, instead of more oil, always done!

    It was great seeing my grandsons yesterday, the little one interacting more now at 4 yrs old. My son cooked a delicious roast. He is adamant that he does not want to visit Australia or think about leaving SA, even after seeing my photos. So, that door seems to be closed. My brisk walk done, I’m meeting a Swiss friend, Dolores, for coffee next to the veggie shop, where I’ll stock up, as I’m depleted. It’s about half hour from my home & the recycling is also in that area, so 3 things ticked off on my list. I teach 2 yoga classes tonight & looking forward to welcoming 2 new ladies.

    Please forgive me in advance …. I suppose you’re wondering what for…… I know I’ve had a whole month away from DC & I’ve enjoyed connecting again, but I need about a week off as I want to tackle loads of filing since my move 2 years ago (I only sorted the 2 existing lever arch files other day), I also want to unpack & sort kitchen cupboards & sort my garage out ~ a big job to unpack the cupboards & shelves, and sort, declutter & repack.

    Thank you sweet ~~**♥♥ E angel Leah ♥♥**~~ for your most beautiful personal message & quote, which touched my heart in a special way. I appreciate you & your friendship.

    Thank you special friends for ‘feeding my roots’ through the ‘World Wide Web’ & may we continue to be a distant but loving, caring & sharing family for each other ~♥♥☺☺♥♥~

    "Plan to measure oil before you add it to the pan or your food"

    January 18, 2018 at 8:17 UTC
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    Ok DC ~ my activity goal for the next 3 days ~ I brisk walk nearly every day & teach yoga 5 times a week, so I have this covered, but I’ll add something ….. Greet the day by standing on the grass, open arms wide & feel the earth energy beneath my feet, the wind in my hair & draw in the warmth from the sun & peace from the sky, taking in deep, easy breaths.

    After my grandsons have had a swim, I tell them to lie on the ground & let the sun kiss their body to make them warm. When there’s no sun, I tell them to let the earth kiss their body instead, as it holds the sun’s warmth for awhile.

    Yoga class was good this morning & I fetch my grandsons later & take Kai to karate & show family the photos from my holiday on my laptop☺♥

    Thank you all for visiting my posts with smiles & personal messages.
    Thank you sweet E angel ~~**♥♥ Helen ♥♥**~~ for your message this morning & yes you were right☺

    Wonderful Wednesday wishes & allow your feet to experience the grass/earth and the wind & sun to kiss your skin ~~~☺♥

    "Write down 1 physical activity goal for the next 3 days, like taking a walk or joining a class"

    January 17, 2018 at 9:15 UTC
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