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From sunny South Africa. My mission in life is to help others enjoy the life they're supposed to, in a healthy, pain-free body, with mental clarity & emotional wellbeing.

Divine guidance,family & friends are important to me. I love animals, nature & appreciate simple things.

Neuromuscular Integration Practitioner; Yoga teacher; Sport Massage; Hypnotherapy; Lindwall Releasing; Reflexologist; Healing Mandalas; Attracting Soulmate Workshop Facilitator; Writer - in progress! I LOVE LIFE.
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    Dale R. is taking time away from Daily Challenge and will be back on December 31, 2017.

    Globe trotting in Sydney until 31 Dec. Will miss you all, but I know my days will be filled with special moments & memories to treasure ☺♥

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    Early morning yoga was great, a lovely breeze blowing into the studio & birds singing outside in the trees. I’m off to the hairdresser shortly & to massage my physio who is pregnant & baby due in 7–10 days’ time. I’ll have a short gap of 45 mins for a small chore, before fetching grandsons.

    I eat when I’m hungry & drink when I’m thirsty, challenge done.

    Thank you my ever faithful E angel ~~**♥♥ Helen ♥♥**~~ for your consistent encouragement, & Kristina has just popped me a message too ~I appreciate your thoughtfulness☺♥

    Dad & I fly to Sydney Friday for a month, so I’m off DC after today. I’m over the moon excited to see my precious daughter♥♥♥
    I may connect one day only whilst away. I wish you a blessed & joy-filled festive season & may 2018 be filled with happy memories to treasure☺♥

    ♥♥~ May the love & beauty you give out, echo back to you ~♥♥

    "Recall what was happening the last time you ate when you weren't hungry"

    November 29, 2017 at 8:55 UTC
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    I chose this quote as it relates to an issue my niece was going thru ~ almost an altercation with owner of a coffee shop who rented space to vendors on Saturday (my niece being a vendor). It rained & boxes got damaged. My niece thought the owner should have been responsible for providing covering as rain was predicted & the owner thought it was not her duty. I explained that in situations like this, everyone has their own perspective (the way we see it) & it’s often very different. When we try to see the other person’s ‘view’ besides our own, it reduces stress & pointing fingers.

    YAY after 4 & half weeks of emails, I have secured a wheelchair for Dad at the airports ~ we fly on Friday☺ I still have many things to attend to, but the list is shortening.

    Rain, beautiful rain (on & off) has graced our suburbs the past 3 days & drenched the soil nicely ~ it was so parched. I’m grateful for sunshine today so that the washing could dry. I brisk walked & took an elderly friend for coffee this morning & teach yoga later.

    When I was younger & for many years I suffered from depression & know the signs & symptoms very well. Thankfully I got myself off the meds & worked on facing issues head on & dealing with ‘stuff’. It has been a life saver☺

    I have a beautiful shower of E’s today, thank you sweet E angels ~~**♥♥ Helen, Meezan, Irene R, Rita H & Barbara ♥♥**~~

    Wishing you Freedom at not taking things personally ☺♥

    "Read about signs and symptoms of depression"

    November 28, 2017 at 13:33 UTC
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    Dale R. has come back from her break.
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    Dale R. is taking time away from Daily Challenge and will be back on November 28, 2017.

    I'm taking a break to get on top of preparation for being away all of December I'll check in with all of you on Wednesday & Thursday before I fly out. eHugs ☺♥

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    Kiran’s eye op went well☺♥ He was quite bubbly later & had the thumbs up at his post op check this morning.☺ It needs time to settle before me know final results.

    All the super stores in the surrounding area ran out of 5 litre bottles of water. After trying many shops I eventually bought the last few on a shelf in a store half an hour away o, 3 offramps on the hiway away from home, so that my son & I would be stocked up. Due to lack of water causing delays, my biz contact & his son only arrived at 9.30pm for our meeting, which was successfully concluded by 11.30pm.

    Yay, water came on at 8am this morning☺☺ My brisk walk was done early, a short meeting complete & the rest of the day I’ll sort out holiday stuff & chores, before yoga.

    The word I choose for how I’d like my day to go is “smooth-flowing”.

    Thank you sweet E angel ~~**♥♥ Helen ♥♥**~~ for sending an encouraging message my way☺♥

    I’ll be off DC until Tuesday next week, then on for 2 days before I fly to Sydney. Thank you for your friendship, caring, uplifting messages, smiles & being an important part of my life. I feel truly blessed to be in contact with you all on DC.

    Wishing you a smooth-flowing day, with a kind word received or given☺♥♥

    "Write down 1 word that describes what you want your day to be like"

    November 23, 2017 at 9:39 UTC
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    I took my after midnight dip in the pool & may have to do the same again tonight, as there's still no water in many areas. They're working on a burst pipe 40 metres under a concrete slab & in a wasteland!!!

    Early morning yoga class was good & I have a client due now, then will fetch my older grandson. The little on is having an op on his eye which is squint.

    This poster quote is very appropriate. Yesterday I encouraged the guy at the furniture upholstery shop to introduce brighter colors when painting & restoring. Last night I sent him pictures. He's just sent me his first try out cupboard in a dusty pink ~ it looks stunning & he wants me to pop across & see it ~ he's very excited. This could open a whole new market for him & his partner☺

    I've had some almonds as my plant'based protein snack.

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday & remember to do a little thing for someone else ☺♥♥

    "Eat 1 plant-based protein, such as black beans, whole grain bread, quinoa, oatmeal, or almonds"

    November 22, 2017 at 9:21 UTC
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    Good eve all, it's 10pm here, I'm VERY late!! Talking about late, Friday eve I went to a friend across town after yoga for dinner & do a biz deal with her & got home FIVE minutes before my car would turn into a pumpkin☺☺

    An extremely hot day, so I walked early, massaged a client, fetched my rocker from the 'hot' guy, which has been beautifully covered, did chores, yoga & promised I'd send specific furniture pics from online.

    When I returned at 5pm, there was no water & there still is none. Now here's the thing ..... I have 2 choices ..... go to bed all sweaty or catch a dip in the pool & sleep with chemicals on my skin..... think I'm going to go for the latter. I wonder what you'd vote for??

    YAY YAY YAY Dad's Australian Visa has been approved for us to fly off next Friday ☺☺☺

    I don't get impatient in a queue, so this doesn't apply to me.

    Thank you for the shower of E's beautiful angels ~~**♥♥ Vanetta, Rita H, Meezan, Susan, Kim J, Betty, Latifah, Joy, Sandra & Rhae ♥♥**~~

    Terrific Tuesday wishes & adopt the secret pace of nature ~ patience ☺♥

    "Plan to take 3 deep breaths and stay patient the next time you are stuck waiting in a long line"

    November 21, 2017 at 20:07 UTC
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    Welcoming my DC friends with an unconventional poster today - it brought a smile to my face, I hope it does for you. On the subject of hair ... I use a hair color called Bigen from Japan (the Chinese version is fake) which doesn't contain peroxide. However, it is unavailable in SA now ~ sigh! Luckily I have enough for this month's treatment, so I need to find a new product in 2018.

    Grandsons had fun in the pool with foam water guns on Saturday.... oops I'm not supposed to call them guns (they are not allowed toy guns), I meant water launches☺☺ Loads of water landed outside the pool, resulting it needing filling, but was worth the fun & cooling in this extreme heat!

    Brisk walk done early & loads of internet & mobile apps to sort out. Still waiting for Dad's Visa approval !!

    This is a nice easy stretch, which we sometimes do lying on our backs in yoga.

    Thank you for encouraging messages E angels ~~**♥♥ Alison, Athena, Irene R & Rita H ♥♥**~~

    Wishing you a marvelous Monday & a good hair day ☺♥

    "Sit and bring your right knee to your chest, pull it closer to you, and hold for a count of 20"

    November 20, 2017 at 14:47 UTC
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