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From sunny South Africa. My mission in life is to help others enjoy the life they're supposed to, in a healthy, pain-free body, with mental clarity & emotional wellbeing.

Divine guidance,family & friends are important to me. I love animals, nature & appreciate simple things.

Neuromuscular Integration Practitioner; Yoga teacher; Sport Massage; Hypnotherapy; Lindwall Releasing; Reflexologist; Healing Mandalas; Attracting Soulmate Workshop Facilitator; Writer - in progress! I LOVE LIFE.
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    Dale R. is taking time away from Daily Challenge and will be back on September 9, 2016.

    I'm taking a break as my daughter is emigrating in 3 weeks time & she's my priority.

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    I used to take zip lock bag s with nuts, but I can't eat nuts now & don't really need snacks. I sometimes mix up &take my vitamin C with if I haven't taken it before I leave home.

    It was Dad's 89th birthday yesterday. My sister & I catered for 18 family members & it was rather special. My daughter emigrates in 2 & half weeks time & I now have my focus entirely on her & also her farewell celebration, so I'm going to go off DC again until September. I've missed you all & news here, but will catch up in 3 weeks time.

    "Name 1 item in your kitchen that helps you eat healthy snacks or meals away from home"

    August 11, 2016 at 20:10 UTC
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    Dale R. has come back from her break.
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    Dale R. is taking time away from Daily Challenge and will be back on August 11, 2016.

    I'm taking a break

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    Thank you for birthday wishes for yesterday. I had a fairly good sleep & got up late this morning so am feeling more rejuvenated. I normally sleep on my sides but have taken to trying to sleep on my back lately, to improve posture. It's very seldom I go to sleep & don't turn during the night, so having an extra pillow would be a nuisance. I have done this though at times when I've found it necessary because of extreme pain.

    My son's wife is on biz overseas & his 2 boys are ill - the little one kept him awake all night, so I'll be going across later to babysit so that he get out to do shopping, then we can organise them for bedtime together.

    Because of my eye problem, I'll be going off DC again, but will be back with you soon to check in how you're all doing. In the meantime may this beautiful rose picture bring you a sense of peace & love. If you close your eyes & let your imagination flow, you will even smell it's fragrance.

    Wishing you a blessed Sunday.

    "Improve your posture while you sleep with an extra pillow or folded blanket"

    July 10, 2016 at 12:11 UTC
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    Our eyes are windows to the soul. Yes, they are precious. There is a family history of blindness & weak eyes & this is one of the reasons I keep going off DC - I have to limit my time on the internet because of my eyes & also my heart, which starts racing if I use wifi too much.

    My 2 yr old grandson wore glasses at 11 months as he is squint. He kept pulling them off the first day, the second day he kept them on, as he realised he could see better with them on - amazing how quick little ones learn & adjust.

    It was my birthday today & I celebrated from midday until 5.30pm with about 18 people - mostly friends & my Dad, sister & niece. What special people I have in my life - I feel so blessed. It was a perfect winter day, warm & sunny & we sat outside in the garden, surrounded by my newly painted salmon-coloured walls. My neighbour baked a rainbow birthday cake for me - it was rather special. She also made sandwiches & a lemon meringue. In exchange for massage therapies I did for my other neighbour she made some delish eats too.

    My Dad sanded & repainted an old 'tram bench' he had for a60 years & gave it to me for my garden - it is SO special & he made the most beautiful story in verse form about it for me, something I'll treasure forever.

    I'm exhausted, so off to bed now & taken 2 painkillers, which hopefully will allow me some sleep from my painful neck (from concussion/whiplash a few weeks back).

    Wishing you all a blessed Saturday evening.

    "Read about how to keep your eyes safe around the house"

    July 9, 2016 at 21:04 UTC
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    I use almonds in y smoothie every morning & take Omega3 every evening. I buy avocados every week when they're in season, so this is covered.

    It's my birthday tomorrow, so I've had lots of prep - expecting about 21 for snacks/tea/coffee/cake from noon to 5pm. I always enjoy celebrating with family & close friends.

    My nose is still totally blocked even though I saw the doc today & got sterimar - I hope it kicks in tonight so that I get a much needed sleep.

    Wishing you all a fabulous Friday.

    "Add 1 food with healthy unsaturated fat to your shopping list, such as avocado, salmon, or nuts"

    July 8, 2016 at 20:27 UTC
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    Hi all, I've missed you, but I've been far too busy with my home still. I've had a few 'mishaps' & landed in casualty twice the past month & once the previous month. I had concussion from a hotpot which fell off the top shelf onto my head, causing extreme pain & partial paralysis on the opposite side of my head/face for 2 days. CT brain scan was clear. It caused whiplash & resurrected an old neck injury - pain & stress have escalated my BP again - struggling to keep it down & don't want to go back onto meds. So one of the 3 interests is to source info & put into practice all I can to bring my BP down.

    I've taken a beautiful Kapok tree out next to the splash pool - it was too large & starting to encroach on both walls & although gifted me with unbelievable beautiful flowers, the constant cleaning of leaves, sticks, berries, flowers has had to make way for paving & seating. I'll plant other suitable trees/shrubs. So my next interest is to pave, put up a shading & built-in seats - plenty of learning to do, but it will enhance my home. I've just had the walls in the backyard around the pool area painted a bright 'salmon' colour - it's stunning.

    Wishing you all a blessed Thursday.

    "Make a list of 3 things you don't know about a topic that interests you"

    July 7, 2016 at 20:04 UTC
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