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Hi, I'm an artist, born in Colorado, live in the tip top of Texas , ranch raised, lover of mountains & sunsets, critters & quiet moments, open spaces & the smell of horse hair. I am tickled to have found this site & hope this will add to my path of taking better care of self. :-) My hubby hands me smiles to my heart, my 2 kids bring me amazement & my grand kids are truly delights to my soul. I paint, sculpt and have my own gallery. My friends are the colors in my life. I feel blessed.
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    Cherine K. is taking time away from Daily Challenge and will be back on May 27, 2015.

    all this rain and so much to do… I'm taking off again.. back Wed.. maybe will have time to take a break and enjoy the morning by then… hugs all!

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    ohhhh major thank you!!! to Patti, Vicki & Vickie.. not too sure I might've just told this computer g'bye tonight… but there were three nudges of sweet E's from ya'll and by-golly.. I will do these! ..

    there.. all done, and feels good.. shoulders achy, a long day again.. rain falls now and thunder just hit the deep notes.. big clouds going across.. I'm getting off ere.. just too much lightning and it could take my computer note away.. love and hugs and thaknkssss!!!!!! May 22, 2015 at 6:30 UTC

    "Release tension in your whole body with 3 overhead stretches"

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    Cymry, Wanda & Patti.. many thank you's for the sweet nudges to get me motivated to do my dc this evening! I will do this.. need it after walking up & down those stairs again! Loosen up these ol' joints and tendons. :-) DC done.. in couple minutes! promise!
    Another day of pack my car..move it south.. unpack.. smile and run.. along with trip to check colors on some giclee's at the printers..
    Chilly here! 44 degrees this morning and high of 54.. we beat the record of a low-high temp since 1900!! Rain again tomorrow, and on into the week-end. What a spring!
    and I am so tired.. so am off here for now.. will check in in the morning.. hope ya'll have a great night!
    Thank you again lovely ladies for the most welcomed nudges!!! May 21, 2015 at 4:01 UTC

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    Vicki, thank you so much for the sweet nudge to get this done today!!
    How do I manage a bad mood??
    Well.. I kick it in the back-pockets and tell it to get lost!, take a hike, jump in a lake.. go fly a kite.. hit the road jack..and don't'cha come back no more, no more, don't cha' come back no more!!

    Then I eat a dark chocolate, paint, doodle, pet my Trudie pup, walk to the horse pens and smell a little miniature horse.. pet on my big dog, Chili.. look at art books.. or… maybe I might even stomp and just let it out!
    Then shake it off and turn music on and dance around the house!!

    mental note… get music to new home!

    Now, we are slowly, ever so slowly, moving a little at a time to new home.. the septic guy's money is in escrow.. title comp will not pay him till he completes the job of new tank added.. and we sign it off.. but it will be a few weeks before he can get to it.. and all this rain is sure saturating the septic fields.. we limit all use of water there for now.. but it's working.. all will be fine.. yep.. it will…

    Love this new home more & more… and.. I know I've lost a couple pounds and my legs are in better shape! I have walked up--down those stairs at least a dozen plus times each day as move art boxes up there.. .. a good thing.. I needed that! Can not move into shop until find someone to blow that insulation in and put batting..then a loft.. that is on my list today.. search bids from insulation guys..

    Oh.. and this past week-end.. had a fabulous worship with cool artist from back east.. he's from PA.. but has studio in France and Itally too.. lots of positive feed-back.. he thinks I should work on more paintings of larger size… like 4-to -6 foot... and do more of my whimsicals from my imagination..
    He told me.. "You paint with bold strokes. I'ld love to see how you handle big canvas, work on bigger pieces and paint 3--5 at a time.. move from one to the other even if only one stroke to one then back to another.."
    funny.. I already do that but had gotten away from my wild colors and hadn't painted larger for a couple months.. so.. sweet words for validation from neat major artist! if anyone wants.. you can look up his work at Chuck Olsen artist… and I bet will find him. not bad eye candy either… whoops.. I didn't say that! haha..

    .. yep.. loved the workshop and didn't realize I needed all that energy right now.. I almost tried to get out of it.. so glad I stayed in it!!! a bunch of really good artists were in it.. the guy who teaches college art.. the owner of the whole mall complex .. a couple other teachers in pop and abstract art.. a couple who paint the traditional landscapes… and I took my imagination and painted wild ponies and then worked on larger coyote whimsical.. jumping throughout hoops..

    thank you Cymry & Wanda for that.. I am working on a whole series of these coyote/fox/dog looking whimsicals jumping through hoops.. wild colors.. a great return to my fun side..
    all because a couple weeks ago.. you, Cymry.. and Wanda too, maybe someone else even..ya'll have been great with your encouragements as we went through getting this home and .. folks said something like… "You are jumping through hoops to get this new home"
    and those words stayed with me.. and now.. a new series is born! I'll paint a whole show worth.. might even make them the main theme of whole year.. haha… will get one posted soon. still working on the finer details now..
    now… gotta find insulation companies and get some bids…. hugs to all!!!! May 19, 2015 at 17:09 UTC

    "Share 1 way you manage a bad mood"

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    Cherine K. has come back from her break.
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    Cherine K. is taking time away from Daily Challenge and will be back on May 19, 2015.

    I'll miss ya'll… but have art workshop and super busy right now… please keep the light on for me!!!! I'll try to bring chocolate back with me, for ya'll!!! hugs!

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    Glenda, Norma, Patti & Wanda!!! ohhh ya'll are so good to me! thank you bunches for the sweet nudges! and yes.. I have my water handy!! haha… I need that reminder often, but am getting pretty good about drinking my water. thanks!! And I will list two memorable things from my last trip.. Hugged my daughter.. hugged several gals from Minnasota who were at the show.. and got hugs back.. a real sweet horse-show reunion! Also snapped photos and sketched some for ideas to paint.. oh.. lots of memorable times! now.. I am dragging!! took another small load of goodies to new home.. hung paintings, cut mats/liners for the drawers.. and walked up and down those steps I bet a dozen times.. my legs feel it now! This will be a good move for my health! haha

    hugs to all… art workshop next couple days.. so I'm taking off… see ya'll early next week! behave and don't be drinking all that wine with-out me!! haha a..hugs to all! May 16, 2015 at 4:04 UTC

    "Recall a trip you took with a friend or family member, and list 2 things that made it memorable"

    • Glenda P.
    • Patti C.
      Patti C. replied May 16, 2015 at 4:25 UTC:

      I knew you would have plenty of memorable moments, Cherine. I love that one is hugging your daughter!
      I so wish I could be there to help you. I know you will be trying to a dozen things all at once. Don't forget to take some breaks. It was hot out here today, but I was out ...see more

    • Cymry R.
      Cymry R. replied May 16, 2015 at 4:27 UTC:

      A mighty fine picture right here. That is your daughter, I'm sure, what a fantastic picture! What fun she must have. I am a dunce... did you say there were other mules? If not, a trend setter too! Way too fun!
      Be well, Have fun! See you soon!

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