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Hi, I'm an artist, born in Colorado, live in the tip top of Texas , ranch raised, lover of mountains & sunsets, critters & quiet moments, open spaces & the smell of horse hair. I am tickled to have found this site & hope this will add to my path of taking better care of self. :-) My hubby hands me smiles to my heart, my 2 kids bring me amazement & my grand kids are truly delights to my soul. I paint, sculpt and have my own gallery. My friends are the colors in my life. I feel blessed.
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    Cherine K. is taking time away from Daily Challenge and will be back on November 2, 2015.

    Heading out, hope to learn how to use my ph. on FB.. so maybe I can catch-up with a few of ya'll once in awhile if can find wifi... hugs to all!! Kiwiland here we come! :-) I'll be on those two small islands.. where the sun comes up 1st.. and it's already tomorrow there right now! yeaaaa... am excited..and can hardly wait to get my watercolors out there! not to mention go sight-seeing.. and eat new yummy food… meet new folks who talk weird and drive on wrong side of road.. oh yes, looking forward to this! :-) hugs to ya'll!

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      Kathryn T. and others posted 2 replies.
    • Barbara H.
      Barbara H. replied October 3, 2015 at 7:02 UTC:

      Oh my gosh! You are going to New Zealand! Congratulations on the awards you won at the art show. You are a wonder! Enjoy your amazing around the world trip! And thanks for your encouragement again today.

    • Vicki F.
      Vicki F. replied October 3, 2015 at 13:58 UTC:

      Hey Sweetie. Your BUSY, BUSY, BUSY has partied off. I'M VERY PROUD OF YOU, MY FAVORITE SPECIAL ARTIST . I know you two are going to have a fabulous time. We need lots of pictures were we can enjoy New Zealand too! I LOVE YOU!!

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    ohmygosh… of course.. after 3 cups of coffee and here I sit.. still trying to get things done on computer in one sitting and the 'get-rid-of-coffee' urges scream at me.. of course I can do these sit on edge of chair and squeeze knees together! hahaha.. heehee.. dc done!

    and now I am gong to sign off for our trip, just too much to have my little p-brain wrapped around, so will turn loose of this page, will keep ya'll with me in my thoughts and warm wishes.. just letting the dc go awhile…I will try to catch everyone through the day maybe.. and sign off tonight..
    art walk.. not sure I will make it, hope for a couple hours,. one lady wants that horse with gal untangling tail.. and.. I did find out.. She wears Braids.. was awarded 3rd at the show and both the other ones that I added at last minute, Miss Ivy & the Santa.. were award honorables.. the lady who stood with him while he judged told me he really likes my 'style of painting.. I can hardly believe he added those other two to his honorables.. up to 5 at judges discretion and size of show. he gave out all 5. it's a pretty show with lots good, fun, talented artists. .. and all awards receive checks at this show.. so really nice. 's, happy tickled I be! Will have a nice check to turn into art supplies after return! yippee.. Plans to enter "..Braids" in another show or two..

    Realestate guy was happy with his paintings,, looks like it's a party at his office.. I always wrap and put pretty bows around each painting, leaving the painting to show through a clear sleeve. so now he has 7 there.. that haven't closed yet. gadszooooks, I was so relived to get those to his hands and off my shoulders! … tags for car..done, hair trim,,done.. post-office on hold.. business taken care off at couple places.. now oil today and taxes..then hope to get Miss Trudie to my daughter but that long drive may have to wait till tomorrow.. will see how this fine day turns its pages for me..

    and now, I find the edge of my seat is closer and my knees are squeezed,, guess time to run.. haha.. hugs all, and Happy Friday! oh, I did learn how to get to FB on my phone, so maybe I can get on it once in while wile on trip and check in.. wheeee… this ol' lady can learn a new trick! now..gottagogottagoooo….. smiles everyone and love!!!

    "Sit on the edge of a chair, squeeze your knees together, and release 10 times"

    October 2, 2015 at 15:33 UTC
    • Joan D.
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      Joan D. and others posted 11 replies.
    • Debbie H.
      Debbie H. replied October 3, 2015 at 1:20 UTC:

      Love to you Cherine! Thanks for the sweet encouragement today! Oh so true! Drinkin' lots of coffee......makes this a natural! You've sure got a lot going on, my dear! Enjoy yourselves on that trip of yours! Coming back when? Know you'll be missed! ;)

    • Norma C.
      Norma C. replied October 3, 2015 at 3:17 UTC:

      Congrats on your awards Cherine ......that's quite an accomplishment......I'm so happy for you. And thanks so much for the delightful E you sent this morning......,I loved receiving it......brightened my day, it did !'re gonna be very busy in the next few days......I ...see more

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    This tells me to wash clothes in cold water.. then when I got here.. it says.. how do I lower my energy bill… well.. for the cold wash.. only if I have clothes that might shrink.. rare!! rare!! Cool clear water… it;s that a Johnny Horton oldie?? Cooool clleeeeaaar water…. oh my, now that song will be in my brain.. maybe I'll go wash face with cold water… haha..
    Now for lowering my bill in way I choose.. I open windows a lot or opt to run up and down these stairs instead of adding one of those stair cars… there! how's that.. bet I save a lot there! hahahahaah… until I'm a little older…. now, gotta run, am on last home painting and they have all survived.. with-in an hr or two of delivery… then can get my brain where it needs to be on this trip and getting my car tags before they expire and getting pups where they are staying.. will take Miss Trudie to my daughter in CO.. a 6 hr drive up-back.. what can I do while drive.. oh me oh my.. she would drive further but I told her absolutely not with that sling on shoulder!! so she;s meeting me in her tiny town, still an hr saver for me.. gotta run, hugs all!!!! chug chug I think I can I think I can…..

    "Leave yourself a reminder to wash your next load of laundry in cold water"

    October 1, 2015 at 14:49 UTC
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    Carolyn! thanks for the nudge and smile about my 'colors' haha.. thank you. dc done, I have little dark near purple tomatoes, little reddish green ones and tiny dark reds.. also, a red pepper in frig, but I think I'll add some chipole cheese, yellows, white-creams, green pepper & red.. to my salad or maybe sandwich later,, that will be a lot of colors, with lettuce and whole grain crunchy nut bread.. yep, color covered!

    The new pic is the little mare I'd been working on for the show..night and into yesterday only worked on her, no houses.. got her finished by framer by 4 and entered in show by 5.. ahhhh already see a couple things that need worked on, that's the problem with framing them too soon.. really need to leave a painting out to look at a couple weeks & make the little tweaks.. but, I'm happy enough, so on to those last houses now, nothing I can do about making changes anyway, will need to wait till back from trip and show over.. then I can take her out and fix what I think needs fixing.. haha.. such is life. hugs everyone… I need to scoot upstairs and get back to that house that is drying.. paint on paper.. ahhh smiles in my heart.. I love what I do…

    "Add 1 more color to your plate at a snack or meal today"

    September 30, 2015 at 14:46 UTC
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    Kathryn, Vicki, & Glenda.. ya'll sent me smiles & I'm wearing them right now! thanks for the sweet E's! And this dc is already done.. two baths down stairs, one up.. art room up and on sunroom area of down.. oh yes.. this dc is done.. ohh but after I bring the vac from town studio… in a few months.. it will go upstairs so I will not need to haul my good one up & down. dc done!
    Well, no homes painted today, so will need to paint 3 in next couple days.. I can manage that one.. but.. I did get the painting done for the watercolor show! I bet it was still damp when my framer framed it.. haha.. not really, watercolor dries quick around here.. and it's been dry.. but I did actually add a little paint to it at the counter.. while he was working on someone else's order.. just a touch.. but I always carry a tiny watercolor thingie with me and a brush..just in case.. and I used it to darken a couple areas touching border.. after I see it again in a month.. I know there will be something else I want to change.. but it had to be framed and entered to the show.. so, no time to ponder.. ohwell, all is good.
    The little filly, in real life, that I painted was waiting at the ranch horse show my daughter goes to in KS.. she stood so pretty with her braids in the breeze.. so I finally got around to painting her..
    Gads.. time is getting close.. still a lot too do.. hopefully tomorrow will see a breaking point to the end of the tunnel! Now, to check on a few of ya'll… happy evening!!!

    "Put some extra cleaning supplies in another room of your home for quick clean-ups"

    September 30, 2015 at 4:13 UTC
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    How do my hands feel.. well.. usually with their fingers of course! ha.. but I did my DC.. and both those ring fingers are stubborn, but made the grade so dc done! I bet folks who play the piano can do this one easy! Wishes for a beautiful, after full harvest-moon-eclispe-day to everyone!! I nearly finished two more home portraits yesterday.. maybe another 40 min.. then will start another.. so much to do and I still need my coffee!! haha.. hugs all!

    "Hold your right hand flat and slowly lift each finger 1 at a time, and repeat with the left hand"

    September 28, 2015 at 14:32 UTC
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    • Cherine K.
      Cherine K. replied September 29, 2015 at 6:09 UTC:

      oh..and thank you all for such sweet words about my paintings. :-) makes my day a whole lot nicer! :-)

    • Barbara H.
      Barbara H. replied September 29, 2015 at 6:47 UTC:

      You know I played violin and cello growing up and wondering about what you wrote, I tried your challenge. I can do the challenge so easily -- without even thinking -- with my left hand, but had to put a bit of thought into it for my right (bow hand). Well, thank you for sending ...see more

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    Vicki, thanks forth sweet E! makes me smile as big as this ol' moon tonight! it is full! and has now hid behind Mother Earth's skirts! We just watched it go vanilla cool and now hubby is getting his tele out.. we had binocs to watch it hide.. anyway, beautifully while we stood on hill, listened to all the night sounds, soft breeze and watched this amazing planet give shadow birth to the moon.. will hurry and watch it re-turn to glow in few minutes but I wanted to get my dc done.. and,.. two things I like about my body.. my two eyes, that I see all these cool things with..! that's 2.. will add my long legs to get me up and down this hill.. dc done! now.. off and running… been painting all day and learning more about New Zealand.. research.. and paint.. and research.. and paint.. and grab camera and binoculars… and now.. running again.. :-) wheee… I hope everyone gets to see this wonderful globe of a moon tonight!

    "List 2 things you like about your body"

    September 28, 2015 at 2:29 UTC
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    Cherine K. is celebrating an anniversary of Daily Challenge! September 27, 2015 at 7:46 UTC

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