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Hi, I'm an artist, born in Colorado, live in the tip top of Texas , ranch raised, lover of mountains & sunsets, critters & quiet moments, open spaces & the smell of horse hair. I am tickled to have found this site & hope this will add to my path of taking better care of self. :-) My hubby hands me smiles to my heart, my 2 kids bring me amazement & my grand kids are truly delights to my soul. I paint, sculpt and have my own gallery. My friends are the colors in my life. I feel blessed.
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    Wanda, thanks bunches for your sweet nudges, much appreciation!
    I think your idea of the flour factory is great so let's ride our Icelandic ponies to the factory then wash our hands and sign up for a cooking class there!!

    1st though, my dc.. is done, I delivered the paintings shown here, (except the one with the moon and robed figures.. it stayed at home for now.. only took those with trees…well, one Christmas red ball.. and I needed to slow down and make sure all varnish was even, the wires and screws in wood secure for hanging, and that means I slow down and do it right.. dc done.

    And back to the King Arthur Flour Factory in Norwich, Vermont.. we will sign up for some cooking class, maybe stir up a bourbon-ginger-pecan pie or some scones.. they have a whole site for recipes! did you see that?? just is the scones it's everything from bacon-chive to strawberries and cream scones.. plus lots other goodies.. I will go back there to check those out! Get the coffee pot or hot tea brewing! let's go!!

    "Pledge to slow down during 1 activity, and focus on doing it carefully"

    November 25, 2015 at 6:17 UTC
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    Candace.. thank you for your thoughtfulness and nudge early today, much appreciation! Always so nice when someone sends these early, I try to get on if only a few min to get my E's out. :-)
    Now… 5 min to write down upcoming appoints/events for next week,, this is already done on my main calendar.. .. even before I get my new calendar, I tape my appoint cards for new year on back of my old calendar so I can get the new one ready after I get it.. :-) But just for dc I will double check! no telling what I might've missed. dc done!
    This old footbridge is in NZ.. hubby is on it.. I caught up with him.. no covered bridges did we see there..

    Wanda, we're off to the covered bridges of Vermont.. yep, I would love photos of some of those!! and Vermont has more covered bridges per square mile than any other state.., over 100 of them.. cool! The oldest still in operating service is The Great Eddy built in 1833! It's near Waitsfield which also has another old bridge, Pine Brook, built in 1855 and is structurally unaltered! They knew how to build things to last back then!
    Shall we drive our buggy over all we can find.. and wear mittens, warm big velvet hats, and our hand warmer pouch..oh great.. my brain just left me..what are those called.. those furry hand warmers.... I can see them! We will decorate the buggy with holly and berries and cheese, wine, hot cider.. all sorts of yummy snacks.. while we trot across..clippity clop, as many bridges as we can find today! and stop for photos!! How many folks saw or read book.. Bridges of Madison CO?
    Now, I'm finishing a few small paintings for an art show/sale for members only, need to deliver today or tomorrow.,. it will be tomorrow for me! adios.. and happy Monday!!

    "Spend 5 minutes writing down any appointments or events you have scheduled for the next week"

    November 23, 2015 at 19:08 UTC
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    • Bob F.
      Bob F. replied November 25, 2015 at 3:46 UTC:

      Yep, beautiful bridge and rushing water -- very nice. Do you ever slow down? I don't think you know how. You go girl.

    • Patti C.
      Patti C. replied November 25, 2015 at 5:23 UTC:

      You and Hubby had so much fun in NZ, girl!!!! I'm so happy for you and you made enough memories for a lifetime! I simply adore that pic of you on your post in front of the steps and the cave door!!! You saw some awesome sights and took a ton of cool pics!
      I have a lot going ...see more

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    Transform a dull part of my day.. by assigning a 'purpose' to a chore or task.. how odd is this.. most of my days are far from dull.. but I suppose I can pick.. cleaning off the stairs.. (which is why I put photo of me at Bilbo Baggins' home.. steps) yep, I will assign the propose of having clean stairway.. where the steps make a bend, about chest high.. I tend to slip canvas or art work in the slats so I can take them up later.. so, I'll clean the two art pieces off.. with propose of.. having a clean step free zone! there.. dc done, even is it is a silly dc.. I mean really, if I'm working on my art.. I'm not bored at all. oh well.. purpose of doing boring dishes.. to clean them..dahh.. what.. well, okay.. done..
    Now.. main thing tonight, giant thank you's and chocolate truffles of the best kind to my thoughtful encouragers.. Wanda, Vickie, Candace, Debbie, & Glenda..
    these nudges always give me a lift to my spirit.. :-)

    And Wanda..who else?? here we go, let's try St Albans, Vermont.. lots of maple trees for maple syrup! Those beautiful trunks need to be close to 10 inch diameter & around 40 yrs old, sap flows in the spring, best when temps freeze at night and warm in day.. 10-20 days of best flow is called a 'run'. Sap flows around 4--6 weeks, and 40--to 50 gal of sap to yield just one gal of maple syrup! No wonder that golden stuff costs gold! One tree yields around 1/3 to 1/2 gal sap from one tap.. and according to what I read, most good tree-syrup makers.. only tap one per tree.. and the next year will tap it far away from the last.. the tree can be tapped for a lifetime with out harming it.. I didn't ask the tree.. :0)

    Now, we will ride our horse drawn sleigh, tucked in our blankets and hot thermos ready.. and we'll be quiet and watch.. and enjoy the frosty star studded night as these trees stand around and look pretty in the winter night! Morning time, we can settle in one of the cafes and have pancakes with maple syrup from this past springs harvest! let's boogie! :-)

    "Transform a dull part of your day by assigning a purpose to 1 chore or task"

    November 23, 2015 at 3:38 UTC
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    Brenda, Karen, Candace.. thank you all for the kind nudges sent my way.. much appreciation! Brenda, thanks for letting me know the kind of flower those tall ones are.. :0) goodness the ice lighthouse is amazing on your post.. almost looks like a wedding cake! Candace & Karen, much appreciation and smiles!!
    oh, and I will combine vacuuming the stairs, to upstairs.. with, music! dc done.

    "Pledge to combine a task you aren't looking forward to completing with one you enjoy"

    November 22, 2015 at 0:13 UTC
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    Share a way I save time doing a chore or task.. well, this photo, I took in New Zealand, during our trip for hubby to give a presentation at a conference.. we combined trip, conference, sightseeing, and I snapped photos for my work, art.. to paint, to make cards, to keep in large photography for a show early next year.. nothing but NZ will be represented.. so, several different things all intertwined..
    in one trip.. and if that won't count.. well, just min.. I'll think of another way I save time..
    Okay, when I know that I'm going to spend the day working on acrylic whimsicals.. I get around 6 small canvases ready, all lined up, add gesso all over them, (a gooey stuff that seals the canvas better, even though it's a;already primed, I do it they way I want it.. to have texture to it.. then those all dry and I start painting my base color on all.. smear all with ,maybe pink or orange or who knows.. and by that time I'm generally "in the zone' for creating something and I just paint what ever comes out.. all 6 paintings will have a similar theme be it colors or subject or both.. and I've gotten more accomplished sinceI just took that 1st step of having them all ready to go.. there.. dc done! and I'm sticking to it!

    Wanda, we did super--great! yeahhhh thank you bunches! always love packing with you.. and thank you for the shared E's this week! :-)
    Also big thank you to Debbie.. yes, that's me with the mural. :-) to Glenda.. Thanks too!! and Candace!!
    now I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! I have 6 small long canvases ready to go, and my stuff all set out waiting for me... hope to get them well started this weekend! all will be trees! I think they are 4x12 size.. I think having all supplies ready and waiting is probably the biggest time saver for tomorrow..

    "Share 1 way that you save time doing a chore or task"

    November 21, 2015 at 5:08 UTC
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    Wanda F. completed a pact with Cherine K. and won 406 bonus points November 21, 2015 at 4:31 UTC
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    Candace, thanks so much for the kind E today.. it's always special to have someone think of me and send those. :-)
    I'm to think about what I will need before I leave the house tomorrow.. well.. if I leave home.. not sure I will as I have enough art supplies and am working on a few commissions right now.. time is getting close.. but, I will have my grocery list, my 'need to do' list ready, and my coat.. so dc done..
    Wanda, I hope you are feeling good today.. my coat and pony await your map! :-)

    Photo today is for a TBThurs, as it was a few years ago when I had to remember all my supplies before I left home since I was working on murals on a new home being built.. these were just in beginning stages here.. humm.. I think about 4-5 yrs ago.. funny, we now live with-in 2 miles of this place! At the time we were 28 from it.. murals in bedrooms for both their boys.. this little guy wanted race horse stuff.. all 4 walls.. lots of fun and took awhile for both rooms.

    "Spend 5 minutes today thinking about what you'll need before you leave the house tomorrow"

    November 19, 2015 at 23:38 UTC
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