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Hi, I'm an artist, born in Colorado, live in the tip top of Texas , ranch raised, lover of mountains & sunsets, critters & quiet moments, open spaces & the smell of horse hair. I am tickled to have found this site & hope this will add to my path of taking better care of self. :-) My hubby hands me smiles to my heart, my 2 kids bring me amazement & my grand kids are truly delights to my soul. I paint, sculpt and have my own gallery. My friends are the colors in my life. I feel blessed.
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    Set a timer to remind myself to snack between meals!!! ??? what! I mean, really?? a timer.. hahahaha…
    well, thank goodness it's on the edge of evening right now, and I've snacked twice on healthy stuff.. with out being told, ..Looks like my built-in timer works great!
    Yep, tummy told me ,"Hey you! you want a snack of string cheese! Now!"
    Me, Myself and I all agreed whole heartedly and grabbed one from the fridge.
    and that was around 10:30 AM Vicki, you will be glad to know, I took my water bottle to town with me and emptied it this morning! Now working on my second dose!
    While at Lowes this windy afternoon, I found bargains out the wazoo..lots of plants on sale.. because the wind last night whipped them silly! all the smaller Geraniums ..4 and 6 inch pots were all down to $1.00 each.. I nabbed several, will give some to my class. plus a few other little flowers.. daisies.. plus an extra big nice pot of some almost callililly looking lilies of some sort.. at less than half-price..
    reg 20.. and they were not hurt at all.. a great mom gift for next month I'm thinking.. these are really pretty.
    Anyway, my tummy again told me.. "You better grab something now!"
    'Myself agreed.. wanted chocolate,
    'Me' asked for a malt..
    but 'I' won out with a snack of Weight watcher snack bar… bah humbug, that malt sounded pretty good.. oh well…
    And now it's too early for supper, hubby won't be home for another couple hrs and my inner timer tells me.. "Now! .. devour a cow, now now now!"
    but I told it.. "NOPE, you get a snack of carrots.. and that's all,and while you're at it Tummy, drink more water!"
    Tummy is pouting now.. oh well.. ask "Me" if "I" care! hahaha!!
    Glenda, we are off and doing this one in the winds of sad and swirls of dust… my prayers go to you and yours.
    Vicki!!! You sweeeeet thang you!!!!! love and big hugs!!! thanks so for the nudge! It nearly toppled me over with the wind gusts here.. but I grabbed a branch and am hanging on!! haha.. I do appreciate these 'E's for sure!! off to get those carrots now.. grins!!
    I hope everyone has a peaceful evening!
    Tomorrow morning I drive to Lubbock, 2 hrs away, art show… entries due..
    guess I better pack a snack or two! and yes, my water Vicki!! hahaha… you are so good to remind me! thanks! April 23, 2014 at 22:51 UTC

    "Set a timer to remind yourself to snack between meals today"

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      Cymry R. and others posted 6 replies.
    • Kathryn T.
      Kathryn T. replied April 24, 2014 at 4:52 UTC:

      One of these soon days, I'm betting that you only have ONE snack during the day.....and it will be .......chocolate!! Just remember, a small square of dark chocolate is GOOD for you. Keep repeating that! I usually listen to :"ME" when choosing and ignore "Myself" and "I".....I ...see more

    • Bob F.
      Bob F. replied April 24, 2014 at 14:52 UTC:

      It gave me an idea. How about a clockface made of chocolate with something like Twix for hands? My daughter would love it.

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    ohmygoodness gracious sakes wow!!! the most "E's ever tonight!!! I'm dancing on the ceiling!!!! wowwowwow! Thank you all sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!
    How hard can this one be.. boil eggs for a snack… this is my 1st 'smart snack' track Dc and it's…eggs! EGGS.. after Easter… really? I had deviled eggs, they were boiled.. and I fix eggs often, and fix them for the sugar gliders too… so. DC done!
    But, I did look up ways to fix eggs and came up with one I wasn't familiar with.. coddled eggs, not cuddle but coddle.. which there are actually really cute dishes to make those in.. a small screw-on lid, dish that the egg is cracked into, then the whole dish used to cook it inside.. and served in that pretty little bowl too.. anyway, I found out a few things about eggs. lol. I even had eggs tonight for supper, med-well, with Swedish crepes and bacon..ahhh…

    Now, to thank my wonderful nudgers!!! Giant smile thank you's to...
    ..Vicki, egg salad sounds good, ohhh my.. you always cook and make me wish I lived next door!!!
    ..Kathryn.. you make me want to paint more.. and Trudie's been kissed for you! she thinks she's so special! I tell her the kisses are from a special gal!
    ..Candace, thank you so much for sending me the sweet wishes!
    ..Cymry.. haha.. eggs would be something you can fix all sorts of ways I bet! How's Miss Henny Penny?? Have you ever had coddled eggs??
    ..Glenda.. ahhh love the golden wishes!! my favorite! and we get to start our pact tomorrow.. wow, that's today.. it's already 12:25 AM! lol! I'm in Smart snacks track, hope to learn some tricks to find my small waist again, it's gone and hid on me.. literally..hahaha!!!
    ..Maya, you are such a sweetie.. yes, I am off on this new track, maybe will learn a new thing or two.. and I haven't done this one. Come on over… it may have some fun snacks.. maybe…they will be healthy at least! :-)

    Lil Miss Trudie Trufflepockets is an independent little toot.. when I go out to feed the horses, she squirms like a hoo-dini .. because I carry her, she's way too tiny to be out with a horse! But I let her down on way back to the house and she just trots along so big.. like a little big dog… she sniffs sticks, rocks, grass… so sassy.. nose up, tail up, trot trot… what a cutie she is…

    Today I sit on the porch swing as she nosed around in the yard, just a few feet from me.. and a falcon flew towards us.. right over the flag pole in front yard! I was already on my way .. two steps out from under porch.. and the feathered thing that was sizing Trudie for… Stew, flew off…. we do have to watch for owls, hawks etc.. even the road runners could be dangerous, but we never leave her alone in yard and we know to watch for shadows of flight. Chilli, our heeler, is great to keep anything away too.
    yawn… thanks again ladies for the wonderful dance on the ceiling!!
    Love to ya'll and hugs tight!!

    Now I better get to bed.. gotta get 'cracking'..
    and flapping my wings,
    the day is DONE..hard boiled away
    no yolking, I mean it.. am sleepy and need to roost
    my nest is awaiting' the sun's long gone down
    too soon I'll be hearing..

    hahaha… nite nite! April 23, 2014 at 5:40 UTC

    "Boil eggs for a healthy and satisfying snack"

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      Bob F. and others posted 4 replies.
    • Jill T.
      Jill T. replied April 23, 2014 at 22:14 UTC:

      haha...yes, Cherine. You are a good egg. Dancing on the ceiling and all (thanks - now that song is stuck in my head). So glad lil Trudie didn't get swept away!

    • Cymry R.
      Cymry R. replied April 24, 2014 at 3:21 UTC:

      Nope, never had a coddled egg. Daniel was just in here... with a report that Miss HennyPenny IS crowing. Gotta love it! :-)
      Did you watch The Proposal? It's kind of funny in a few places, and the dog does get swooped up.... Today Sadie and I were chased by a little tiny ...see more

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    Cherine K. completed a pact with Maya W. and won 292 bonus points April 21, 2014 at 15:34 UTC
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    Apply sunscreen instead of hand cream to backs of hands today.. well, that is easy enough.. and I have sunscreen handy since have been painting outside lately.. dc done!
    Cymry.. the canyon here is really nice.. sorry you missed that.. otherwise.. the flat is too flat.. and for me, I wish I were in mountains or closer at least.. but.. make best of what we have.. sunsets here are beautiful.

    Vicki, thanks and wide smiles for the wonderful encouragement this morning!! I hope your computer gets healthy soon! a new modem… that ought to fix things right up! We have beautiful morning too, low 70's no wind, fresh rain left trees washed and grass hopeful! Will send small prayer for all to go smooth with that computer for you! hugs , love and wishes for you to find many awesome smiles today! haha.. no chocolate eggs.. maybe I'll find one today! on way to dr appoint now.. just routine checkup… then to work on a hand painted tee shirt order.. it's to have 3 horses on it.. ought to be fun one. off to the wild blue.. yippiieee yiii oooo… Kathryn, Lil Miss Trudie loves your kisses!! haha!
    I hope everyone has a beautiful day.. safe and filled with surprises of laughter..
    Wanda is back!!!! ohhh happy days!!!!!!!!! :-))))))))))) April 21, 2014 at 14:19 UTC

    "Instead of hand cream, apply sunscreen to the backs of your hands to protect them from the sun"

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    Kathryn, Vickie, thanks for the sweet nudges! I needed them! Much delighted appreciation!! Seems my getting here is just too late.. we;ve been gone most the day though, was nice to have notes of encouragement when I got here.
    Kathryn, you asked me to explain how to do this one.. heehee.. okay..

    This dc is easy, sit on floor, in shape of a capital "M", put a little flat line on bottom 1st line, going away from that tall line.. that would be your feet, knees are the top of 1st hump, your 'bottom' is middle of the "M", then a put a little circle for head on next top hump.. and the last line down would be arms,, place a tiny line at bottom of that last one..going forward 'toward' the "bottom" or hips… that little flat line would be hands.. haha.. now, begin to lift feet off ground, slow till calves are parallel to the floor..may lean back, but keep spine straight, now hold and count to around 15.. good for the spine and balance and I guess since it's called the half boat yoga pose.. it might be good for keeping feet dry in a boat that is half way under water.. hahaha…. DC done.. I did it, and felt a great stretch of back, legs and tummy too..

    I hope everyone had a blessed Easter.
    We enjoyed time with family this afternoon.. on our way home the skies graced our little area with a down-pour of much need rain!!
    Now the air smells so fresh, sunset glowed of pinks and it feels like a gift of new beginnings was given. ahhhh so nice!! April 21, 2014 at 3:00 UTC

    "Sit with your hands flat behind your hips. Lift your feet until shins are parallel with the floor"

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    • Vicki F.
      Vicki F. replied April 21, 2014 at 12:32 UTC:

      So glad you have a WONDERFUL EASTER. I would like the hot tud to Cymry. They are working on computer today so this is short. Have to shut it down and take it in to have its bran scanned. Hopefully it isn't a lost cause. I LOVE OU SWEETIE.

    • Jill T.
      Jill T. replied April 21, 2014 at 13:12 UTC:

      love the smell of rain..... so so beautiful!

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