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Hi, I'm an artist, born in Colorado, live in the tip top of Texas , ranch raised, lover of mountains & sunsets, critters & quiet moments, open spaces & the smell of horse hair. I am tickled to have found this site & hope this will add to my path of taking better care of self. :-) My hubby hands me smiles to my heart, my 2 kids bring me amazement & my grand kids are truly delights to my soul. I paint, sculpt and have my own gallery. My friends are the colors in my life. I feel blessed.
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    This one will be handy right now! get someone to help keep me on track for a project.. project art show, my one person show coming up in March.. need around 40 art pieces.. paintings, photography.. any creative thing.. so I do need to stay busy these next weeks!. Hubby is great to help & encourage and he gives lots of quiet little positive gestures.. sometimes I don't even realize these till later.. then it dawns on me.. oh.. that cup of tea brought to me while I was zoned into a painting.. and didn't even know he had brought it.. those words of easy calm.. that help put me back on track sometimes.. yep.. dc done.. will ask hubby.

    Trip to Colorado to daughters.. wonderful!! games.. great! sure not the same with G'son in college now, but the kids who I've snapped photos of for 4-5 years.. they were so sweet.. lots of hugs.. and yes, I snapped lots o pics for them.. and.. we won boys & girls games.. It was really nice seeing all the folks we've met at this tiny school. anyway.. good to be back home in my fuzzies.. with a heart full of happy.
    Pic… photo I snapped with the moon, sunflowers and a really cool cloud bank.. if I'd procrastinated even a min, the glow would be different in that cloud.. I was thrilled that I already had camera in hand snapping pics of the sunflowers & some bees.. then.. I noticed the cloud & moon... :-)

    "Ask a friend or family member to be your anti-procrastination coach on 1 goal or project"

    January 23, 2017 at 4:39 UTC
    • Pamela U.
    • Cherine K.
      Cherine K. replied January 23, 2017 at 4:51 UTC:

      ohhhhh thank you folks for the E's!!! Cymry, games.. they played basketball. and you are sosooo right.. if keep busy, procrastination is less likely!! Pamela, courage.. is priceless! Karen, haha, yes, coach..nag.. haha… you're funny, and it's true! :-) Candace.. thanks!! Vicki.. ...see more

    • Patti C.
      Patti C. replied January 23, 2017 at 5:39 UTC:

      Glad you had a great trip to see family, sweet lady!!! Wonderful memories to be sure!
      Love the pic you posted. You know me....and flowers!
      Thank you for the sweet E today! Prayers and encouragement are much appreciated. Hope your night is restful, dear friend!!!:)*H ...see more

    • Barbara H.
      Barbara H. replied January 23, 2017 at 8:07 UTC:

      That is an amazing photo. Thank you for your encouragement and I hope you have a good night’s sleep and that all of us are ready to greet the week with focus and purpose. Let’s keep this Women’s March energy going!༺❤️༻༺❤️༻

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    Karen, Pamela..thanks so much for the sweet E's to start my day off on good foot!! We're headed to daughter's.. just now have chance for Christmas with them.. the weather kept them from leaving cattle earlier to drive our way.. now, calves have started hitting the ground running and bucking, thy need stay close unless any troubles with the 1st time mommas.. .. so.. off we go, and can catch a little basketball of the kids we've been watching.. g'son in college so he won't be there.. but those kids have been telling me they need photos.. from me.. haha. off we go… and as for writing, I do this a lot!!!! journals, sketch journals even with notes.. oh yea, dc is so done!!

    photo, one of my little sculptures that was in progress for a bronze,, and a total different painting, not to do with the colt sculpture.. anyway.. I am excited about the final process of most my art pieces.. framed.. mat… clay to wax to bronze and the trials between.. (this little sculpture has to have some work before final bronze.. another story.. wax process in this pic.. ok..gotta run.. back tomorrow… wheeee….. wishes for everyone to have a good calm day!

    "Spend 3 minutes writing about an experience that brought you great joy"

    January 21, 2017 at 18:51 UTC
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    I have several calming reminders, from smooth river rocks or small ocean stones to glassy pieces of wood.. flannel pjs.. yep.. I retreat into my cuddle duds for comfort.. hot tea, hold my pups.. get centered by playing a game of dominoes or working on a puzzle with my sweetie.. look at certain pics of family which are in one hallway.. maybe I have too many serenity symbols.. oh well.. I like comfort and calm. Keeps me ready for the times that are not. :-) dc done.
    Soft thank you's to Bob, Pamela, Cymry, Brenda & Candace, your E's are a smile to me, much much appreciation.

    Picture is one I posted not long ago.. but it fits for today too well.. sometimes all I want is to just sit in quiet.. relax and reflect… nature is one of the wonders that gives me reason to be so thankful for my senses…

    "Choose a serenity symbol, such as a smooth stone or relaxing photograph"

    January 21, 2017 at 5:18 UTC
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    Ohh Vicki, Bob, Pamela, Brenda!! thank ya'll so much for the E's!! There are a few times butterflies awake in my tummy… usually if I have to speak in front of a crowd.. oh, they settle down by time I get into the talk, but are alive and well before I start! Another time that at least a cocoon hangs in my tummy is when I'm getting ready for a more important art show.. like my one person show coming up in March… I've done a few of these and it always starts a few flutters as I start some of the pieces for the show to be sure I have enough for the wall space where they've invited me.. yep, a couple cocoons weaving their tight little threads right now.. ha. And of course.. butterflies hit a high note when we drive n a long flat road then hit slight hill.. that always gives the butterflies a giggle!! dc done. :-)
    Photo.. a moth sips from flower at home.. well, sorta a butterfly.. at least a margarine-fly.. haha I was tickled to get him sipping.

    "Write down 5 "butterflies in your stomach.""

    January 20, 2017 at 1:48 UTC
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    Cymry, Pamela, thank you gals, much appreciation for the E's! I don't think I 'practice' compassion.. I feel it, it's just there… sometimes I tear up when certain situations others are in happen, or they tell me about.. & animals.. same… The last time.. earlier right here.. I read about a sad happening in one of my Dc friend's life.. and my heart ached for the 'what could've beens if life hadn't been as such it was.. and I sent a heart felt note" dc done….

    Pic is photo from NZ, a clear pond with mountains reflecting.. sometimes I feel we try to hold the sorrow as well as the beauty of others… does it help? I don't know but it feels natural so must help a little or we wouldn't be made like this..

    "Reflect on a recent time when you practiced compassion"

    January 18, 2017 at 21:18 UTC
    • Pamela U.
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    • Barbara H.
      Barbara H. replied January 19, 2017 at 9:37 UTC:

      What a sweet post for today. Thank you for sharing it. And thank you for your encouragement for my day.

    • K. B.
      K. B. replied January 19, 2017 at 12:27 UTC:

      I absolutely do think it helps. Reflection of life is everywhere and within that is joy, sadness, fear, love, discovery... you know this very well, Cherine. You capture it in your descriptions and art (pics and photos) all the time. Relish in your gifts and continuing sharing ...see more

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    Pamela, thanks bunches for the E!!
    Last time I got upset.. hummm.. when was that… oh.. battery in car being silly.. I think my sleep was fine.. let me try another time… When I grabbed my camera only to find I'd left the SD card in computer… humm.. I think my sleep was fine then too… okay 3rd time's a charm… I was a little out-of-sorts one morning last week.. and I do think it was because of 4-5 hrs sleep.. but I had my coffee and painted a little and all turned out alright.. dc done, but.. it;s true.. there have been times I get tired and cranky and it follows a bout of too many nights consecutive short sleep!

    This pic is from last week, right before we got home, Venice up, an owl on top of electric pole.. I slowed car to halt and backed up easy.. owl stayed put and I caught this shot with both in the snap.. was so so glad my camera let me get it in such low light, no flash to startle and the star was icing on the click. :-D I bet I slept fine that night..

    "Recall the last time you got upset, and think about how much sleep you had the night before"

    January 17, 2017 at 15:53 UTC
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    • Carolyn L.
      Carolyn L. replied January 18, 2017 at 6:19 UTC:

      A fantastic shot, Cherine.
      Many thanks for your encouraging EEeee. My grands all love kale chips and they are ever so easy to make. Some of them are picky eaters but I think they like the crunchiness. Give them a try and see what you think.

    • Barbara H.
      Barbara H. replied January 18, 2017 at 9:45 UTC:

      Thanks for your explanation of that photo. I enjoyed finding the owl and Venus. And thanks for the encouragement you sent my way this Tuesday. I appreciated it on a full day back on campus and at work.༺❤️༻༺❤️༻

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    Cherine K. completed a pact with Wanda F. and won 318 bonus points January 16, 2017 at 23:56 UTC
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    ahhhh Cymry, Pamela & Karen!! thanks gals, for the E's!! E's make me smile! Talking about a fun experience makes me grin!
    No one is around except the critters.. they love me to talk to them.. but... I'll tell you, here on Dc.. an experience I had just this morning.

    Snow fell all night, fat fluff flakes built to around 4 inches by early morning with temps on the 32 degree line so I knew thaw and sunlight would hurry to send ice shattering off the trees. I grabbed my camera and begin to look out the doors and windows while wondering if I should pull on boots and coat.. then.. at one window overlooking where back yard has a sturdy twiggy dried parsley.. I saw it! My photos for the day.. right there in full chilled light of ice drips and sparkles. the screen made the sparkle better than if I'd been outside.. and so, I stood and snapped photos in my sock feet.. and grinned.. and I notice, I grin right now telling about it and my typing got faster too.. shoulders up more.. toes tighter.. hahaha... guess that photo shoot made me excited to catch nature as it changed.. that one time chance.. and I caught it.. yep, lalala.. dc done! I am happier and now feel like getting up and going to look again!! haha.. :-)
    photo, is one I snapped this morning.. :-)

    "Describe a good experience to someone and notice how it made your body feel"

    January 16, 2017 at 22:27 UTC
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    Pamela, Karen, Cymry.. ahhh thank you fun ladies for the E's today!!
    Envy.. well.. I learned long ago, about the time I thought I was envious of someone.. I found out that they had troubles too… and so, envy went out the door long ago.. except..I admit.. sometimes my hubby get's a super good looking steak on his half of the plate when we split.. the waitress always gives him the best side!! grrr.. and so.. envy?? naw, not really.. I let him know.. that bite looks soooo good.. and he grins and cuts it in half and shares.. ahhh smile!!
    Now..admire?.. I do that.. I admire several of my dc folks and am happy for them.. there is so much to learn, smile at.. admire here… and I find that a good thing!
    dc done.

    Rain pours, thunder rumbles.. grey skies of drizzle cover our plains.. right on verge of freeze but not.. thank goodness!

    Pic.. me envious of the tall dinosaur, made from mostly old car parts.. it's at Car-hedge in ohoh.. Nebraska.. upper west part.. .. after all, he can eat more than I can if we found chocolate!! heeheeh… maybe I'm telling him.. "Noooo don't eat meeee!!.. I'll go right throuuuuugh!!"
    hahaha.. oh my…
    Wishs to all for a beautiful Sunday evening! Keep warm!

    "Find 1 thing you have in common with a person you envy"

    January 15, 2017 at 22:42 UTC
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      Cherine K.

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    • Pamela U.
    • Cymry R.
      Cymry R. replied January 16, 2017 at 3:16 UTC:

      I always take what I want, BUT, I also have a little of that I don't need that too... ya know? Guys can eat so much! I have to admire that!

    • Bob F.
      Bob F. replied January 16, 2017 at 3:44 UTC:

      Cherine -- you are too, too much. That T-Rex looks as though he'd like to take a bite out of defenseless you. Your rain, rain. I have farm friends in Illinois near St. Louis Mo. that have had a couple of days of freeing rain -- glare Ice, big mess. Be careful and hope the ...see more

    • Barbara H.
      Barbara H. replied January 16, 2017 at 7:07 UTC:

      Old car parts! That is great. Thanks for your Sunday encouragement. I had a short plane ride today from Boston to PHL and now visiting with my mom. Tomorrow, a much longer trip back to CA. It was really nice to hear from you in amongst all my traveling. :-) ༺❤️༻༺❤️༻

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