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I am a retired pre-school/kdg teacher. I taught in the CPS for 32 years. I am a five year breast cancer survivor as of June 2012! I am Jewish My sister is Rae I am a work in progress.
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    Carrots and rutabaga are in the house already. I eat few beets because of their sugar content. I use turnip and parsnip when I cook stew or prepare soup.

    Thank EEE to Annette S! Everyone have a wonderfilled day!

    As you write this week's shopping list, add one vegetable that grows underground. Colorful choices include radishes, carrots, or beets. Or, you could give parsnips, turnips, celery root, or rutabaga a try. You'll find some roots in the refrigerated section of the produce aisle with their green tops still attached, and others stacked in bins near the onions and potatoes.

    Why it matters

    Root vegetables may grow deep underground, but don't bury them at the bottom of your shopping list! These vegetables are naturally sweet, supply you with vitamins and lots of fiber, and they're available year-round. By giving roots a chance, you can have fresh, filling veggies on your plate in any season.

    Fun fact

    Then-Soviet and American astronauts marked the end of the Space Race by docking their spacecrafts together and toasting with tubes of borscht, a beet soup popular in Russia, while flying through space.

    "Add 1 root vegetable to your shopping list, such as carrots, turnips, or beets"

    December 1, 2015 at 15:50 UTC
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    The good part of retirement is that when you hit a slump, you can take a nap!

    Thank EEE's go to Annette S!

    Do you always feel sleepy at the same time in the afternoon? Today, when that drowsy feeling hits, get up and take a five-minute walk (or longer, if you've got the time). Take some deep breaths and focus on everything you see as you walk, even if you're still indoors.

    Why it matters

    It's normal to feel a bit sleepy between two and four in the afternoon - our bodies' internal clocks are set this way. Instead of trying to push through while feeling unfocused or re-fueling with sugary treats, taking a walk gets your blood pumping and your muscles moving. The change of scenery can also help re-energize you.

    Fun fact

    The word "siesta" originally comes from the Latin "hora sexta," which means "sixth hour." It refers to the sixth hour of the day, counting forward from dawn.

    "Plan to take a 5-minute walk when you hit an energy slump today"

    November 30, 2015 at 14:09 UTC
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    Jill W. completed a pact with Kelley H. and won 406 bonus points November 29, 2015 at 23:00 UTC
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    Centerpiece for Thanksgiving involved collected pinecones, cuties, a candle on an inverted vase, and a wooden tray that I have. The candle was a gift. Total cost 0$!

    When the boys were young I used to shop for them at Plato's Closet. Designer clothes for very reasonable prices. Almost all of the clothing had the original tags!

    Last day of our pact Kelley H! Thank you!

    Thank EEE's to Annette S, Peggy C, and Norma S

    Share one way you've saved money by buying something used rather than new. Perhaps you're a devoted purchaser of used cars, or you scored a piece of exercise equipment or furniture at a yard sale. Whatever you bought, share it here.

    Why it matters

    From baby gear to power tools, why buy new when used will do? Between community websites and good old-fashioned tag sales, there are so many ways to be thrifty nowadays. By sharing what item (or items) you've bought used, you may give someone a good idea - and you may learn of some new ways to save, too.

    Fun fact

    The 127 Corridor Sale is an annual outdoor yard sale that runs for four days in August along U.S. Route 127. The sale measures 690 miles (1,110 km) and winds from Kentucky to Michigan.

    "Share how you saved money by buying an item used rather than new"

    November 29, 2015 at 19:51 UTC
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    Jacob Fisher was my Great Great grandfather. He came from Germany. He and his wife had Joseph Fisher who was born in New York. Joseph was my Great Grandfather. When Joseph was four his mother became pregnant again. The pregnancy was very difficult, so they brought her cousin to help in the house. The birth was difficult resulting in her death. Jacob married the cousin and put his 2 sons in an orphanage. Not a very nice man. Joseph and his brother remained at the orphanage until they were 18 years old G.He and his brother were not close. My Grandfather was a very angry man. He did not like my mother because she was his second child. He did not like my cousin Allen because he was the second child. He did not like me because I was the second child Rae and I figured this out when we were very young. He stayed with us every weekend. If I made him breakfast it was awful. If Rae made him breakfast it was marvelous. So, I would make him breakfast and Rae would take the credit and everything was wonderful. Then Rae would make the breakfast and I would take credit, but the food was terrible. He never caught on to our deception, but Rae and I giggled often. I do not think his pattern of behavior was obvious to him.

    4th day of a lovely pact with Kelly H! Thank EEE's to Judy A! Everyone have a wonderfilled day!

    Think back to a story about your family that was passed on to you. Do you know a story about the origin of a family tradition? Has a relative ever told you about members of an older generation? Have you ever heard about setbacks that your family faced in years past? If you're usually the storyteller, what memories do you share with your family members? Take a few moments to recall the story to yourself.

    Why it matters

    Even if you don't know a lot of details about your relatives, the stories you do remember can make you feel more connected to your family and past generations. Recalling a family story - whether it's sad or silly - can remind you of how you fit into that larger group. It may even inspire you to pass on the story to another family member!

    Fun fact

    Nicholas Hammond, the actor who played Friedrich von Trapp in "The Sound of Music," grew six inches over the six months of filming. To fit into the line of von Trapp children, he had to take his shoes off, and the actress who played his older sister had to stand on a box.

    "Take 2 minutes to recall a story about your family's history"

    November 28, 2015 at 16:27 UTC
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    Thank EEE's to Raymond J, Julie O, and Judy A! Everyone have a wonderfilled day!

    It is leftovers for us today! Thanksgiving went off without a hitch! Good times!

    Think of a fatty condiment that you typically add to a meal - like butter, margarine, mayonnaise, or sour cream - and skip it today. If you need a substitution for a sandwich, try a bit of hummus, mustard, or a non-hydrogenated spread. Try salsa or low-fat cottage cheese with potatoes.

    Why it matters

    Your body needs a bit of fat to survive. But eating too much fat, especially saturated and trans fats, increases your risk of heart disease. Condiments like mayonnaise and sour cream are packed with these unhealthy fats, and it's really easy to eat too much. By making a healthy substitution (or skipping them entirely), you'll help protect your heart.

    Fun fact

    It takes approximately 850 peanuts to make an 18-ounce (510-gram) jar of peanut butter.

    "Replace 1 condiment - like butter, margarine, mayo, or sour cream - with one that's lower in fat"

    November 27, 2015 at 17:38 UTC
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    https://youtu.be/M-NZoo0s2nI Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thank EEE's to Julie O, Leigh Ann M, Peggy C, Sally W!

    I did it to the best of my ability. Everyone have a wonderfilled day!

    "Sit and bring your right knee to your chest, pull it closer to you, and hold for a count of 20"

    November 26, 2015 at 22:37 UTC
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    I learned to do this when I was so, so sick. It seemed to me that my oxygen level fell with pain. It gave me something to concentrate on and I could see the oxygen level rise as I did this. Concentrating on pain is less likely if you have a good diversion.. So glad all of that is in the past!

    Welcome to Kelly H for our first ever pact!

    Take a moment for some slow, deep breaths. Sit or lie down in a comfortable spot, put your hand on your belly, and close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose as you count to five. Exhale through your mouth for another count of five. Continue this cycle for nine more breaths. As you breathe, pay attention to the feeling of your hand rising and falling with each inhale and exhale.

    Why it matters

    Counting to five as you inhale and exhale brings your awareness to your breath. The slow, controlled pace of your breathing can bring a moment of relaxation to your day. And if you have trouble calming your mind at night, this exercise can get you closer to a good night's sleep.

    Fun fact

    What do the Mongolian limbe, the Sardinian launeddas, the Egyptian arghul, the Australian didgeridoo have in common? They're all wind instruments that musicians play using circular breathing, a technique that produces a long, continuous tone.

    "Inhale as you count to 5, then exhale for a count of 5. Repeat this cycle 10 times"

    November 25, 2015 at 15:27 UTC
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