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I am a retired pre-school/kdg teacher. I taught in the CPS for 32 years. I am a five year breast cancer survivor as of June 2012! I am Jewish My sister is Rae I am a work in progress.
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    Adore the E sent by Vicky P and Bobbie D!

    I get enough of a workout for my arms just standing up! No chair dips for me. I am watching the Olympic trials. I love to see who makes the team for each sport. Gymnastics men's team was finalized on Saturday. The women's team does not finalize until July 8-9! Swimming trials are underway and diving is finished. The entire Russian track and field team has been barred from competition for a doping scandal. They had people break into the lab that tests the athlete's blood and replaced tainted samples with ones that were drawn before the doping occurred! They were doping in London and Beijing. None of our athletes were found to be doping. Go USA!

    This challenge is done using a chair that does NOT have wheels. Sit on the edge of a chair with your feet together and flat on the floor. Put your hands on the seat on either side of your thighs. Bend your elbows 90 degrees and slowly lower yourself toward the floor. Straighten your arms and bring your body back to the starting position. Repeat four more times.

    Why it matters

    Can you feel the back of your arms working to push you off the chair and back on again? This challenge calls on your triceps and helps to bring strength to these muscles. It also gets your heart rate up, giving you a quick burst of energy.

    Fun fact

    The dip is a common move in several dance forms, including the tango, Lindy Hop, salsa, and ballroom dances.

    "Strengthen the backs of your arms with 5 chair dips"

    June 27, 2016 at 13:45 UTC
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    Rae is my chief supporter. I am her chief supporter. I have friends that help me. DC buddies help and FB friends help. Rae and I are a good tag team when problems arise. We complement each other with our skills. Her skills are very analytical, mine are softer. There is almost nothing that we can't achieve. Rae can organize the big picture, but I am the detail person.

    Thank EEE's go to Robert W, William W, and Judy F!

    Think back to a time when you felt upset or worried. Who was able to put your mind at ease? Take a moment to reflect on that person's qualities and what they said or did to help you feel better.

    Why it matters

    When a person in your life is distressed, there may be times when you don't know how to help them feel better. Reflecting on a time when you felt comforted and supported can help you apply that same care and compassion to someone else in need.

    Fun fact

    French novelist Marcel Proust once wrote, "Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

    "Spend a few moments thinking about a time when you were upset and another person comforted you"

    June 26, 2016 at 17:41 UTC
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    I like to do this with sparkling water. Lime is a favorite. Mint has it's own charm. When I drink water, I just drink water.

    Thank you Sheila C for the E.

    Fill up a big glass with water, ice (if you like), and something from nature that tempts your taste buds! You can use refreshing slices of citrus fruits (lime, lemon, orange), cool slivers of cucumber, or even tongue-tingling tastes like ginger or mint. (Use real mint leaves or a bit of real ginger, not flakes or ground spices.)

    Why it matters

    Water is nature's original health drink! It fills you up and quenches your thirst without adding any calories. But plain water can sometimes get a bit ... plain. Instead of using processed drink mixes or buying expensive flavored waters, you can add zing to your H20 by just opening up your refrigerator. By making your water more exciting, you may even reach for more.

    Fun fact

    A New York-based company named MeatWater sells waters flavored like beef salad, cheeseburger, barbecued chicken wings, Italian sausage, and Hungarian goulash.

    "Drink a glass of water that you flavor naturally with lemon, lime, orange, mint, or cucumber"

    June 25, 2016 at 14:32 UTC
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    Long and storied fear of the dentist leads me to brush and floss regularly. When I was 8 a dentist lost control of a drill in my mouth. I no longer need a tranquilizer to make a dental appointment. I can go to the dentist without taking a tranquilizer. I no longer pass out in the dental chair! If a cleaning takes more than 1/2 hour, I have failed! Sort of a fanatic about my teeth! I managed not to pass on my fear to the boys. I had them sit on my lap for the first few dental experiences. I told them that the dentist would "tickle their teeth." I am very proud that they floss and brush and have no fear of the dentist. Everyone have a wonderfilled day.

    When you brush your teeth today, focus on using a lighter touch. Instead of pressing down hard with your toothbrush, brush with short, gentle strokes.

    Why it matters

    Brushing your teeth vigorously can damage your gums and wear down enamel, the protective coating on the surface of your teeth. Treat your pearly whites right! When you're gentle with your toothbrush, you'll keep your mouth clean and healthy.

    Fun fact

    Endangered Gharial crocodiles enjoy regular tooth brushing at Nepal's Chitwan National Park! Caretakers brush the babies' teeth to prevent fungus.

    "Use a lighter touch when you brush your teeth today"

    June 24, 2016 at 13:06 UTC
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    • Bobbie D.
      Bobbie D. replied June 24, 2016 at 23:24 UTC:

      Hi Jill, what a terrible trauma you had as a kid when the dentist lost control of the drill in your mouth. No wonder you were scared of dentists. It is good that you did not pass that fear to your boys. Shabbat Shalom. Thanks for the gift of your encouragement.

    • Lorenna R.
      Lorenna R. replied June 26, 2016 at 17:00 UTC:

      No wonder you have had anxiety about dentists.

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    Thank EEE's go to Vicky P and Mindy M! So much appreciated!

    Years ago I stopped buying things on credit cards. I use the cards to make purchases, but only if I can pay off the balance at the time the bill comes due. I save money to pay for presents at holiday and birthdays. This relieves quite a bit of stress.Now if I could get this point across to the kids, that would be wonderfilled!

    Take a moment to think about one recent change you made that puts you on track to save a little more or spend a little less. Perhaps you packed your lunch for a week instead of buying it, cut your cable package, or set up automatic bill payments. Whatever you did to improve your personal finances, share it here.

    Why it matters

    Taking small steps to get a handle on your finances can give you a greater sense of control. Over time, those small changes can help you get closer to your financial goals. Sharing a change to how you manage your money gives you a chance to celebrate your progress.

    Fun fact

    Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said, "Dogs have no money. Isn't that amazing? They're broke their entire lives. But they get through. You know why dogs have no money? No pockets."

    "Name 1 positive change you recently made to your finances"

    June 23, 2016 at 13:47 UTC
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    Thank you Sally W! I will do this after I take a nap. We were out late celebrating our youngest, Isaac's 25th birthday. Good company, food, and conversation. He chose Brian's (of beloved memory) favorite restaurant which is Ron of Japan.

    Stand with your feet hip-width apart, arms at your sides, and elbows bent. Lean forward about 45 degrees from your hips. While bent forward, alternately lift your feet to march in place. March slowly as you straighten both of your arms back and up past your hips. Continue marching in this position while bending and extending your arms behind you 15 times.


    This quick exercise will loosen your upper body, especially after a long period of sitting. Whether you're at home or work, getting up and moving your arms and legs can help you burn calories, lower your blood pressure, and boost your energy level.

    Fun fact

    "Sitting in the catbird seat" is a quirky phrase used by some sportscasters to mean "sitting pretty," or having the upper hand. It refers to the grey catbird, a perching bird found in North America.

    "While marching in place, bend forward at the hips and extend your arms behind you 15 times"

    June 22, 2016 at 13:26 UTC
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    Thank E goes to Sheila C today. I have left over Chinese food for lunch. It has shredded carrots, Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, onion, noodles, and pea pods. Tonight we dine at Ron Of Japan. Steak, veggies and beef fried rice are what I order. My food gets cooked in the kitchen on an allergy grill. Should be a good time and Rae and I don't have to cook!

    The next time you're heading out to eat, familiarize yourself with the menu before you leave. Do an online search for the name of the restaurant, find the menu on the restaurant's website, and think about what to order. Keep an eye out for whole grains, grilled or broiled options, or dishes with lots of veggies. No plans to dine out anytime soon? Take a look at the menu for your favorite restaurant and share the name of a healthy dish.

    Why it matters

    When you're placing an order at a restaurant, the sights and smells of the food around you can make it tough to stick to the healthier choices on the menu. By looking at the menu ahead of time, you'll be prepared to choose something that's tasty and good for you.

    Fun fact

    People in Russia eat the fewest number of meals in restaurants, while people in Hong Kong dine out the most.

    "Plan to look for healthy choices on the menu before you leave for a restaurant"

    June 21, 2016 at 14:44 UTC
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    phone chargers. It is not safe to drink water that has been left in the car. Plastic bottles can give off harmful chemicals when left in the sun. Given time, we could stock the car. The problem is in an emergency there might not be enough time.If we have to walk any distance, my walker and I will be in big trouble. Hopefully nothing will ever happen.

    The only l time we ever had a problem was when we were camping with the Boy Scouts.
    We have a 12 person tent. We had 5 twelve year old boy scouts with us and a tornado siren went off. We went to the women's bathroom which was the designated place to go. We spent 2 hours in there with about 40 scouts and the other leaders. .We had water there and had time to get the flashlights. The problem was 40 boys in a women's bathroom with nothing to do! They would not sit on the floor and constantly made gross jokes. @#$% are very funny to boys at that age. Everyone have a wonderfilled day!

    Visit a website of the Federal Emergency Management Agency at http://www.ready.gov/kit and review the list of items that should be in a home emergency supply kit. Do you have these supplies?

    Why it matters

    An emergency supply kit helps you and your family be ready for a disaster or emergency. Although disasters are rare, their effects can be devastating. Being prepared means you may be able to lessen the dangers that can occur during and after a disaster.

    Fun fact

    Some of the first people to use a commercial flashlight were the men of the New York City police department, thanks to a donation from the flashlight's inventor.

    "Learn which items should be in an emergency supply kit"

    June 20, 2016 at 14:28 UTC
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