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I am a retired pre-school/kdg teacher. I taught in the CPS for 32 years. I am a five year breast cancer survivor as of June 2012! I am Jewish My sister is Rae I am a work in progress.
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    Woo-hoo! Thank you Rebecca S! Great pact and points!

    Thank you to all of my E senders Sandy W, Sheila C, Rebecca S, and Jean K!

    In 6 months I would like to be down one size in my clothes. This is the battle that I can win. Everyone have a wonderfilled day!

    Close your eyes and imagine yourself six months from now. Is there anything you want to accomplish by then that will make you happier or improve any aspect of your life? Write that goal down on a small piece of paper and place it where you'll see it every day for the next six months. Some good places include your fridge or bathroom mirror, or in your bag or wallet.

    Why it matters

    It can be easy to set goals - and then quickly forget them when we get caught up in the busyness of our everyday lives! By writing down your goal and posting it in a prominent place, you'll be reminded of it each day. You may also be more likely to think about the small steps you would need to take to reach your larger goal.

    Fun fact

    The word "goal" is believed to have come from "gol," a Middle English term for boundary or limit.

    "Imagine yourself 6 months from now, and write down 1 goal you would like to have achieved"

    October 23, 2016 at 16:04 UTC
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    Jill W. completed a pact with Rebecca S. and won 412 bonus points October 23, 2016 at 15:57 UTC
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    Thank you Jackie W, Sheila C, and Jean K!

    This was a busy day! Rae and I had our hair done, went to lunch with Jim, went to Sam's Club. Jewel, and got a new tip for my cane at Khoebers! Now we are preparing dinner. It is amazing what you can do when your temp returns to normal! Thank you everyone for showing concern over my most recent illness. I am doing okay and hope the wound closes quickly! Thank you Rebecca S for a sweet pact! We get to push the button tomorrow!m doing okay and hope the wound closes quickly!

    Of ther two of us, Rae is by far the better person. I tell her this all of the time. I am a challenging person who puts her through quite a bit. She is unfailing in supporting me! I love my sister.

    Pick one person who acted as a mentor, role model, or advisor - or simply inspired you because of his or her actions - at some point in the past. It can be anyone: a family member, teacher, friend, neighbor, or former colleague. Say thanks by calling, emailing, or telling the person face to face. You can keep it short and simple, or expand on the thanks by talking about how the person has influenced you.

    Why it matters

    Connecting with someone who inspired you in the past can energize your thinking, because it takes you out of the moment and helps you remember that time in your life. This may help you project to a future time and inspire you to make changes or work toward goals.

    Fun fact

    Some famous former teachers include J.K. Rowling, Steven King, and Sting.

    "Reach out to someone you have looked up to in the past and say thank you"

    October 22, 2016 at 22:57 UTC
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    Thank you Sheila C, Peggy C, Judy A, Leigh Ann M. Yvonne S and Robert W!

    I went to the doctor and he confirmed that I have an infection. He prescribed an antibiotic and wants me back in 10 days. Then I went to the Endo Dr. Everything looks okay and I lost 3 pounds! I am on track to reach the weight that I want in 7 or 8 years. Woo-Hoo!

    I do not have a bucket list. What I want is for the boys to be healthy, Rae to be healthy, Me to be healthy! I wish for all of us to have enough to be comfortable. Beyond that, everything is gravy.

    Share at least 3 things on your "bucket list" by talking to a friend, tweeting about it, or posting your list on Facebook. Your list can be grandiose (travel to all seven continents, start your own business) or smaller scale (learn to make the perfect pie, reconnect with someone you lost touch with long ago).

    Why it matters

    A "bucket list" is really a list of life goals - it gives you something to aspire to, something to dream about, and something to accomplish. By taking the time to write up the list, you make those goals and dreams more real. This can lead to adventures and experiences you might not have pursued otherwise.

    Fun fact

    The ancient Egyptians are said to have believed that when their souls reached the entrance to heaven, the guards asked two questions: "Have you found joy in your life?" and "Has your life brought joy to others?"

    "Share 3 things that are on your "bucket list.""

    October 21, 2016 at 19:53 UTC
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    Wow! I do feel the love today! Thank you Sandy W, Sally W, Sheila C, Vicky P, Peggy C, and Rebecca S! It is a beautiful day in Chicago.

    I was not evading DC. I had lab tests for a DR. appointment on Friday and then I hosted a group of retired teachers for lunch at my house. I served Chili with oyster crackers, green onions, and cheese. For desert I served mini bunt cakes. Wine was consumed. Everyone had a good time.

    Believe it or not, my mother being ill shaped me in a positive way. Rae and I became very independent self starters because of her illness. We learned to cook, clean house, do laundry , entertain ourselves and study hard in school. I do not know how other children become competent adults when they are coddled by their parents.

    The first day of first grade was a very interesting day, I learned a lot on that day. All of the first graders went to an assembly. One of the teachers, Mrs. Stanton, Talked to us. She told us that we were the worst group of children ever to enter PS 81! I was very struck by the thought that she did not even know me. How could she make such a blanket statement about a group of children she did not know? The way that it shaped me was that I decided that she did not know what she was talking about. I never looked to her or anyone else to judge my worth. I think it was pretty sophisticated for a 6 year old to figure that out. This has been a very good thing in my life. I have a very strong moral compass combined with a good work ethic. Everyone have a wonderfilled day!

    Recall two events or periods in your life that were defined by a challenging situation. Then spend a few moments thinking about any positive effects that these events or situations may have had on you. Did you learn to be resilient? Resourceful? Perhaps it changed the way you relate to someone close to you, or it made you re-evaluate aspects of your life.

    Why it matters

    Even though challenging situations can feel extremely difficult as we make our way through them, the lessons we learn can bolster our confidence about dealing with future unknowns. Thinking about the upside of these situations and the strengths you discovered may help you feel more bold when you are pursuing goals or embarking on new life adventures.

    Fun fact

    Although the cliché about making lemonade when life hands you lemons was in existence for many years, author Dale Carnegie popularized it in his 1948 self-help title, "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living."

    "List 2 life challenges that have shaped you in a positive way"

    October 20, 2016 at 21:16 UTC
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    Thank you Olga M and Ginger P! It is a beautiful day in Chicago.

    A big welcome to Rebecca S on day one of our pact. She beat me on to DC by about 3 1/2 hours!

    Walk, walk, and WALK! That is what I need to do! Everyone have a wonderfilled day!

    Today's the day to dream big! Think about something that you really want - it might be the lead role in your community's next musical production, a raise at work, a house in the mountains - and write it down. Next, think about three small steps you can take to make your dream come true. Be as specific as you can. For example, instead of writing, "I want to have a house in the mountains," include details about what that means: "I want to have a house in the mountains so I can enjoy time there with friends and family." Next, list what steps you would take for making your dream a reality: (1) find exactly where you would like that house to be; (2) determine how much money you can set aside each week or month; and (3) make a plan to set up an account to save for the house.

    Why it matters

    Defining your dreams is the first step in making them come true. Once you know what you hope to achieve, you can start taking small steps toward making it really happen. Focusing on small steps keeps you motivated, too. With each one you accomplish, you move closer to getting what you want!

    Fun fact

    In 1983, Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for $10 million for "acting services rendered." He post-dated it for 1994, with hopes of cashing it by then. That same year, he earned $7 million for his role in "Dumb & Dumber."

    "Define your dream and list 3 small steps you can take to make it happen"

    October 19, 2016 at 14:32 UTC
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    I started reading when I was 3. Rae went to school and she was skipped from Kdg to first grade after the first 2 weeks. She would sit and read with me after school. It was not long until I could read as well. Everyone thought it was cute how I "memorized" books and pretended to read them. Books have always been important in my life. My parents were both lifeguards on ocean beaches when they were young. They started us on beaches jumping waves when we could barely walk. Rae and I swam in the w. I would not change anything that I experienced at the zoo.summer time just about every day. We taught the boys to swim and it is a great way to spend time even now. As a teenager I took refuge at Lincoln Park Zoo. I went just about every day after school. I had some amazing experiences because the keepers would let me handle animals. I have held many monkeys, apes, tigers, snakes, alligators, ferrets, birds, and and fennec foxes to name a few. I would not change anything that I did as a child. Everyone have a wonderfilled day!

    Think back to your childhood or teen years and share three little things that made you ridiculously happy. Was it making a phone call to a favorite aunt or uncle you didn't talk to often? A food that knocked your socks off the first time you tasted it? A memorable trip to a museum? If it brought a grin to your young face, it belongs on the list.

    Why it matters

    Being an adult has its fun moments, but it can be full of responsibility and stress, too. By reliving the small events that made you truly happy, it can help you remember and appreciate the simple joys that life can offer. From here, you can keep an eye out for other small things or plan activities that can bring fun and cheer to your days.

    Fun fact

    The term "teddy bear" originated when President Roosevelt refused to shoot an old, injured bear. A cartoonist created an image of the President sparing its life, and a woman created two stuffed bears that were dubbed "Teddy's Bears."

    "Share 3 small things that made you happy when you were a child or teenager"

    October 18, 2016 at 13:32 UTC
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