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    I don’t usually get in a bad mood. Work has been stressing but it doesn’t affect my mood as much as my energy level. Marianne, you nailed it with your encouragement this morning. Time with my grandkids, the 20 something’s or the little ones, is a perfect remedy for a rough day. Last night when the kids came over after work, I got to be a princess, a Berry Fairy, AND a Queen!!! All in one night! And I woke up and still had time to play before work! Belle and I are planning a royal ball for the next time she comes over. This will be a busy week. I will work all day but have Waylon tonight, Belle tomorrow night then all three on Thursday night. I will take Friday off to keep them all day will their mama travels south for a bachelorette party.
    I will try to relax on Friday since that will be my only day off for a while. I am glad to have good coverage for Friday’s and Saturday’s. It means I can get away if needed.
    I’m writing this from work so now I’m gonna close up and go get that boy.
    Have a lovely evening everyone!

    "Share 1 way you manage a bad mood"

    June 20, 2018 at 1:02 UTC via Mobile Web
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    Just minutes to go before I would have missed this challenge. The kids got to my house just as I got home from work. I realized as we went to bed that I hadn’t gotten to this but figured I would wake up in the night to let the dogs out but we all slept like logs!
    Yesterday I had two women come in for a paid “working” interview. Not sure about either one. Until I find someone I will be working a lot! It’s defin going to cut into my time with the grandkids, which I enjoy so much.
    Thanks Eibhlin and Marianne for the encouragement. You are the reason I wanted to get this done! Hugs!

    "Hold a dishtowel or piece of clothing overhead and do 5 side bends as you squat"

    June 19, 2018 at 12:48 UTC via Mobile Web
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  • Jo C., Mary T., Marianne F., and 3 others smiled at this


    Easy challenge. No processed food for breakfast today.

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. And to all the moms who had to do both jobs.

    Have a beautiful day.

    "Swap 1 refined carbohydrate for an unprocessed one, such as eating fruit instead of a cookie"

    June 17, 2018 at 14:39 UTC via Mobile Web
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    I say “be careful” too much to the grandkids so I will try to learn from this list!
    As far as today’s challenge, I am grateful for what I have. My home with a heating system to take the chill out of the morning air. The yard where my dogs can romp and the grandchildren can run and play. The rich soil that feeds the fruit trees and berries that we enjoy in the harvest season. The hammock I spent time lying in with my little loves, as we pretended we were sailing in the ocean under the beautiful blue sky...I am grateful for these and much more. Life is good.
    Yesterday was such a warm and sunny day. Two year old Brody spent most of the day naked playing in the little kiddie pool. I so enjoyed my day with those three sweet grandkids. Now it’s off to work and it will most likely be a while before I have another day off. We can still do sleepovers.
    I appreciate all the kind words about finding a good new employee. It is always tricky because you never really know, until you are actually working with someone. I grew up with old work ethics. While I raised my children to have the same strong sense of doing their best work, it is much less common today. Knowing that, I try not to inflict that same standard on employees. Yet it’s surprising sometimes. And it’s not always something that can be taught later in life.
    My little employer rant...sorry.
    Have a beautiful day everyone.

    "Walk around your home and notice 5 useful items that you feel grateful to own"

    June 16, 2018 at 16:11 UTC via Mobile Web
    • Susan P.
      Susan P. replied June 16, 2018 at 19:09 UTC:

      Great post. Hope the new employee is a good one. I agree with all that you have said.

    • Eibhlin B.
      Eibhlin B. replied June 17, 2018 at 3:37 UTC:

      Beautiful! We're a bit cooler here, but just for two days. I'm enjoying it but sleeping a lot. Hope your dental work is all healed..... no doubt it is difficult to find employees with work ethics - I see how our students are becoming and it's worrying. Glad you had some small ...see more

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  • James S., Susan P., Joyce B., and 5 others smiled at this


    So I found the song that Waylon sang to me. We watched the video of Harris J. singing his great song “Salam Alaikum” and Waylon sang along and also used sign language. Probably the fact that I am hearing stories of children being ripped from their parents at the border, and imprisoned and listening to this song brings a heaviness to my heart yet a hopefulness if children can learn love instead of hate.
    These are the lyrics...You can try and turn off the sun
    I'm still going to shine away, yeah!
    And tell everyone
    We're having some fun today
    We can go wherever you want to
    And do whatever you like
    Let's just have a real good time

    Assalam Alaikum, Alaikum yeah!
    (Peace be upon you)

    I just want to spread love and peace
    And all of my happiness, yeah
    To everyone that I meet
    'Cause I'm feeling spectacular
    I love it when we love one another
    Give thanks everyday
    For this life, living with a smile on our face


    Spread peace on the earth
    Cherish the love that is around us
    Spread peace on the earth
    Treasure the love, let it surround us
    Always be kind, always remind one another
    Peace on the earth everyday


    Salam Alaikum, hey!
    Salam Alaikum, hey!
    Salam Alaikum
    Wa Alaikum Assalam
    (Peace be upon you and upon you be peace)

    Spread peace on the earth
    Cherish the love that is around us
    Spread peace on the earth everyday

    I hope this post comes through because I’m writing it from my phone as I sit out in the patio watching the grandkids picking blueberries and playing.
    All children deserve this simple joy.

    "Sit cross-legged, bend forward with your arms in front of you, and lean to each side 5 times"

    June 15, 2018 at 17:37 UTC via Mobile Web
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  • David M., Bette S., Liz B., and 7 others smiled at this


    I know five minutes doesn’t seem hard to find,but I am truly to busy and tired. My entire fridge needs attention. Well actually, it needs to be replaced! It has started freezing the food but also leaking. Right now I need a new fridge, stove and washing machine! I guess the first one to go out entirely gets replaced first! lol.
    This photo is Belle and her “Ray of Sunshine” award on her last day of school. She is definitely my Sunshine. She is now officially a second grader!
    The three kids are spending the night and all day tomorrow. My daughter in law is going out of town with some friends. My son will pick them up after he’s finished with work tomorrow and Anna will be home on Saturday afternoon. I am looking forward to having the day at home with them tomorrow.
    This has been a crazy week. A full time employee quit suddenly on Monday. Since she is no longer working it means that I must take her place. We will start the hiring process but it usually takes a while to find someone who is the right fit. It will be fine but the stress is all on me. The life of a shop owner...
    Have a wonderful evening everyone. Off to play with my little loves.

    "Take 5 minutes to organize the items in your refrigerator door"

    June 15, 2018 at 3:27 UTC via Mobile Web
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      Susan P. and others posted 4 replies.
    • Lorenna R.
      Lorenna R. replied June 15, 2018 at 14:38 UTC:

      Belle radiates love and optimism…
      I hope you find the right employee soon...

    • Joyce B.
      Joyce B. replied June 15, 2018 at 18:08 UTC:

      I'm in the same boat with appliances Susan. My refrigerator went out and I'm using my daughter's apartment sized little fridge until I can replace it. Maybe we could get a bulk discount if we buy together. Love the Ray of Sunshine Award!

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  • Kathryn P., Debra B., Tony K., and 9 others smiled at this


    I had dark greens and cashew milk in my smoothie this morning. Trying to have soft foods because my mouth is still hurting.
    Today was Waylon’s last day of Montessori. I went to the end of the year ceremony. They sang a sweet song that I’ve heard him sing before. I have tried to figure out what he was singing and thought perhaps it was Spanish. Apparently it is a populat Muslim singer in England who sings the song and is partially in his native language. Anyhow...the lyrics were so very sweet that I got super teary eyed! I need to find the song and be sure to continue to sing it with the kids.
    I have been much to busy with work. Lots of stressful things going on. I’m trying to flow with it.
    I think I missed my last couple of daily challenges. I had some lovely encouragers and I am so thankful. Just too wiped out from work and life. And it doesn’t help to have a really painful jaw.
    Blessings to all.

    "Eat 1 nondairy food that's high in calcium, such as broccoli, kale, tofu, or almonds"

    June 14, 2018 at 2:21 UTC via Mobile Web
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  • James S., Hope J., Pat L., and 4 others smiled at this


    I am not going to read about Zika virus right now but I will before my next trip to Hawaii. When I was there a couple of years ago, we tried to get to a park but it was closed due to zika. I am too tired to absorb that now
    This photo is of my middle granddaughter Ashley. She is soon to be 21! This is from a summer she came out from Nashville and went to her first concert. It was a weekend in the Sierras with my youngest daughter. As you can see, Ashley had a great time.
    i am so appreciative of the kind encouragements. I've been so busy that I have barely had time to post myself, much less check into others. Be well friends.

    "Read about signs and symptoms of Zika virus and how to protect yourself"

    June 12, 2018 at 5:11 UTC via Mobile Web
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  • Pat L., James S., and Lorenna R. smiled at this


    Somehow I missed yesterday’s challenge. I picked the kids up after work last night. We had a fun night. Waylon brought “Blue-Beary” because it was the bear’s birthday. Blue-Beary was like a fourth grandchild in the house. We even sang happy birthday to his a but a candle in a brownie. Lol.
    I worked all day and came home to rest. My dental work is really painful. I don’t like taking as much acetaminophen and ibuprofen as I seem to need.
    I have my window open and somewhere in the neighborhood, there’s a band playing some good music. It’s a beautiful evening.

    "Use a smaller plate for your largest meal of the day"

    June 11, 2018 at 5:07 UTC via Mobile Web
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